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➽ aspen & vita ... cock-comparison ! ««««

<<< Previous   Submitted by Vita at 01,Aug,19 00:00   Next >>>
This image was commented 158 times, viewed 1984 times.  

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Vote (3 points): [HOT!!!]   Votes: 231

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&#10173;  aspen & vita ... cock-comparison !  ««««

Vote (3 points): [HOT]   Votes: 231


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By Steffen15 01,Aug,19 00:35
Das Augenmerk fällt immer auf den Vordergrund
By Vita 01,Aug,19 00:41
War jetzt nich´ meine Absicht ... mich in den Vordergrund zu setzen !!
By Steffen15 01,Aug,19 00:43
Bei meinen Bildern darfst du es
By Vita 01,Aug,19 12:09
Gut zu wissen !!

By stefan123 01,Aug,19 00:54
zwei prächtige Kerle, super Bild
By Vita 01,Aug,19 12:10

By balticsea 01,Aug,19 02:15
Ist doppelt geil
By Vita 01,Aug,19 12:18
2x und Grüße !!!!!

By alanhuk 01,Aug,19 02:36
both stunning erections!
By Vita 01,Aug,19 12:19
Jelernt is´jelernt ... SYD-Ehrengarde !!!

By shorty 01,Aug,19 04:13
Beide stehen sehr schön stramm!
By Vita 01,Aug,19 12:21
Man gibt sich halt Mühe !!

By princeworld 01,Aug,19 04:16
Vordergrund macht Bild gesund!
By Vita 01,Aug,19 12:22
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By Anass 01,Aug,19 04:56
By Vita 01,Aug,19 12:23
i see you like thx and greet ✉✈ from berlin !

By #747 01,Aug,19 10:28
By Vita 01,Aug,19 12:23
Firma dankt !!

By cfan2 01,Aug,19 11:04
I want them both!!!!!!!!!!!
By Vita 01,Aug,19 12:24

By mywusch 01,Aug,19 11:18
By Vita 01,Aug,19 12:25
Ich höre-sehe da etwas Neid heraus !!!

By SammyBW 01,Aug,19 11:28
Tolle Ansicht
By Vita 01,Aug,19 12:25
Und tolles "Anfassen" erst !!!!

By BirdDog 01,Aug,19 11:50
By Vita 01,Aug,19 12:26

By langer011 01,Aug,19 15:10
Du gewinnst
By Vita 01,Aug,19 23:30
Jaaaaaaa .... so will ich das hören !!

By redfox167 01,Aug,19 16:42
Kann nicht so weit sehen und daher wähle ich den rechten als Favorit
By Vita 01,Aug,19 23:31
Nett von Dir ... Griitings !!

By Redworm1963 01,Aug,19 22:52
Two hot cocks!
By Vita 01,Aug,19 23:33
thank you very much for your statement !

By saggyballs67 01,Aug,19 23:41
So hot!
By Vita 03,Aug,19 01:04

By distiller 02,Aug,19 03:20
nur die harten kommen in den garten
By Vita 03,Aug,19 01:07
Natürliche Auslese ... Crème de la Crème !!

By ahardcorecase 02,Aug,19 18:57
It was a STIFF comparison, but Vita wins by a HEAD...
By Vita 03,Aug,19 01:10
ღღღღ 》》》》 THANK YOU ! 《《《《 ღღღღ

By Moon0803 03,Aug,19 05:26
By Vita 03,Aug,19 08:35
i see you like thx and greet ✉✈ from berlin !

By Silverfur 03,Aug,19 23:36
I will have both
By Vita 04,Aug,19 03:16
hot idea, we will be good stallions !!

By #283676 04,Aug,19 02:34
2 Prachtexemplare
By Vita 04,Aug,19 03:16
► D-A-N-K-E--D-A-N-K-E ◄

By marc66 04,Aug,19 07:40
By Vita 04,Aug,19 08:48
Scheint anzusprechen ... nett von Dir !

By Cutie 04,Aug,19 11:20
Having me in between will complete the picture
By Vita 04,Aug,19 23:46
nice idea, come to the casting !!!

By metalix 05,Aug,19 02:57
By Vita 05,Aug,19 15:10
i see you like thx and greet ✉✈ from berlin !

