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😲 Vita entführt !! 😕

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Vote (3 points): [HOT!!!]   Votes: 98

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&#128562; Vita entführt !! &#128533;

Vote (3 points): [HOT]   Votes: 98


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By langer011 01,Feb,19 09:29
Ohne Vita wird doch nicht so lustig, also bitte ganz schnell freilassen:....hat es nicht verdient, eingesperrt zu sein
By Vita 01,Feb,19 09:33
Danke-Danke-Danke !!!

By mywusch 01,Feb,19 09:54
uhh, ich finde, er sollte noch jemand dazu bekommen und ein wenig schmoren
By Vita 01,Feb,19 09:56
Schön´Dank auch ... jetzt sind meine Girlies die letzte Hoffnung !!
By mywusch 01,Feb,19 10:00
sowas ähnliches habe ich gemeint
By Vita 01,Feb,19 10:02
Die haun´ mich bestimmt raus, legen zusammen !!!!!!

By alanhuk 01,Feb,19 10:10
please release him, let him go...says Elvis!
By Vita 01,Feb,19 10:14
thankyou thankyou !!

By stefan123 01,Feb,19 11:29
da können noch ein paa Männer rein. Vita möchte Spaß und Unterhaltung 😍😘
By Vita 01,Feb,19 12:20
NEEIIN ich bin ein Star ... holt mich hier raus !!!

By Fritz 01,Feb,19 11:36
Ich komme und rette dich
By Vita 01,Feb,19 12:20
Du mein Retter-Ritter !!!!

By #747 01,Feb,19 23:42
Freiheit für die Schwänze und ihre Träger!
By Vita 02,Feb,19 00:23
RICHTICH´ .... "Me Too" !!!!

By billiboy 02,Feb,19 04:37
Eingesperrt ist er unberechenbar! - Also sofort freilassen!
By Vita 02,Feb,19 12:31
Genau !!!!

By Flowo 02,Feb,19 07:53
Wenn deine Girlies nicht kommen, hast du immer noch das Schlüsselloch. Wird zwar etwas eng aber mit etwas Mühe und Geduld, bekommst du ihn rein.
By Vita 02,Feb,19 12:33
Netter Tipp ... werd´ich mal probieren !!

By Robben 02,Feb,19 13:33
My dear friend what have you done to deserve this?
By Vita 02,Feb,19 13:58
i do not know ... maybe it's penis envy !?!

By HotFuckerBoy 02,Feb,19 18:03
Don't lock vita up, he's too cool. The world needs him!
By Vita 02,Feb,19 23:55

By Redworm1963 02,Feb,19 23:44
I have a much more comfortable place to lock you up Mr Vita!
By Vita 02,Feb,19 23:57
oh yes please ... i'll do anything for you !!
By Redworm1963 03,Feb,19 01:26
I bet you would!
By Vita 03,Feb,19 03:44

By Emmes 03,Feb,19 03:58
beteilige mich - erst wenn er ein liter samen in meinen mund ergossen hat, wird er freigelassen
By Vita 03,Feb,19 04:15
KEIN Problem !!!

By pascalle 03,Feb,19 04:08
Send me the key and I will come to release him so he can have his wicket way with me.
By Vita 03,Feb,19 04:18

By Homer33 03,Feb,19 06:06
Er ist ein Star! Lasst ihn raus!!!
By Vita 03,Feb,19 08:32
GENAU ......... er sagt es auch !!!!

By billy***69 03,Feb,19 06:26
By Vita 03,Feb,19 08:34

By #526776 03,Feb,19 08:49
Can I have the key? My Sexy sexy Friend Vita
By Vita 03,Feb,19 09:06
gladly my love !

By cut1972 03,Feb,19 10:43
der ist so gefährlich, der muss hinter schloss und riegel ;-)
By Vita 03,Feb,19 11:21

By #566434 03,Feb,19 11:03
I'd love to save you so I could have you for myself
By Vita 03,Feb,19 11:22
yes, nice idea ... i say yes !!

By #543698 03,Feb,19 15:01
Lasst Vita frei, wir brauchen ihn noch
By Vita 03,Feb,19 20:07
Danke Danke Danke

By Anass 04,Feb,19 03:17
By Vita 04,Feb,19 10:10

By marc66 04,Feb,19 05:53
By Vita 04,Feb,19 10:11
Ja, Du siehst richtich´... einfach weggefangen !!

By #98066 04,Feb,19 15:42
ach du armer
By Vita 04,Feb,19 15:56
Haust´mich raus ?? Hast auch n´Wunsch frei !!

By snowflake 04,Feb,19 16:15
Armer Kerl, aber vielleicht sich einfach dem Schicksal ergeben
By Vita 04,Feb,19 16:21
GottOGottOGott !!!!!

