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➽ sounding instructions ««««

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Vote (3 points): [HOT!!!]   Votes: 75

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&#10173; sounding instructions  ««««

Vote (3 points): [HOT]   Votes: 75


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By decatur212 01,Dec,21 02:55
Oh yeah very HOT and you go so deep
By Vita 01,Dec,21 03:32
nice of you ................. thx & greet !!

By alanhuk 01,Dec,21 03:32
Hot next please!!!
By Vita 01,Dec,21 03:33
ღღღღ 》》》》 THANK YOU ! 《《《《 ღღღღ
By horselover 01,Dec,21 04:23
sounds like a plan
By alanhuk 01,Dec,21 05:07
A few of us together? wow!
By Vita 01,Dec,21 12:41
By Vita 01,Dec,21 12:41

By Steffen15 01,Dec,21 03:46
Wow das habe ich auch gerne gemacht
By Vita 02,Dec,21 03:27
Sin´wa ja schon zwei !!!

By covas 01,Dec,21 03:46
Obwohl man Dich nicht hören kann... Geiler sound! Ich schueb mir gerne die andere Seite rein.
By Vita 02,Dec,21 03:27
No Problem ... komm´her !!!

By zatock 01,Dec,21 04:31
wooow herrlich
By Vita 02,Dec,21 03:28

By Flowo 01,Dec,21 05:53
Leider hört man Nichts, sieht aber geil aus.
By Vita 02,Dec,21 03:28
Is´son leichtes wohliges Brummen !!!

By billiboy 01,Dec,21 06:36
Das flutscht ja wie geschmiert...
By Vita 02,Dec,21 03:30
... das nächste Mal Metall und dann Strom !!!
By billiboy 02,Dec,21 07:17
Yeah! - Da will ich dann aber dabei sein und den Stromregler bedienen....
By Vita 02,Dec,21 07:57
... wer an´s Poti will muss ne´Runde ausgeben !!
By billiboy 04,Dec,21 03:15
...daran solls nicht scheitern...
By Vita 04,Dec,21 11:41
... oooookaaaay !!

By routemaster 01,Dec,21 07:15
Oh that looks painful.
By Vita 02,Dec,21 03:30
no fear my friend ... hot greet from berlin !
By routemaster 02,Dec,21 04:37
No worry, my friend, greetings to you from London too!
By Vita 02,Dec,21 07:58

By stefan123 01,Dec,21 07:24
ich könnte dir helfen wenn du möchtest
By Vita 02,Dec,21 03:31
Jederzeit ... Danke !!

By likesmoothcock 01,Dec,21 07:48
WHY? So what is the purpose of sounding, yelling as you put in in.
By Vita 02,Dec,21 03:33
yelling ?! ... a light, cozy hum !!

By Gary5 01,Dec,21 08:03
By Vita 02,Dec,21 03:33

By Homer33 01,Dec,21 09:29
Ich könnte das andere Ende übernehmen...
By Vita 02,Dec,21 03:34
... Okee, bin gespannt !!

By JasonAnDaddyShowDick 01,Dec,21 10:35
🧸🤪🤾😍💋 beautiful and sweet cock
By Vita 02,Dec,21 03:35

By cut1972 01,Dec,21 13:06
schön tief drin! sehr geil
By Vita 02,Dec,21 03:36
Wenn schon denn schon !!

By Fritz 01,Dec,21 13:51
Hoffentlich ist es steril
By Vita 02,Dec,21 03:36
Steril ?? Was is´n das ???
By Fritz 02,Dec,21 03:53
By Vita 02,Dec,21 03:54
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By Uzbad_T 01,Dec,21 15:18
Wie lang und wie dick ist der Stab?
By Vita 02,Dec,21 03:37
Einsteiger-Set ... 20 x 0,8 cm !!

By duncanidaho 01,Dec,21 15:34
By Vita 02,Dec,21 03:38
i see you like - thx and greet ✉✈ from berlin !

By PenisPlayer 01,Dec,21 16:04
schön eingeführt
By Vita 02,Dec,21 03:39
Gelernt is´ gelernt !!

By probowler298 01,Dec,21 20:30
Do me next.
By Vita 02,Dec,21 03:39
ooookaaay you a good proband ??!
By probowler298 02,Dec,21 09:00
Jam in down my pee hole
By Vita 02,Dec,21 09:03
yeees that will be fun !!
By probowler298 02,Dec,21 09:24
For both of us.
By Vita 02,Dec,21 10:51
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By dedon 02,Dec,21 10:15
das ging ja weit rein
By Vita 02,Dec,21 10:52
Denkt man gar nich´ was ... die ganzen 30cm !!!

By big_veiny_cock 02,Dec,21 14:53
Fuck! That is hot!
By Vita 02,Dec,21 15:01
thx and greet ✉ → 🚄 ✈ from berlin !
By big_veiny_cock 02,Dec,21 15:13
By Vita 02,Dec,21 22:42

By Spencer59 02,Dec,21 15:45
By Vita 02,Dec,21 22:42
》》》》 《《《《

By slipper 02,Dec,21 20:13
By Vita 02,Dec,21 22:43
oooookaaay !!