By tb1 05,Aug,19 07:50
Superb and stiff, yahoo
By Vita 05,Aug,19 15:13
By tb1 14,Aug,19 00:24
Not just one stiffie, a pair of stiffies 😋😋
By Vita 14,Aug,19 23:37
come to us on the photo !!!!!

By billiboy 06,Aug,19 01:34
Der Rechte gefällt mir gut, den anderen würde ich aber auch nicht verachten - doppelt hält besser!
By Vita 06,Aug,19 15:10
► D-A-N-K-E--D-A-N-K-E ◄

By eduard99 06,Aug,19 02:46
....sozusagen von gleich zu gleich und dann auch noch "auf gleicher Augenhöhe" - gut gemacht!
By Vita 06,Aug,19 15:11
Jelernt´is´jelernt ... Ehrengarde aus Zeiten der Legion !

By #15321 07,Aug,19 02:26
2 very nice cocks !!! very hard
By Vita 09,Aug,19 15:12
beau commentaire, très apprécié ... merci beaucoup et meilleures salutations !

By Stiffcock47 07,Aug,19 04:16
geile schwänze
By Vita 09,Aug,19 15:12
► D-A-N-K-E--D-A-N-K-E ◄

By yellowman 07,Aug,19 04:54
Wow...!!! A magnificent duo....
By Vita 09,Aug,19 15:14
many thanks and best regards !

By eichel 07,Aug,19 09:22
beide bereit zum Entsaften
By Vita 09,Aug,19 15:14
Deswegen steh´n wir ja da !!!

By #543698 07,Aug,19 12:17
Zwei schöne stramme Schwänze
By Vita 09,Aug,19 15:16
Ehrengarde, präsentiert das ... !!!

By Mypride 07,Aug,19 17:01
Two very nice specimens x
By Vita 09,Aug,19 15:22
thx and greet ✉ → 🚄 ✈ from berlin !

By mikeinaz 07,Aug,19 20:11
Hmmmmm... let's see now...

Eenie, meenie, miney, moe...
By Vita 09,Aug,19 15:25
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By routemaster 08,Aug,19 03:28
By Vita 09,Aug,19 15:25

By Rudolf69 08,Aug,19 07:34
Zwei prächtige Ständer
By Vita 09,Aug,19 15:28
Dankeschön !!

By Jepp 08,Aug,19 08:34
Beide Teile geil, grrrrr.
By Vita 09,Aug,19 15:28
... und die sind sogar zum anfassen !!!

By JustWondring 09,Aug,19 06:11
I can't really compare just by looking. I'll need a taste of each of you.
By Vita 09,Aug,19 15:30
of course ... customer is king !!

By Flowo 09,Aug,19 11:43
Aspen hat den besseren Body, du den dickeren Schwanz. (Kann aber auch wegen der Perspektive täuschen)
By Vita 09,Aug,19 15:36
► D-A-N-K-E--D-A-N-K-E ◄

By manne 09,Aug,19 12:56
da kann ich mich nicht entscheiden. vom schwanz (kopf) bis fuß sind beide geile Kerle mit geilen leckeren schwänzen. den rechten würde ich zuerst verwöhnen
By Vita 09,Aug,19 15:37
Danke-Danke ... hört sich verlockend an !

By basque9 09,Aug,19 14:49
Two nice bods and schwanz,
By Vita 09,Aug,19 15:37

By slipper 09,Aug,19 16:46
All he's saying is that... one guy is closer to the camrea.
By Vita 10,Aug,19 00:41
no intention !!!

By whatsupcocks 09,Aug,19 20:28
You both get my vote . MR. VITA you must have a lot of fun. Is your friend on this site ? Would love to see more of that hard body .
By Vita 10,Aug,19 00:45
thank you for your nice compliment ... i appreciate it !!

By dicklick4u 13,Aug,19 13:50
both are nice and hard
By Vita 13,Aug,19 22:03
ღღღღ 》》》》 THANK YOU ! 《《《《 ღღღღ

By alanhuk 14,Aug,19 04:01
twins! two super erect cocks on display!!!
By Vita 14,Aug,19 23:38
!! many thanks and best regards !

