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Me getting fucked in my friend's bedroom

<<< Previous   Submitted by routemaster at 28,Dec,13 20:54   Next >>>
This image was commented 65 times, viewed 5106 times.  

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Vote (3 points): [HOT!!!]   Votes: 54

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Me getting fucked in my friend's bedroom

Vote (3 points): [HOT]   Votes: 54


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By #480675 14,Jan,15 03:25
Envy your friend - in fact it's so good!

By herbi43 25,Jan,15 10:34
Fantastic fick

By #291032 24,Feb,15 18:58

By foreskinlover52 01,Apr,15 12:46

By #480214 17,Jun,15 04:40
Lucky you

By #491765 17,Jun,15 05:15
Wish i was behind u and make a fuck chain

By #422652 03,Jul,15 04:17
Can i join

By #480031 08,Jul,15 03:23
lucky you, lucky friend. love your hanging balls!

By #345428 24,Jul,15 16:06
yes this wonderful i love

By hp80 27,Jul,15 06:22

By heine 15,Aug,15 03:48

By routemaster 16,Aug,15 00:44
MANY THANKS to all of you who have left compliments, REALLY THRILLED to know you enjoy seeing me getting FUCKED

By #480675 13,Sep,15 03:12
Beautiful foreheads! Beautiful sex! Hot pleasure! I like when I fuck!

By #345428 28,Jan,16 05:48
O yes sweetie this wonderful

By routemaster 28,Jan,16 07:02
Thanks to you punters, this pic of me getting fucked by one of my best friends has now passed the 2000 views mark. Let's hope it goes on to 3000 and beyond soon!!!

By #324962 07,Mar,16 01:53

By #467216 07,Mar,16 02:26
Mmmmmm nice

By #453433 11,Apr,16 07:20
i want to be your freind

By #422652 09,May,16 01:55

By 2pierced 02,Feb,17 04:27
WOW, what a wonderful time you both had!

By alanhuk 01,Mar,17 03:18
Wow! Looks fun...Two guys enjoying life together! !

By pifad 01,Mar,17 05:34
Happy for you! Just a wee bit jelly.

By paipan4460 11,Mar,17 19:30

By smcock 14,May,17 01:52
I want another man to fuck me and cum in my ass one day
By monroe 01,Apr,20 03:20
my cock in your ass shoot my sperm way up your ass . want to hook up melbourne florida . i can host

By ranger25 06,Jul,17 20:56

By jester_60 27,Feb,18 09:55
I can take over in either position if either of you need a break. In the meantime Id love a mouthfull of those gorgeous low hangers

By ALEXHOT 03,May,18 22:32
Very hot

By bella! 31,May,18 01:29
Thank you for entering this picture in the BALLS DEEP or almost 😁 contest.

Good luck!

By #324962 05,Jun,18 23:43
Loved to join in and take turns fucking you all day long...

By bella! 08,Jun,18 00:08
routemaster, thank you for entering this picture in the YOUR MOST VIEWED PICTURE 😁 contest.

I bid you good luck!
By routemaster 08,Jun,18 00:25
Thank you so much, dear Bella

By Sharkie 10,Dec,18 22:34
Hmmm looks like fun! Wish I was there!

By Jackmeoff 29,Dec,18 06:00 is a pic!...damn hot...both of you are hot!..

By #562635 17,Jul,19 23:37
now thatz Fuckin Hot @@@@@ !!!!!

By bella! 02,Jul,20 05:13
Hi there, routemaster! Thank you for participating in the MOST VIEWED PIC! 😁 men only, free theme photo contest by submitting this picture! The contest began July 1, with 57 amazing and varied pictures EACH AND ALL with an incredible number of views!

I bid you good luck and may the best picture win!

By bella! 04,Aug,20 16:19
WOW! That is an XXX-RATED fuck picture, routemaster!

Thank you for your interest in the XXX-RATED! 😳 men only , free theme photo contest! Just an f.y.i, the contest attracted 24 participants and began on August 1.

There is a very wide interpretation on what participants felt were XXX-RATED and certainly some fine pictures submitted, so I bid you good luck and may the most salacious photo win!

By bella! 11,Aug,20 22:38
And the winner of the XXX-RATED! 😳 men only , free theme photo contest was routemaster! 🏆 Congratulations, routemaster!

The contest began with 24 XXX-RATED participants however finished with 23 participants. In the end, you secured the win with 22 votes while the median vote for the other participants was only 8. Again, congratulations routemaster!
By routemaster 16,Aug,20 04:47
Thank you SO MUCH for your congratulations, bella!, I'm ECSTATIC to have won with that pic of me getting my arsehole fucked! Long may you continue your free-themed photo contests, I try and enter every one where appropriate. xxxxx

By kre8tor69 03,Apr,21 19:46
What a nice set of hangers this guy with the cock in his ass is showing already!
By routemaster 04,Apr,21 04:47
Thank you SO MUCH for your compliments on my BALLS, I'm as proud of them as I am my DICK and ASS
By kre8tor69 04,Apr,21 21:28
I have a problem with my ball sac. It is very close to my body. I tried for a short time to stretch the sac so that people could use that as a grab and pull aera. I found I like some of that as I am getting a BJ. But ran into some trouble doing that! Yours looks like they would be fun to use as a grab bar type thing!
By alanhuk 18,Jun,23 03:32
Wear a cockring or 2. Stretch ballsac a bit...looks good too!!!

By #648814 27,Aug,21 18:55
one more? a threesome?
By routemaster 28,Aug,21 02:55
The more the merrier! This was taken at a gay orgy many years ago, there were several guys watching and wanking and one took this pic - TRULY!
By #648814 28,Aug,21 04:16
Wow...I wished I would have been there
By routemaster 29,Aug,21 05:26
You would have been VERY welcome to join us!

By palsss 22,Jun,23 04:25
This is hot love the hanging balls
By routemaster 23,Jun,23 01:45
Many thanks, thrilled you like this pic, I enjoyed us being photo'd

By spongeknob 20,Aug,23 02:56
I love seeing you getting some cock , I hope he gave you a big load
By routemaster 21,Aug,23 04:02
He did but sadly that was my friend Frank who passed away in 2022
By spongeknob 21,Aug,23 14:10
So sorry , please forgive my comments but he did look hot
By routemaster 22,Aug,23 08:05
Please don't apologise, I'm sure Frank would be delighted to know how much this pic excited you!

By curious10 21,Dec,23 08:37
your balls look so hot hanging there while being penetrated.
By routemaster 22,Dec,23 02:45
Thank you SO MUCH, glad you like my big balls!!!

By Tasteme 10,Apr,24 18:52
I want to be under you licking and fondling your balls and pulling in your sack 🤤😏
By routemaster 11,Apr,24 04:00
Many thanks for a HOT HORNY compliment

By Kristof77 11,Apr,24 05:14
Great fucking. Good position for going in deep
By routemaster 11,Apr,24 06:44
Many thanks, not only does it look good, it felt good too!!!

By Bludragon 12,Apr,24 05:40
When is it my turn top or bottom, screw it Iíll take both 🫦🫦
By routemaster 13,Apr,24 03:30
Be gentle with me!!!

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