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》》Blinde Kuh ㋡ Blind man's bluff 《《

<<< Previous   Submitted by Vita at 01,Sep,22 00:00   Next >>>
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&#12299;&#12299;Blinde Kuh &#13025; Blind man's bluff &#12298;&#12298;

Vote (3 points): [HOT]   Votes: 100


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By Fritz 01,Sep,22 02:42
Das ist wirklich eine "Blinde Kuh" wo läuft die denn hin?
By Vita 01,Sep,22 02:50
Sie wittert es ... tut nur so !!!

By fxrider 01,Sep,22 02:43
möchtest du mit dieser nylonschlampe blinde kuh spielen ?
By Vita 01,Sep,22 02:49
Könnte lustich´ werden !!
By Berty123 12,Sep,22 17:27
By Vita 13,Sep,22 13:29
hey my love you play with ?!

By Walker 01,Sep,22 03:32
That would be so much fun to have her blindfolded
By Vita 01,Sep,22 13:18
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By shorty 01,Sep,22 03:34
Augen zu, Mund auf!
By Vita 01,Sep,22 13:18

By billiboy 01,Sep,22 04:17
Sie merkt, dass da was ganz in der Nähe ist...
By Vita 01,Sep,22 13:19
... hat schon die Witterung aufgenommen !!

By mywusch 01,Sep,22 04:29
By Vita 01,Sep,22 13:20
Soll ich dich mit auf die Mitspielliste setzen ??!
By mywusch 02,Sep,22 09:50
By Vita 02,Sep,22 12:38
Okee Ich geb´ dir dann die Spielorte bekannt bitte immer eine halbe Stunde vorher da sein !

By duncanidaho 01,Sep,22 05:25
Turn to your left....forward slightly...bend down a mouth....another suck!
By Vita 01,Sep,22 13:21
I see you know the game ... always this funny screeching then !!
By duncanidaho 01,Sep,22 17:44
By Vita 02,Sep,22 00:37

By Steffen15 01,Sep,22 05:39
Das könnte man gut im Dunkelrestaurant machen als Kellner. Das schönste dabei ist ihr Ehemann sitzt gegenüber sollte man dann nur nicht die Seiten verwechseln.
By Vita 01,Sep,22 13:22
Auch´ne Idee ... stimmt !!

By Pauli 01,Sep,22 05:58
Hilf ihr doch mal ein bisschen
By Vita 01,Sep,22 13:23
Da muss sie schon alleine durch ... die Trauben hängen hoch !!

By Flowo 01,Sep,22 06:06
Meinst du wirklich, daß sie das kleine Zauberstäbchen findet?
By Vita 01,Sep,22 13:23
Höre da wieder etwas Neid heraus ??!!

By stefan123 01,Sep,22 06:22
ah man spielt blinde Kuh na dann viel Spaß
By Vita 01,Sep,22 13:24
Immer DER Party-Knaller !!! ... und Flaschen drehen !!

By balticsea 01,Sep,22 06:35
Gleich hat sie das Stier"horn" gefunden
By Vita 01,Sep,22 13:29
... man könnte einen helfenden Stup´s geben !!!

By Barry 01,Sep,22 06:55
Feel your way 🫣🫣
By Vita 01,Sep,22 13:29

By Dario 01,Sep,22 07:21
By Vita 01,Sep,22 13:30
Du spielst also mit ?????!
By Dario 04,Sep,22 06:04
Ja gerne
By Vita 04,Sep,22 12:15
Okee ... bist auf der Spielerliste ... als Proband !
By Dario 05,Sep,22 14:56
Okay wo und wann spielen wir ich freue mich schon auf viel Spaß beim Spielen
By Vita 05,Sep,22 15:00
Kriegst Bescheid wo und wann welche Partys steigen ... bitte immer eine halbe Stunde vorher da sein !
By Dario 05,Sep,22 15:05
Okay dann freue ich mich schon auf eine Nachricht von euch 👍
By Vita 05,Sep,22 15:20

By gomez 01,Sep,22 08:17
I hate to say this but this is turning into pin the tail on the donkey hope she likes that game.
By Vita 01,Sep,22 13:31
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By fuckmaster 01,Sep,22 10:57
Geiles Spielchen
By Vita 01,Sep,22 13:31
Immer wieder DER Partyknaller !!

By gladbachfan 01,Sep,22 11:34
By Vita 01,Sep,22 13:32
Scheint anzusprechen !!

By Barni 01,Sep,22 16:08
Huhu such das Einhorn
By Vita 02,Sep,22 00:35
Man kann auch immer einen helfenden "Stup´s" geben !!

By Redworm1963 01,Sep,22 20:03
oh, I wouldn't mind playing a bit of Marco Polo if that is the prize!
By Vita 02,Sep,22 00:42
okay ... i put you on the game list !