By kalebi 04,Feb,19 17:14
By Vita 05,Feb,19 00:48
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By shorty 05,Feb,19 04:02
Freiheit für Vita!
By Vita 05,Feb,19 11:41
Danke mein Lieber, das erleichtert die Haft !

By tb1 05,Feb,19 06:09
By Vita 05,Feb,19 11:42
thx and greet ✉ → 🚄 ✈ from berlin !

By SammyBW 05,Feb,19 14:22
Frechheit! Free the Willy
By Vita 05,Feb,19 22:54
Dankeschön ... more more more !!!!

By slipper 05,Feb,19 19:35
By Vita 05,Feb,19 22:56
👋 thank you very much ... nice to see !!

By whatsupcocks 06,Feb,19 04:01
Mr Vita must be freed at once . He has a full casting couch that he must interview. the porn industry will get blue balls and the couch will grow as cold as ice with out all thoughts new stars keeping it warm.
By Vita 06,Feb,19 04:07
thank-you-thank-you-thank-you-thank-you ... this statement will help !!!
By whatsupcocks 06,Feb,19 05:19
Were would we be with out MR.VITA. at the docs with blue balls.
By Vita 06,Feb,19 10:01

By mikeinaz 06,Feb,19 14:51
Lasst ihn noch eine Weile spritz.. er.. schwitzen~~
By Vita 06,Feb,19 15:16
Danke-Danke ... gut das man sich auf Dich verlassen kann ... schöner Freund !!

By Timmm 06,Feb,19 19:09
bei deinem geilen schwanz würde ich dich auch einsperren um dich für mich alleine zu haben
By Vita 06,Feb,19 21:48
Na Klasse ... vom Regen in die Traufe !! !!!!

By surferharry 06,Feb,19 21:41
By Vita 06,Feb,19 21:48

By MyArtwork 08,Feb,19 13:53
By Vita 09,Feb,19 01:37

By chrissie 08,Feb,19 14:32
Oh keep him locked up who wouldn't want to be a sex slave?
By Vita 09,Feb,19 01:40
oh, i knew i could count on you ... !!

By pifad 11,Feb,19 11:08
Release him immediately or else I’ll put a Hump on your back and cripple your ankles. Then vita will once again be mine. ALL MINE !!
By Vita 11,Feb,19 12:31
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By #283676 13,Feb,19 02:43
...da wäre ich auch gern hinter Schloss und Riegel...
By Vita 13,Feb,19 11:09
Eigentlich ne´nette Idee, will aber lieber raus ... der Girlies wegen !

By decatur212 20,Feb,19 04:08
Very HOT, mate
By Vita 21,Feb,19 12:52
thank you my friend ... lovely greet to atlanta !!

By soulpioneer 23,Feb,19 00:10
By Vita 23,Feb,19 00:13
you help me ??!!

By slipper 25,Feb,19 17:03
In the words of certain American politicos... "Lock him up!"
By Vita 26,Feb,19 00:21
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By JustWondring 05,Mar,19 07:09
I'LL SAVE YOU! (Pulling on my Superman tights ...)
By Vita 05,Mar,19 12:36
thank-you-thank-you !!!

By probowler298 24,Mar,19 08:13
great pic as day soon I hope that you will forget to cover face and then I will let you out...
By Vita 25,Mar,19 01:11
maybe !!??!!

By princeworld 07,Apr,19 04:44
Ach, ich weiss nicht...ich finde Dich in Gefangenschaft ja gar nicht so schlecht....
By Vita 07,Apr,19 14:19
Na schön´Dank auch !!!!

By pantiboi 09,Apr,19 08:53
you never know what you might find behind the door
By Vita 09,Apr,19 14:13

By Brad 12,Jul,19 20:29
Coming ready or not !! Keep on wanking & I'll finish u off with beautiful blow job & sensuos cum swallow !!
By Vita 13,Jul,19 03:00
sensuos cum swallow ?! bukkakeeeeee please !!!
By Brad 22,Jul,19 03:02
Yes I'm a cum addict so cum swallow would b perfect & bukakee sublime !! Bring it on babe !!
By Vita 22,Jul,19 12:33
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By #614262 29,Apr,20 19:52
😱🤯🤪😅😷 mr. Vita.. Jason had a hard time writing ...cherr up on my penis you might check out that picture see if you can use any improvements now this picture of you standing in a a room or something trailer now that's a nice picture since you sent me some handcuffs I'm going to grab those handcuffs and see if I can get in that room with you unless you handcuff me to you oh what a beautiful picture I see here this is Cutie Boy
By Vita 30,Apr,20 00:19
good plan !!

By #704450 25,Oct,23 23:41
Are you into gay sex?
By Vita 26,Oct,23 01:26
as sex slave you have no choice !!

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