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Are you larger than average? (penis or boobs)? YES

would you masturbate in public if you could? YES

If you could, would you reach out and meet someone here just for sex? YES

Do you enjoy oral sex? YES

Do you like anal sex as a taker? NO

Do you swallow cum? NO

Do you like having long lasting erections (over an hour) without ejaculating? YES

Gloryhole: Do you kneel (YES) or stand (NO)? NO

Do you like to suck cock? NO

Would you be willing to watch and be watched privately on cam? YES

Do you prefer virgins (girl/guy) over more experienced person? YES

If you prefer pussy but are curious about trying cock once, does it make you gay? NO

Do you like licking asshole? NO

Would you have sex with someone else's spouse? NO

Have you ever received money in exchange for sex? YES

Sex is better with kissing? YES

If asked to mmf would you ? YES

Has a straight guy ever blown you? NO

Wher you prefer to cum on, Face (Yes) or Mouth (No)? NO

Would you get your dick wanked off rather than wank someone else's cock? YES

Ever give anal sex as other person gives oral? NO

If u could suck yourself off would u swallow? NO

Are you in to piss play? YES

Have you ever shot your load in somebody's mouth when they asked you not to? NO

do you like big uncut cock? YES

Man in lingerie! Do you like? NO

Would you let another man suck you off? YES

Do u like to c2c with other men? YES

Would you like to watch your spouse, friend, partner or significant other performing one or more sexual acts with another person ? NO

Would you engage in all-nude dating? YES

Did you ever have a massage with a happy ending? YES

If asked by your partner, would you give nudism a shot or go to any nudist beach for a day? YES

Have you ever hooked up with someone from this site in real life ? NO

Have you ever walk naked on the streets at midnight ? YES

Do you enjoy cumming in your own face thinking of another cock squirting over you? NO

Do ever sunbathe nude? YES

Prefer chubby (YES) over slim (NO)? YES

have you ever secretly watched or listened to people you know having sex and gotten off to it? NO

Do you eat your own cum? NO

Have you ever mastrubated while looking at your own pictures? NO

ever fantasized about having sex with your mom/dad or siblings? NO

Do you like online role play with a man? NO

Do you have a sexual attraction to scars? NO

Do you smoke? YES

Do you like manga/anime porn? YES

are you happy with your circumcision status? YES

Do you watch porn opposite your sexual orientation (gay=watching straight porn, straight=watching gay porn)? YES

Do you like being tongue fucked ? YES

have you ever masturbated while driving to work? YES

Have someone from your family ever caught you masturbating? NO

Do you use cockrings for sex or masturbation? YES

Would you stop a woman from sucking you if you found she was a he? NO

Ever want to have one in your ass while one is in your face? NO

Do you like using a same sex doctor? YES

does getting another guy's load over your cock turn you on? NO

Have you ever appeared in professional porn films? NO

Can you get orgasm from using a butt plug alone without touching your genitals? NO

Do you love to have sex with a woman and a man at the same time? YES

Do you like to get your balls tugged while getting a blowjob? YES

Have you ever fucked someone because you felt bad for them? NO

Do you like the idea of waking up to someone giving you oral? YES

Do you like to watch? YES

Do you masturbate at work? YES

Have You Been a Part Of An Orgy? NO

is it cool if you want to suck some cock and you ask him to put on a condom at a glory hole? YES

Have you ever been to a bath house or sex club? NO

Have you ever sent a pic of your tits, pussy or dick to the wrong person? NO

Have you ever stripped naked in public places? YES

are you into foreskin play? YES

Have you ever came on food and ate it? YES

If you had a time machine, would you go back to have sex with yourself? NO

did you ever have an orgy with more than 6 people? NO

Do you like to eat​ creampies? NO

Do you like to pee on yourself? YES

Men, do you like CFNM, being the only nude man in front of a group of dressed women? YES