By medir 02,Sep,22 07:11
Si elle la trouve, elle a droit de la mettre où elle veux ??
By Vita 02,Sep,22 07:20
bien sûr ... c'est le but du jeu !!

By ScottsCock 02,Sep,22 09:32
HAH! A fantastic new party game!!
By Vita 02,Sep,22 12:35
yes vita-daddy can be booked ... price negotiable !!
By ScottsCock 04,Sep,22 09:52
Sign me up!
By Vita 04,Sep,22 12:36
okay DEAL !!!

By #443537 02,Sep,22 10:01
You're burning ! One step to the left...
By Vita 02,Sep,22 12:36
vita is patient !!

By nekwid 02,Sep,22 13:05
By Vita 02,Sep,22 13:35
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By kre8tor69 02,Sep,22 14:21
How many old dicks did this young gal suck on this nice day?
By Vita 02,Sep,22 14:31
no inkling but she likes daddy's !!
By kre8tor69 02,Sep,22 16:16
Good and she is young and cute as well!
By Vita 02,Sep,22 16:36
yes very she is a specialist in mouth massages !!
By kre8tor69 02,Sep,22 19:25
Any idea how many she can or has done in one session?
By Vita 02,Sep,22 23:21
depending on how many daddy's dare !!
By kre8tor69 03,Sep,22 12:58
Do not understand what is meant in this by DARE?
By Vita 03,Sep,22 13:18
dare = test of courage !!
By kre8tor69 03,Sep,22 17:21
So this gal let you folks blindfold her and then she sucks whatever and how many ever cocks put in front of her for as long as you folks make her do it?
By Vita 03,Sep,22 23:06
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄
By kre8tor69 05,Sep,22 12:08
By Vita 05,Sep,22 12:17
By kre8tor69 05,Sep,22 14:59
By kre8tor69 12,Sep,22 14:38
Does she suck and drink all the cum from every cock she is presented with? How many times a week does she play with you folks like this?
By Vita 27,Nov,23 14:58
➽ thanks a lot ! ««««
By kre8tor69 28,Nov,23 13:26
I think this gal will give you more than thanks I bet with or without that mask!

By ahardcorecase 02,Sep,22 14:33
Hi Vita my friend- She'll probably grab the first big thing that is sticking out & start sniffing for clues.
By Vita 02,Sep,22 14:36
girls are generally good at it !

By surferharry 02,Sep,22 19:14
By Vita 02,Sep,22 23:17
i see you like thx & greet !!

By Robben 04,Sep,22 16:14
In justice she will make her choise
By Vita 04,Sep,22 16:20

By SammyBW 05,Sep,22 08:16
Amazing game!
By Vita 05,Sep,22 09:50
do you play with ??

By slipper 05,Sep,22 15:15
It's all in the game!!!
By Vita 05,Sep,22 15:23
you like it too ... you play along ??!

By tb1 06,Sep,22 00:37
Hot, bloody hot buddy
By Vita 06,Sep,22 00:55
》》》》 《《《《

By Sensuous50 06,Sep,22 11:38
She is groping blindly, and when she does find it and hold it she will get aroused by the size of it and guide it impatiently into her wet pussy ! This is what I would do if I was in her place. Vita what imagination.
By Vita 06,Sep,22 15:01

By yellowman 07,Sep,22 04:01
Looks like fun but I have never played that version of the game......
By Vita 07,Sep,22 07:06
... no problem you are never too old !!

By CAT 08,Sep,22 11:46
Mit dir Blind Man's Bluff zu spielen, Lutscher, wäre himmlisch. So lecker.
By Vita 08,Sep,22 13:35
》》》》 《《《《

By Ejaculatio 16,Sep,22 02:36
Nice pic
By Vita 16,Sep,22 11:01

By pantiboi 26,Sep,22 05:35
Vita you so good, always making me laugh
By Vita 26,Sep,22 08:31
my intention !!!

By marc66 21,Oct,22 16:07
By Vita 21,Oct,22 16:52
Scheint anzusprechen ... Danke-Danke !!

By Smuttbadger 05,Jun,23 09:34
Makes me smile as well as horny! Excellent!
By Vita 06,Jun,23 00:49
thank you very much for your hot statement ... greet to edinburgh !!

By dickmann 03,Jul,23 07:33
den würd ich auch gern nehmen
By Vita 03,Jul,23 13:19
Erstmal finden und ertasten !!!

By pantiboi 03,Aug,23 11:36
She gonna be VERY surprised!
By Vita 03,Aug,23 12:17
my intention !!

By Htraba 27,Nov,23 15:02
Wenn die Blinde Kuh dich erwischt, wirst du entleert.
By Vita 28,Nov,23 01:43
Das is´ auch der Sinn des Spiels ... immer eine Win-Win-Situation !!

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