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looking for a friend

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By tallon77 [Ignore] 27,Oct,13 14:33   Pageviews: 601

I'm truly looking for a friend who likes to suck and be sucked. Northwest Oregon
or Southwest Washington works for me...

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By #701222 [Ignore] 24,Aug,23 20:06
Just became aware of this site today and of course, you have my attention.

I’m in Beaverton and miss providing mutually, enjoyable pleasure….

By #595249 [Ignore] 20,Jan,21 04:35
I'm in the same zip code as you. Tell me when and where.

By #595249 [Ignore] 20,Jan,21 04:27
Me too!

By kebmo [Ignore] 03,Nov,16 16:44
Hi from Calgary, Canada. Too far, I know but I was just wondering if you met any cock sucking friends with this post. If you need to you can always have a look at my blog stories about me and my cock sucking friends.
By whatsupcocks [Ignore] 19,Oct,20 22:40
Cool I have cock sucking friends too.

By whatsupcocks [Ignore] 05,Apr,20 05:05
Sorry its easy to get lost in the relms of this one of a kind wed site. I would like to take a trip south and hit a cupel tity and cock bars. then head out to the island and cruse the nude beach. It would be ideal to know someone in town to hang with so I don't have to cruse back the same day after having all that fun. I use to work down there 3 mouth out of the year. had a lot of fun there. Its has been years . I could use a trip down Sandy BLV. Also i could pick up a few 1/2 gals of bozz and s few cartons of smoke for my friend the price is right . Fuck I cant hardly afford to have a few drink in this state it is just fucking crazy and stupid greedy fucks.
By whatsupcocks [Ignore] 05,Apr,20 05:14
Send reply back in my members page by privet message so I will see it. Then we can go from there and swap phone numbers and such. that way we don't to worry about someone getting are info and all that bullshit.

By mikeinaz [Ignore] 20,Mar,20 17:24
Oh, I love what you have down there, tallon. I'm in southern Arizona.. so uh.. how can we jam our two states closer together? I need the same thing and am told that I play very well with others

By #527894 [Ignore] 01,Apr,17 12:43
North coast of what? Oregon? I am in Westport, 25 miles east of Astoria. I've never been with a man, but I might like to try.
By tallon77 [Ignore] 15,Apr,17 19:01
I'm ready when you are!

By #363802 [Ignore] 26,Aug,16 16:51
Move to NJ and I'll suck you everyday! I don't need anything in return!

By whatsupcocks [Ignore] 23,Dec,15 07:01
i live just down the road in southwest in centralia the closes one so far.thats a good thing.i would love to do a 69 with u and that big hot cock some day soon.
By tallon77 [Ignore] 23,Dec,15 13:05
I'm ready whenever you are.
By whatsupcocks [Ignore] 05,Feb,16 06:31
i now have met 2 members from Oregon.i need a car so i can fly south.the other members name is uncut2224,he probably lives closer to u than i do.

By #311471 [Ignore] 19,Dec,15 01:05

By #489319 [Ignore] 20,Sep,15 13:06
I would like that

By Rocksalt [Ignore] 16,Jun,14 02:41
Me too

By #216238 [Ignore] 23,May,14 19:24
Mmmm papi I'm LA I wish you can come here I will let you to suck me till I cum in your mouth then, I suck your big cock till cum papi mmmm

By #459161 [Ignore] 07,May,14 11:31
Im in central cal if ur this way i will give you a mind blowing blow job

By #451317 [Ignore] 12,Feb,14 17:00
Remember me?

By #425566 [Ignore] 29,Dec,13 16:01
. I am in Eugene and Hard. I Love to suck and be sucked. You into any other kinks???

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