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Beautiful butterfly

<<< Previous   Submitted by HoneyLips at 06,Nov,19 23:41   Next >>>
This image was commented 102 times, viewed 882 times.  

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Vote (3 points): [HOT!!!]   Votes: 83

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Beautiful butterfly

Vote (3 points): [HOT]   Votes: 83


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By nekekal 07,Nov,19 01:28
Wow. Those are honey lips. I would love to see them kiss my cock.
By HoneyLips 07,Nov,19 03:13
By nekekal 07,Nov,19 12:47
It would feel so good to have them on my cock head, One on each side. Caressing the head as I moved it up and down. Letting them enjoy the warmth and smoothness of the big hot head, and I enjoy the warm caress as they open and cares my shaft just below the rim. Hmmmmm

By Felixxxx 07,Nov,19 01:54
perfect butterfly
By HoneyLips 07,Nov,19 16:56

By dura2000 07,Nov,19 04:05
You have a lovely cunt.
By tb1 11,Nov,19 07:35
Perfect flower
By HoneyLips 12,Nov,19 05:56
I LOVE to show you my swollen wet pussy and make your big hard cock throb and ache with desire......and I hope you are stroking that beautiful big boy for me, and that you come back and do it again.....and again.....and again..... ;-P

By #583549 07,Nov,19 06:17
So hot!!!!!
By HoneyLips 07,Nov,19 16:57

By brewsky47 07,Nov,19 06:17
I could suck your beautiful clitoris for hours!!
By HoneyLips 07,Nov,19 16:52
Please do!!

By DeepThroatThis 07,Nov,19 08:03
She's speaking to me
By HoneyLips 07,Nov,19 16:53
What is she saying?!!
By DeepThroatThis 08,Nov,19 12:38
cum inside
By HoneyLips 15,Nov,19 23:44
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......... 😋😋😋💋💋

By yardog319 07,Nov,19 14:31
By HoneyLips 07,Nov,19 16:53

By corona 07,Nov,19 15:15
Totally the perfect sweet sexiest pussy lips and clit I've seen
By HoneyLips 07,Nov,19 16:53

By Irish7X5 07,Nov,19 18:48
Gorgeous pussy love to lick
By HoneyLips 19,Mar,20 02:27
Please do !!! I love having my pussy licked and sucked!!

By Orgasmatronic 08,Nov,19 00:42
By HoneyLips 18,Apr,20 07:07
Please have a lick..... or two....... or three....... 👅👅👅👅

By #138313 08,Nov,19 03:10
Mmmmm that's what I'm talking about pussy lips hard clit .mmmmm I need to eat your pussy good and then fuck it deep and hard till you squirt all over! !!
By HoneyLips 30,May,21 17:51
I’m lying here naked, pussy throbbing…. so wet and swollen, waiting for you…..

By Rudolf69 08,Nov,19 07:29
a sooooo beautiful and delicious pussy
By HoneyLips 14,Nov,19 05:21
Needs some lovin’ and licking. 💋💋💋
By coos 13,Dec,19 11:49
Lovin', touchin', squeeze in

By veryshyguy 08,Nov,19 09:30
WOW! Beautiful lips, and lovely clit! May I suck your clit?
By HoneyLips 18,Apr,20 07:08
Oh yes!!! Please do...... suck me and lick soooooooooooo gooooood!!!
By veryshyguy 18,Apr,20 10:13

By #567609 09,Nov,19 05:11
Sheer beauty

By Deedan 09,Nov,19 06:17
What a magnificent clit - love to get my lips around that
By HoneyLips 09,Mar,20 04:01

By #602985 09,Nov,19 10:11
I would love to eat those lips till I got some warm honey out of them. Mmmmmm
By HoneyLips 23,Apr,20 07:17
I would love to coat your tongue w/ honey..... 😋😋😘😘😘💋💋

By anonymous 10,Nov,19 12:17
Nice,very nice
By HoneyLips 12,Nov,19 05:57
I LOVE to show you my swollen wet pussy and make your big hard cock throb and ache with desire......and I hope you are stroking that beautiful big boy for me, and that you come back and do it again.....and again.....and again..... 😋😋😋😘😘

By trim1963 10,Nov,19 20:02
Love pussy

By RickyW2009 11,Nov,19 03:51
Wow, that's a lovely butterfly, with a gorgeous clit button and a really lovely slit.
By HoneyLips 18,Apr,20 07:09
Do you like butterflies???
By RickyW2009 20,Apr,20 04:22
I love them, pink ones in particular!