By #556852 20,Aug,19 09:38
vita is superior
By Vita 20,Aug,19 09:57
thank you !!

By fancyabit 26,Aug,19 04:53
Sexy pic as ever.
By Vita 26,Aug,19 09:52
nice of you ... a image from you and me would be nice too !!
By fancyabit 29,Aug,19 07:52
Ha ha, I’m sure with your photographic skills you can make that happen.
By Vita 29,Aug,19 14:42
maybe !?!

By Walker 05,Sep,19 10:27
I remember comparing my cut coch boner with other boys
By Vita 05,Sep,19 11:21
heyhey ... you have images from back then ??!
By Walker 07,Sep,19 09:47
No, too long ago as a young boy at summer camp.
By Vita 07,Sep,19 10:48
okay ... tell me !!

By wixegerne 18,Sep,19 11:40
suuuuper !
By Vita 18,Sep,19 15:27
Danke-Danke, hört man gerne ... geb´s weiter !!

By arend65 10,Oct,19 03:08
Mmmm ich lutsche sie beide gleichzeitig
By Vita 10,Oct,19 03:25
Na da haste ja was vor !!!!

By #595961 28,Oct,19 10:45
2 thick cocks = twice the fun 😘
By Vita 28,Oct,19 15:49

By #458853 06,Dec,19 06:12
By Vita 06,Dec,19 09:06
drăguț din tine ... felicitari de la berlin !

By schnapper007 15,Mar,20 07:47
By Vita 15,Mar,20 12:22
Scheint anzusprechen !!

By #614262 17,May,20 18:33
😷👅👻 another great picture to vote for
By Vita 18,May,20 00:49
ღღღღ 》》》》 THANK YOU ! 《《《《 ღღღღ

By Jonboy1969 24,Aug,20 08:15
so sexy
By Vita 24,Aug,20 13:11
nice of you again … thanks a bunch from berlin !

By alanhuk 03,Dec,20 03:34
No competition. Both winners!!!
By Vita 03,Dec,20 05:25
how wise, are you solomon ??
By alanhuk 03,Dec,20 05:44
Haha...I am not planning to cut anything in two!! Seriously, you are both good looking guys!!!
By Vita 03,Dec,20 05:48

By jjj495 06,Mar,21 06:08
two nice cocks and bodies
By Vita 06,Mar,21 06:10
you can order them to home !!

By jizzbits 21,Nov,21 07:50
Can I have both
By Vita 21,Nov,21 10:03
what are you paying ?

By M308ben 22,Nov,21 12:21
Outdoor pics in public are the best
By Vita 22,Nov,21 12:24
which is hotter ??! ( vita is right !!! )

By gnomon79 01,Dec,21 11:51
I LOVE cock comparison photos, so hot!
By Vita 01,Dec,21 12:39

By Dagobert 08,Jan,22 02:25
supergeile ständer
By Vita 16,Mar,22 04:37

By getaddicted 16,Mar,22 03:28
Fantastic photo! Love it.
By Vita 16,Mar,22 04:38
nice of you many thanks and best regards to sydney !

By gnomon79 14,Apr,22 16:28
This is probably my favorite image on this site
By Vita 15,Apr,22 02:46
thx and greet ✉ → 🚄 ✈ from berlin !

By Mathias 20,Aug,22 16:00
Hi, man!! This picture is very hot!!! I love it...
By Vita 21,Aug,22 09:05
thank you for your statement ... look in the future times again in here !

By fancyabit 22,Mar,23 05:13
Nice hard ons
By Vita 22,Mar,23 15:06
➽ thanks a lot ! ««««

By anonymous 20,Nov,23 11:10
I'll eat the guy on the left
By Vita 20,Nov,23 14:14

By probowler298 15,Dec,23 16:11
I need some dicks to suck. Wow lucky me 2 at one time.
By Vita 22,Dec,23 05:38
thx and greet ✉ → 🚄 ✈ from berlin !

By barharbor 31,Jan,24 17:52
This is exactly what my horny wife is looking for when she is out looking around naked in a cruising area.
By Vita 31,Jan,24 23:55
nice comment, very much appreciated ... many thanks and best regards !

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