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Open and Waiting....

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Open and Waiting....

Vote (3 points): [HOT]   Votes: 16


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By corona 16,Aug,19 22:59
Come sit on my face and grind till you cum multiple times then sit on my dick and grind till you cum again and again
By HoneyLips 23,May,20 00:34
You donít have to twist my arm..... )))

By jumbu 17,Aug,19 00:42
i would like to fuck this pussy with my 7inch dick
By HoneyLips 18,Apr,20 04:35
My pussy would love to be fucked by a 7 inch cock!!!
By jumbu 18,Apr,20 09:36
that sounds like it would be fun to do and very horny
By jumbu 18,Apr,20 09:37
i just love the way your pussy lips are shaped
By HoneyLips 23,May,20 00:26
Thank you..... they get so much bigger and so swollen when Iím turned on....often they stay open like this.... putting everything on display for her admirers...... ))))
By jumbu 23,May,20 21:33
that sounds horn

By #589835 17,Aug,19 09:31
would love to lick and kiss your beautiful clit and suck your lips
By HoneyLips 23,May,20 00:34
I love to have my pussy licked and sucked.....

By #138313 18,Aug,19 20:46
Mmm delicious. I want to eat you and lick your pussy lips and suck on your clit
By HoneyLips 23,May,20 00:33
I wouldnít let that beautiful cock get away without coming inside!! )))

By Naughty4life 19,Aug,19 02:04
Love your lips!! sooo...Hott
By HoneyLips 23,May,20 00:29
Thank you..... I love to show them to you!!

By littledickie 20,Aug,19 11:41
You have the sexiest pussy lips ever!
By HoneyLips 18,Apr,20 04:36
Thank you...... I thought everyone had lips like mine..... I guess not!!
By littledickie 22,Apr,20 12:01
Yours are the best!
By HoneyLips 23,May,20 00:26
Thank you...... I love showing them to you.....

By cebsdt71 20,Aug,19 23:06
GODDAMN!! Beautiful pussy
By HoneyLips 23,May,20 00:29
Thank you!! Come by often to enjoy the views!!

By dura2000 21,Aug,19 01:57
A beautiful butterfly.
By HoneyLips 23,May,20 00:31
When I get so swollen, my lips stay open like this... (my pussy is such a show off!!)
By dura2000 23,May,20 06:16
And a show off pussy it is.
By HoneyLips 09,Jun,20 21:02
She is such a show-off!!! Loves to make you hard.....
By dura2000 11,Jun,20 00:40
Seeing your open legs is such a turn on.
By HoneyLips 15,Jun,20 02:54
Love to open them for you!!
By HoneyLips 29,Jul,20 03:55
Love to open them up like this on the nude beach......pretend that Iím sleeping and let my thighs fall open.... and then watch who is watching me.

(Need to use plenty of sunscreen.... 😘😘😘

By Jakestheman 30,Aug,19 07:01
Wow, pure pussy perfection topped off with one VERY delicious looking clit. I could spend literally HOURS exploring that luscious pussy with my tongue and lips before I FINALLY plunged my thick, rock hard, throbbing cock deep inside that amazing pussy of yours my dear. Awesome... Thanks SO much again, for sharing yourself with us...
By HoneyLips 18,Apr,20 04:33
Baby..... thereís nothing I would enjoy more than to be licked and sucked for hours and hours!!!

By #138313 02,Sep,19 00:48
Mmmmmmm omg your lips look delicious spreading apart makes me want to eat and fuck you senseless
By HoneyLips 13,Sep,19 00:46
Perfect..... thatís precisely the reaction I was looking for .... 😋😉💋
By #138313 13,Sep,19 01:40
Honey .mmmmm fuck yesss your lips turn me on like no other big turn on baby the way your lips look makes me horny and hard want to fuck you so much
By HoneyLips 22,Sep,19 03:12
LOVE that!!!!
By #138313 22,Sep,19 12:22
I'd love to really get to show you
By HoneyLips 18,Apr,20 04:39
Mmmmmmmmmmmm....... please do.... I would love to be licked and sucked and fucked soooooooo goood..... And you have such a big thick hard cock!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmm.....

By free777 01,Dec,19 10:33
yaaa i want in

By HoneyLips 23,May,20 00:35
Lips are wide open, swollen and wet, waiting for you..... 😋😋😘😘💋💋💋

By Orgasmatronic 09,Aug,20 03:00
Perfect lips!
By HoneyLips 13,Aug,20 23:01
Wanna taste???? 👅👅👅😋😋💋💋💋
By Orgasmatronic 19,Aug,20 01:58
Mmmmm yes please

By Lucky 16,Jun,22 04:51
i would now like to use my tongue to explore this glorious slit. i would like to suck your clit until it glows and the juice runs out of your pussy

By Cruzxxx 30,Aug,23 21:01
I only lick if I get my face covered in your cum

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