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Do you wish you had been a professional porn star? YES

Have you ever let a friend fuck your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend and watched? NO

is body hair sexy on a guy? (as in full body: legs, arms, chest, stomach and back... not just a lil hairy)? NO

Do you like hairy women ? NO

Is participating on this site while in a relationship cheating? NO

have you ever had a fling witb an in law? NO

Would you let another male trim and shave your cock and balls silky smooth ? YES

Do you like to eat your own cream pie after fucking? NO

ever got a blow job at the park? YES

Are you a grow-er (Yes) or a show-er (No)? YES

Guys only: If a guy simply came up to you and asked for a blowjob would you give him one knowing he was clean? YES

Have you ever cum/orgasmed in a shower that did not have separate stalls? NO

Have you ever sucked an anonymous cock at a gloryhole? NO

Would you ever hide your face and suck off someone you knew for the fun of it without them knowing it was you? NO

If you saw a man with his zipper down and no underwear. Would it turn you on? NO

Have you ever masterbated with friends as an adult? NO

Have you been in the centre of a circle jerk and had lots of guys cum over you? NO