By Kwann 02,Dec,21 22:31
By Vita 02,Dec,21 22:43
thanks for your terrific and barefaced comment !

By mywusch 03,Dec,21 03:52
By Vita 03,Dec,21 10:16
► D-A-N-K-E--S-C-H-Ö-N ◄

By Jasonshowdick 03,Dec,21 18:30
please be careful don't hurt yourself my friend
By Vita 04,Dec,21 00:21
vita is with you ... no fear !!

By Anass 04,Dec,21 10:25
Great .
By Vita 04,Dec,21 11:42
thank you

By dura2000 04,Dec,21 12:27
I couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to do that.
By Vita 04,Dec,21 12:43
do not worry ... it is the beginner-set !!

By DJS 04,Dec,21 15:29
Nooooooooooo...not a chance,but fair play to you mate🎖
Enjoyed the replies but Noooooo not for me
By Vita 04,Dec,21 22:55
By DJS 05,Dec,21 03:01
By Vita 05,Dec,21 14:10
8x back to uk !!
By DJS 05,Dec,21 15:05
Must be honest its been a very long time since I've been to Deutschland & especially Berlin( no place like it in the world)👄
By Vita 05,Dec,21 22:04
come here, come to berlin ... i show you the city and "other" things !
By DJS 11,Dec,21 14:01
I never turn a invite down mate
By Vita 11,Dec,21 21:30
a dream becomes true !!!!
By DJS 13,Dec,21 07:29
I wish this pandemic would fk off,then I be overthere like a shot(not like a cum shot)
By Vita 13,Dec,21 12:58
where there's a will there's a way !
By DJS 14,Dec,21 01:16
Am more that willing enough
By Vita 14,Dec,21 01:22
... oooookaaaay !!
By DJS 14,Dec,21 05:23
Abit off this and this & this
By Vita 14,Dec,21 12:36
By DJS 15,Dec,21 02:51
Let's make some
By Vita 31,Dec,21 02:13

By basque9 04,Dec,21 20:43
Looks ok, but not for me.
By Vita 04,Dec,21 22:56
do not worry vita is with you !!

By ernieross 05,Dec,21 06:45
I would love to insert that for you. So very hot!!!
By Vita 05,Dec,21 14:18
thx & greet to philadelphia !!

By chris51 05,Dec,21 10:04
looks fun, and SOUNDS fun
By Vita 05,Dec,21 14:18

By Gunnar08 05,Dec,21 16:09
Oh ja, das sieht gut aus. Schön tief drin
By Vita 05,Dec,21 22:05
Man versucht schon Qualität zu bieten !!

By fancyabit 06,Dec,21 03:58
Sexy insertion
By Vita 07,Dec,21 02:24
thank you

By marc66 07,Dec,21 03:29
By Vita 07,Dec,21 03:38
Scheint anzusprechen ... Danke !

By johnleman82 07,Dec,21 11:21
ouch !!!
By Vita 07,Dec,21 12:38
vita is with you ... no fear !!

By Stecher93 08,Dec,21 04:19
By Vita 08,Dec,21 11:10

By orchid88 08,Dec,21 04:24
Tapfer Tapfer!!
By Vita 08,Dec,21 11:10
Is´ Vita Dein Hero ???!

By ranger25 08,Dec,21 06:13
Nice. I wouldnt mind playing with that
By Vita 08,Dec,21 11:11
yes come here ... we play together !!

By littleun 08,Dec,21 16:16
By Vita 08,Dec,21 23:09

By spermlover 12,Dec,21 08:27
Könntest mir gerne beibringen
By Vita 12,Dec,21 22:16
... ich schau mal in meinen Terminkalender !!

By SammyBW 14,Dec,21 16:42
Ui, was da so alles reinpasst
By Vita 15,Dec,21 01:42
Manoman ... ich sach´Dir !!!

By Rudolf69 24,Dec,21 00:40
super Sounding
By Vita 24,Dec,21 02:01
► D-A-N-K-E--D-A-N-K-E ◄

By JustWondring 26,Dec,21 06:59
I'd like to use a rod long enough to insert all the way into both our cocks. I would love the sensation of meeting in the middle.
By Vita 27,Dec,21 03:28
we just try it ... when can you be here ?!

By Kwann 08,Jan,22 12:19
By Vita 08,Jan,22 12:37
》》》》 《《《《

By Roberto2020 17,Jan,22 18:17
I use a plastic chop stick, sounding is an incredible feeling...
By Vita 18,Jan,22 01:23
yes see here too : ► /9q6cvlemkm2wpic.html & /u4bl9r9twcftpic.html ◄ !!

By JustWondring 10,Aug,22 15:35
Now let me put my tip over it and you see if you can push it into me.
By Vita 11,Aug,22 00:06
i think no problem !

By Smallugly1 10,Oct,23 14:23
Very hot a deep
By Vita 10,Oct,23 21:34
》》》》 《《《《

By KyleSA 09,Nov,23 13:02
By Vita 09,Nov,23 14:30
i seem to like it !!

By Walker 10,Nov,23 20:48
I like sounding with a glow stick at a party show.
By Vita 11,Nov,23 01:10
yeeeeaaaah ..... PARTY !!!!!!

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