Do you keep your socks on during sex? NO

Do you practice erotic asphyxiation (either during masturbation or sex with partner)? NO

would you have sex with your inlaw? YES

Are you fond of giving/receiving titfucks? YES

Do you think penis piercings are sexy? NO

Would you let your partner pee in your bum while having intercourse? YES

Ever tie someone up and pleasure them? YES

If you could take a magic pill and be transformed into the opposite sex permanently, would you take that pill? YES

Have you ever got nude in public? YES

Would you live in an entirely nudist society? YES

Do you masturbate in the mirror ? YES

Do you like two or more men shooting their loads over you at the same time? NO

do you watch porn of yourself masterbaiting? YES

Do you get a hard on seeing other mens cocks? NO

are you gay? NO

Would you dye your pubic hair? YES

would you let two Black men fuck you at the same time? NO

Have you been masturbating/having sex and been caught by significant other? YES

Would you like to get caught masturbating by a neighbor or family member? YES

A thick cock is better then a long cock? YES

Would you accept money to let someone sleep with You? YES

is it cool if you want to fuck and get sucked by guys but not want to return the favor? YES

BUSH (yes) or SHAVED (no) ? NO

Do you like to massage your anus with your showerhead? NO

Would you try sounding at least once in your life? NO

if you could would you suck your own cock or lick your own cunt? YES

Do you actually like the taste of cum? NO

Are you a nudist, i.e. not just for sex? YES

Have you ever been spit roasted? NO

Have you ever let a dude suck your cock (even though you are straight and/or committed)? NO

If you found out that a guest in your house had a page on here, would you tell them or not? YES

Have you ever masturbated outside when you know somebody is watching? NO

Have you ever purposely cum in your underwear? YES

would you stick your dick in a hole in an object? YES

would you like your partner to participate on this site with you? YES

Would you love being fucked by strapon? NO

Would you be disturbed if you caught someone masturbate? NO

Would you let your partner piss in your mouth? YES

If you was an actor, would you accept a role requiring you to appear nude on stage? YES

Do you like to be tied up? YES

Will you eat your own creampie​? YES

Do you ever wish to be reborn as the opposite sex? YES

Would you accept a polyamorous relationship? NO

Would you fuck a chubby guy? NO

would you suck dick infront of wife/gf? NO

Can you like cocks without being attracted to men? YES

While masturbating can you make yourself cum in a minute or less? NO

Would you eat your own cum? NO

have you ever been fisted in the ass or cunt? NO

If you were invited to a bukkake party as the recipient, would you go? NO

Have you ever masturbated pretty much nonstop for 24 hours? YES


Would you be willing to meet and fuck? YES

Would u masturbate infront hundreds of fully dressed people? YES

Would You Masturbate Next To Someone Sleeping? YES

Do you get turned on by watching your own nude pictures/videos? YES

Do you enjoy oral sex with the same sex? YES

Does pain get you aroused? NO

Would you take two cocks in your ass or pussy? NO

do you like your feet to be licked? YES

Have you ever reached orgasm in a place of worship such as a church or mosque? NO

Have you ever sucked off a straiht neighbor? NO

Men and women, do you like receiving facial cumshots? NO

Is your penis longer than 4,6 inch? YES

Can you "get off" from GIVING oral to your partner without receiving anything? YES

Do you like to have your balls licked during oral sex? YES

Do you like a lady to piss on you? YES

Would you date a transsexual? YES

Would you like to eat your own cum in your partner's mouth after a blowjob? NO

Do you finger your own asshole? YES

Do you lie about your penis size to your current partner? NO

Have you masturbated at work? YES

Do you like men in panties? NO

Would you be "gay for pay"? NO

Have you ever sniffed any family members panties? NO

Is making ads for casual encounters considered slutty? NO

Do you like making love to a pregnant woman? YES

Would you eat the cum out of a condom that just came out of an ass or pussy? NO

Straight men: Would you like to jerk off another guy? YES

do you masturbate more often than fucking your wife ? YES

Would your partner clean your dick with their mouth after you have just fucked them? YES

would you like to watch ur wife fucking other man in front of you...?? NO

Have you ever sucked off a buddies father? NO

Do you like being pounded in the ass? NO

Do you think that small dicks are useless in bed? NO

Do You Like Water sports? YES

Would you let your wife cuckold you? NO

Have you ever been gang fucked? NO

Has any woman, but not a prostitute, ever approached you looking for just sex? NO

