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Do you enjoy oral sex? YES

Do you swallow cum? NO

Have you ever had sex in public? YES

do you like BBW? NO

Do you like licking asshole? YES

Would you have sex with a friend on a regular basis? YES

Has a straight guy ever blown you? NO

If u could suck yourself off would u swallow? YES

Are you in to piss play? NO

Do you wish you could go back in time and have sex with a classmate? YES

Do you enjoy cumming in your own face thinking of another cock squirting over you? NO

would you let a man pee in your mouth while your sucking his cock? NO

Have you ever been recognized while being nude on a webcam? NO

Can you "get off" from GIVING oral to your partner without receiving anything? YES

ever been the pivot man in a circle jerk? NO

Does the idea of jacking off another guy turn you on? NO

Do you like men in panties? NO

Have you ever tried to enlarge your Cock with a penis pump? YES

have you ever flashed anyone before? YES

Would you like to be fucked in the woods ? YES

If your gal asked you to suck a cock and drink the cum so she could watch would you do it just for her pleasure? NO

is there some gayness on you? NO

Do you sometimes feel guilty when you jerk off with other on SYD ? NO

would you let your wife wank a stranger off? NO

Would you let another male trim and shave your cock and balls silky smooth ? NO

Ever jerk off to your old pics posted here? YES

Have you ever flashed a stranger in public? NO

Have you ever been pressured & convinced into giving a straight man a blowjob before in your life? NO

Have you given a blowjob to get one in return? NO

Ever pulled you cock out while driving and jerked it? YES

do you like porn and nude pics? YES

do you ever fantasize about a 3some where you get to play with a member of the same sex? NO

Do you prefer to masturbate with a dry cock? NO

do you like to suck cock with other people watching? NO

Did you ever drink someone else's piss? NO

Do you like to lick arses of men? NO

Have you ever experienced getting your toe(s) or foot sucked while being fucked or fucking? NO

Have you let someone piss in your mouth and swallowed it? NO