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🏵️ justyna at the vita oracle !! ☘️

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Vote (3 points): [HOT!!!]   Votes: 68

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&#127989;&#65039; justyna at the vita oracle !! &#9752;&#65039;

Vote (3 points): [HOT]   Votes: 68


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By Robben 01,Mar,21 00:41
They searching answers and wisdome
By Vita 01,Mar,21 00:55
yes ... and vita is the right place for seeker !!

By jjj495 01,Mar,21 00:57
nice montage
By Vita 01,Mar,21 01:07
ღღღღ 》》》》 THANK YOU ! 《《《《 ღღღღ

By Timpeter 01,Mar,21 01:37
Wow an awesome spigot to get a drink out of....mmmmmmmmmm
By Vita 01,Mar,21 01:44
currently ... corona-related ... with prior registration ! (constraint/ordinance from the health department)
By Timpeter 01,Mar,21 01:48
Revolt no corona scam is going to syop us from milking that Cock
By Vita 01,Mar,21 02:01
By Timpeter 01,Mar,21 02:02
May the MilkingBegin
By Vita 01,Mar,21 02:52
... aaannnnd action !!!
By Timpeter 01,Mar,21 02:55
Cut cut stop the milking ..the angle is all bad.....annnnd Action .take one
By Vita 01,Mar,21 03:12
By Timpeter 01,Mar,21 03:16
By Vita 01,Mar,21 05:10

By heine 01,Mar,21 02:48
By Vita 01,Mar,21 02:54
► D-A-N-K-E--D-A-N-K-E ◄

By Chrissmith 01,Mar,21 02:48
Cannot wait for the the other beauties to arrive
By Vita 01,Mar,21 02:55
but currently only with prior registration ( ordinance of the health department ) !!

By Justforfun 01,Mar,21 02:49
Great picture and work station that looks strangely familiar
By Vita 01,Mar,21 02:56
yes ... thank you very much again !!

By Fritz 01,Mar,21 03:45
By Vita 01,Mar,21 05:10
Scheint ja doch anzusprechen !!!

By billiboy 01,Mar,21 03:50
Das Mädel ist noch ein wenig skeptisch...?
By Vita 01,Mar,21 05:12
Eher überwältigt von der Gesamtathmosphäre und den "Möglichkeiten" !!

By balticsea 01,Mar,21 05:17
Da steht sie und denkt nach, was ihr das Orakel wohl bringt
By Vita 01,Mar,21 05:18
Voll der Glücksbringer !!

By stefan123 01,Mar,21 05:22
Bei welchen Film spielt er denn mit?
By Vita 01,Mar,21 10:44
Wieso Film ... knallharte Realität in der Nähe des Denkmals : /kt3bdfl80w14pic.html !!

By IlovePussy 01,Mar,21 08:48
By Vita 01,Mar,21 10:44
》》》》 《《《《

By johnleman82 01,Mar,21 09:10
By Vita 01,Mar,21 10:44

By ranger25 01,Mar,21 09:26
does she really have to ponder what to do with that?
By Vita 01,Mar,21 10:46
i think she is overwhelmed by the possibilities ... a dream becomes true !!

By Flowo 01,Mar,21 09:47
Sie denkt, was kann mir dieses schlaffe Ding nützen?
By Vita 01,Mar,21 10:47
Keine unterschwenglichen Neiddebatten .. wer hat der hat der kann zeigen der is´ ORAKEL !!

By chris51 01,Mar,21 11:02
so hot ... love your work place at the wall
By Vita 01,Mar,21 12:11

By basque9 01,Mar,21 11:13
Everyone dreams of anonymous sex in the meadow.
By Vita 01,Mar,21 12:11

By #625889 01,Mar,21 11:49
Mmmm... So awesome sexy and kinky at the same time!
By Vita 01,Mar,21 12:12
nice of you ... many thanks and best regards !

By gomez 01,Mar,21 12:07
What will she do first ring the bell(end)or use the knockers?
By Vita 01,Mar,21 12:13
free choice !!
By gomez 01,Mar,21 12:55
By Vita 01,Mar,21 13:46

By Steve 01,Mar,21 12:55
How about I back up to that fence and get that thing HARD.
By Vita 01,Mar,21 13:48
good idea ... hot offer !!

By #443537 01,Mar,21 13:36
The oracle answered my question : who is this beauty ? I didn't know her, now I do !
By Vita 01,Mar,21 13:50
a "redeemer" ... it is always again a miracle !!!

By shorty 01,Mar,21 14:14
Was soll denn da orakelt werden? Nicht lang fragen, blasen!
By Vita 01,Mar,21 14:16
Aber nur mit vorheriger Anmeldung (Auflage des Gesundheitsamtes !)

By tb1 01,Mar,21 15:37
Luv the cock
Luv the tasty testes
Luv the hood
By Vita 02,Mar,21 01:14
so nice of you !!

By surferharry 01,Mar,21 21:41
By Vita 02,Mar,21 01:16
thank you

By wichser48 02,Mar,21 00:22
Saugen bis er steht und spritzt
By Vita 02,Mar,21 01:17
Aber derzeit aber nur mit vorheriger Anmeldung ( Auflage des Gesundheitsamtes ) !

By Anass 02,Mar,21 02:11
By Vita 02,Mar,21 12:07

By notynyt 02,Mar,21 04:50
I want to meet her.. emidietly
By Vita 02,Mar,21 12:11
the oracle or justyna ??

By Gingy4got 02,Mar,21 10:23
what does the oracle have in store or see for me
By Vita 02,Mar,21 12:15
please place gifts of money and goods at the altar !!

By Broche 02,Mar,21 14:15
Lots of art, congratulations.
By Vita 02,Mar,21 14:24
... many thanks and best regards !

By willie111 04,Mar,21 07:36
love it
By Vita 04,Mar,21 07:39

By mywusch 04,Mar,21 08:55
By Vita 04,Mar,21 12:16
Scheint anzusprechen !!

By slipper 05,Mar,21 15:39
Always a delight to see what you "cum" up with next!!!
By Vita 06,Mar,21 00:59

By marc66 10,Mar,21 04:56
By Vita 10,Mar,21 06:51
Soll ich einen Termin für Dich freihalten ??

By saggyballs67 11,Mar,21 17:00
So hot Vita!
By Vita 12,Mar,21 00:06

By Anass 15,Mar,21 03:25
By Vita 15,Mar,21 04:03
the oracle is in the near the monument : /kt3bdfl80w14pic.html !!

By Redworm1963 17,Mar,21 12:20
They do say that one should be on their knees in the presence of the oracle...
By Vita 17,Mar,21 13:45
absolutely ... deference is the highest bid !!!!!!!!!

By SammyBW 18,Mar,21 16:14
Klasse 👋
By Vita 19,Mar,21 02:12
Is´auch für Jungs !!!

By annarowe 18,Mar,21 17:52
Even in grass, Vita stays class!
By Vita 19,Mar,21 02:13

By ALEXHOT 19,Apr,21 00:07
Nice pic
By Vita 19,Apr,21 02:08

By #633783 26,Sep,21 12:51
Da möchte man(n) sich doch gerne mal davorknien, mit sanften Liebkosungen das Orakel beschwören, bis sich der Segen in meinem maul erleichtert und sich so, eine leckere Delikatesse in meiner Zukunft offenbahrt!
By Vita 27,Sep,21 02:01

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