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By balapolisson at 30,Aug,20 11:13
sexy body! your dick looks like a beauty! would love to pamper your sweet package!

By balapolisson at 30,Aug,20 11:08
gorgeous package! Id love so much stroke it!

By surferharry at 20,Jun,20 21:50
i like cock hairs when they tickle my nose

By hairypussywife at 16,May,20 17:34
Nice looking weiner

By likehairycocks at 05,May,20 13:34

By HARLEYTEXAS007 at 30,Apr,20 17:16
Love to taste your fat cock

By HARLEYTEXAS007 at 21,Apr,20 14:30
Love to taste your cock .

By portman at 20,Apr,20 08:02
Very hot erection

By Firecrotch55 at 16,Mar,20 10:10
Love it when it points to the sky.

By Pnwboner at 14,Jan,20 13:33

By arend65 at 06,Dec,19 02:57
So hot

By lawrenceo at 02,Dec,19 05:51
Nice to see

By Passivo at 15,Jul,19 05:19

By bahia84 at 03,Jun,19 20:21

By tb1 at 20,May,19 09:17
I do too, luv the hood, big foreskin fan here

By tb1 at 20,May,19 09:15

By foreskinlover52 at 25,Sep,17 05:04

By Juteur at 03,Jul,17 04:52
Would love to suck it !

By Juteur at 03,Jul,17 04:51
Very nice rod !!

By anonymous at 10,Jun,17 12:02

By manbu at 26,Apr,17 17:08

By agp052 at 21,Apr,17 03:34
Great hard cock

By agp052 at 16,Mar,17 20:54
you can sit on my cock

By agp052 at 16,Mar,17 20:53
luv to lick you

By agp052 at 16,Mar,17 20:53
looks good

By agp052 at 16,Mar,17 20:52

By agp052 at 16,Mar,17 20:51

By anonymous at 03,Feb,17 09:49
great piss stream

By anonymous at 16,Nov,16 00:53
mmmmmmmmmmmmm klaar om gepijpt te worden

By littleprince at 27,Oct,16 09:23
My mouth is open for it.

By littleprince at 27,Oct,16 09:20
A sexy view. I like to pull back your forskin and explore your cockhead with my tongue.

By cocker at 10,Aug,16 00:01

By arend65 at 09,Aug,16 18:17

By mikeinaz at 09,Aug,16 14:49
You can just tell this is a red-hot pecker that's begging to cum all of the time just like a Jack Russel is always panting for a ball to chase!

By mikeinaz at 09,Aug,16 09:00
Just look at that proud dick. He is a real cutie. I'd like to suck on that pretty head~

By mikeinaz at 08,Aug,16 17:13
Nice angle taken of this pretty curved baby.. keep it up, sexy

By Fijibob4394 at 08,Aug,16 11:09
Mmmm, love to slide my tongue under that foreskin and feel u grow hard in my mouth.

By mark_99 at 07,Aug,16 01:56
thanks for that comment ,i was very horny when i took this pic so my cock was very hard

By mikeinaz at 14,Jul,16 16:14
It seems a number of us appreciate this dick's graceful "upswung" profile. Bet it looks very hot when you pump it with your hips

May it bring you and many others LOTS OF FUN!!

By toscane at 11,Jul,16 17:06
Plas over me heen!

By mikeinaz at 11,Jul,16 13:20
Sexy stance and nice curve up..

By routemaster at 09,Jul,16 05:26

By routemaster at 09,Jul,16 05:25

By routemaster at 09,Jul,16 05:25

By routemaster at 09,Jul,16 05:24

By Passivo at 09,Jul,16 05:07
nice cock... want suck....

By anonymous at 04,Jul,16 07:59
Great looking full erection

By minkip at 20,Jun,16 07:09

By minkip at 20,Jun,16 07:09

By pussyboy at 21,May,16 03:13

By pussyboy at 05,May,16 15:28
You want sloppy head

By gare at 04,Apr,16 14:25
love your hooded cock

By gare at 30,Mar,16 07:04

By anonymous at 29,Mar,16 10:10
Sexy display of ur sexy goods

By Stiffcock47 at 21,Mar,16 12:05
very nice cock and balls!

By scotty9 at 30,Jan,16 06:28

By Blue7496 at 21,Jan,16 10:33

By cumstorm at 02,Jan,16 13:32
Wat een lekkere geile pik

By pussyboy at 04,Dec,15 15:01

By mark_99 at 07,Sep,15 09:07
it goes like that when iam really horny!!! on this occassion it got me horny taking the pic and the thought of other people looking at it

By palsss at 03,Sep,15 09:38
Das een lekker ding

By Stiffcock47 at 02,Sep,15 06:11
Great looking cock

By drooroo50 at 31,Aug,15 09:40
Lovely erection with a great curve on it

By Blue7496 at 05,Jun,15 11:07

By pifad at 03,May,15 04:06
Mmmmmm lots of licking and sucking to be had

By pifad at 03,May,15 03:54
Mmmmmm yummy

By pifad at 03,May,15 03:53

By anonymous at 02,May,15 02:36
Mooi pijpformaat....

By arend65 at 30,Mar,15 16:35

By wantsitall at 10,Feb,15 17:42

By Blue7496 at 10,Feb,15 02:45

By anonymous at 06,Feb,15 11:02
klein und steif schön

By mark_99 at 17,Nov,14 13:48
would be my plesure to let you taste it

By arend65 at 14,Nov,14 19:23
it is calling to be sucked

By arend65 at 14,Nov,14 10:41
lovely upward curve!

By arend65 at 14,Nov,14 10:40

By Raypark at 23,Oct,14 09:41
Awesome boner

By Raypark at 23,Oct,14 09:40
Mmmmmm, sit on my cock and tide it good

By Raypark at 23,Oct,14 09:39

By Raypark at 23,Oct,14 09:38
Mmmmmm, I want a taste of that

By Raypark at 06,Oct,14 11:31
I'd love to suck on ur knob, mmmmmm

By Raypark at 06,Oct,14 11:30
Fucking hot boner

By pedro29 at 03,Oct,14 10:55
black socks on hummmmmmmm

By foreskinlover52 at 28,Sep,14 07:01

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