By #602798 11,Nov,19 08:01
That has to be the perfect cunt lucky girl
By HoneyLips 12,Nov,19 05:49
Thank you.... 💋💋
By #602798 15,Nov,19 08:00
Cannot get enough of looking at your beautiful pussy, wonderful 👅👅
By HoneyLips 15,Nov,19 23:38
Thank you..... I can’t get enough of showing off, so please keep looking.. Lol... 💋💋💋💋💋

By anonymous 11,Nov,19 12:47
Unbelievably irresistible I could just look at your gorgeous cunt for hours
By HoneyLips 14,Nov,19 05:21
Be my guest..... I LOVE shoeing you...... 😋😋😋
By HoneyLips 19,Nov,19 22:22

By flaccid 11,Nov,19 12:59
So beautiful
By HoneyLips 23,Apr,20 07:18
Thank you.....

By Jerqer 22,Nov,19 05:31
She looks tight
By HoneyLips 27,Nov,19 04:41
She is!! 😉😉😋😋😘😘😘💋💋💋
By Jerqer 29,Nov,19 06:07
Would love her to squeeze my cock

By Valiant 28,Dec,19 03:33
Perfect lips
By HoneyLips 09,Mar,20 03:59
Thank you..... 💋💋💋

By #551940 07,Jan,20 01:58
What an amazing clit
By HoneyLips 18,Apr,20 07:10
Thanks!! 💋💋

By #572495 03,Feb,20 07:52
would love to lick that clit
By HoneyLips 09,Mar,20 03:59
Please do.....💋💋💋

By Sussexbigboy 10,Feb,20 04:43

By leopoldij 01,Mar,20 11:31
I love this clit!!
By HoneyLips 18,Apr,20 07:11
Mmmmmmmmmmmm...... so do I !!! Feels so good!!! 😘😘💋💋👅😘
By leopoldij 18,Apr,20 12:18
I have to decide that in person, ok?

By Handle 06,Apr,20 18:26
I could suck on that beautiful clit of yours for as long as you demand it!! I would then fuck your lovely pussy!!
By HoneyLips 10,Apr,20 00:43
OK.... I’d love that!!

By Hornyman1975 08,Apr,20 05:10
You have been blessed by mother nature. Such a gorgeous speciman ! Perfectly pussy to suck on and fuck
By HoneyLips 10,Apr,20 00:26
Yes, I have...... they get very juicy/swollen when I’m excited, but they shrink down/don’t get in the way when I’m not....

By Orgasmatronic 19,Apr,20 05:17

By #614425 23,Apr,20 12:46
could I also play with your clit yummy
By HoneyLips 13,Aug,20 02:07

By #620798 09,Jul,20 03:14
Incredibly lickable lips
By HoneyLips 29,Jul,20 03:41
Mmmmmmmmm.... Please do!!!👅👅😋😋💋💋💋

By Lovespie 23,Jul,20 19:34
Mmm pretty clit
By HoneyLips 29,Jul,20 03:33
Thank you!!

By willylee 08,Oct,20 05:34
Absolutely gorgeous lips and clit. True butterfly pussy

By Finntom 19,Oct,20 06:07
So beautifu
By HoneyLips 30,May,21 17:55
So wet and swollen….. aching and throbbing for you….. 👅👅💋💋💋

By SladeJohnson 22,Jan,21 03:39
Pussy lickers dream. got me vertical, love it and suck a sexy woman thanks for sharing

By Frotting 25,Jan,21 17:49
That looks beautiful. I would love to rub my cock on those lips
By HoneyLips 30,May,21 17:57
I’m so wet and ready for you……

By Dong69 01,May,21 11:48
Sexy yummy wet cunt babe !!! Mmmmmmmmmmm so delicious!!
By HoneyLips 02,Nov,21 04:23
Mmmmmmmmm….. Thank you…. LOVES to be licked and sucked…. 👅👅😋😋💋💋

By Johnhardwear 05,Jun,21 18:44
Beautiful little pussy I'd love to bury my face in it
By HoneyLips 02,Nov,21 04:24
Mmmmmmmm…….. please do!!! Nothing better than a swollen wet pussy!! 😘😘😋😋👅💋

By diamund 07,Jun,21 04:55
Love to see your pussy stretched by my fat cock
By HoneyLips 02,Nov,21 04:26
Such a beautiful big fat cock!!! Fill me up!!!

By MrWolfe482 19,Feb,23 08:23
That pussy loves to be stretched out and sucked on.
By HoneyLips 23,Feb,23 04:58
Soooooooooo much!!!
By MrWolfe482 23,Feb,23 07:26
I would love to suck and tug on those lips!

By Bobby09 17,Nov,23 13:10

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