Do you consider c2c with the oppisite sex cheating when your spouse absent? YES

Would you let other guy/girl have sex with your partner? NO

Do guys prefer shaved pussy or hairy pussy? YES

Have you ever had or given a footjob? YES

When you get your cock sucked or pussy licked, do you like a finger or two up your ass? YES

Would you like for a chick with a dick sudduce you,? YES

Do you prefer a large size penis but soft(YES) or a hard regular one(NO)? YES

Have you posted your dick/cunt on other web sites? NO

Would you let your best friend fuck your partner? YES

Im straight but let guys suck me off ONLY, am i straight? YES

uncut men have bigger and harder erections than cut men? YES

Do you prefer drink cum of a beautiful teen boy (yes) or drink water of squirt of a beautiful girl? (no)? NO

Do sexy crossdressers get you off? YES

Do you prefer to suck a beautiful teen boy's cock (yes) or a normal look person suck for you?(no)? NO

Is having an uncut dick a turnoff? NO

Do you like a slow wet hands free blow job? YES

do you have a sex toy? YES

Guys, do you compare cocks with a friend or another guy just for being curious? YES

Have you ever taken two dicks up your ass at the same time? NO

who likes masturbating to videos of themselves masturbating? NO

Does pain play a role in your pleasure? NO

which one is more exciting: cumshot (yes) or squirt (no)? NO

Has this website expanded your sexuality? YES

Do you like to masturbate outside? YES

have you ever dick flashed a neighbor? YES

Would you let your woman finger your ass while she sucks your dick? YES

Do you like to see nasty personal fights in the forum? NO

Have you ever had your arse fucked? NO

Do you think 6.5inches is big for a cock? NO

Do you have foot fetish? NO

Do you prefer a pretty face than a well shaped body? YES

Which do you prefer, smooth, shaved pussy (yes) or big soft tits(no)? YES

Was your first sexual experience with a guy. ( yes ) or a girl. (no)? NO

Do you find yourself being more turned on by seeing a nice big cock than a pussy? NO

uncut cock is nicer to look when soft? YES

Have you ever pissed urine into your own mouth ? NO

Is a hairy cock hotter than a shaved cock? NO

Have you ever pissed on someone else? NO

Do you like to have group masturbation?no fuckin? YES

Do you like to play with a man's ass, i.e. touch, kiss, lick, finger, bare or in tight shorts, etc? NO

Have you ever participated in an orgy? YES

Do YOU find it a turn-off, if your sexual partner enjoys both Male & Female? NO

Do well shaped and pretty (female!) feet turn you on? YES

Do you like women pissing on your cock? YES

Have you ever sucked the cock that just came in you ass? NO

Did you ever tried sex with a man? YES

Do you prefer group sex/threesomes to one-to-ones? YES

Would you like to try to take 2 cocks in your pussy or asshole? NO

Should the penis head be fatter than the penis shaft? YES

Would you suck a limp dick just for your pleasure? YES

Boy Or Girl, Do You Like Being Used As Anal Sex Toy ? NO

Guys only: Do you precum (at all)? YES

Straight men only: do you like your asshole licked, fingered, and probed? NO

Would you slide your rock hard cock through a glory hole and not care who is sucking you off? YES

Have you ever drove naked through town? YES

Short or long matters? YES

Would any str8 mature man actually like to try sucking a cock to see how that feel to do? YES

Is a small cock head a turn off? NO

do you taste your precum during a long wank session ? YES

Have you ever masturbated while driving? YES

Do you enjoy the visual delights of sex, i.e. being seen nude, as much as the sex itself? YES

Have you been to a gloryhole? NO

Do you masturbate more than 5 times a week? NO

pubic hair on women.... yes or no? NO

Have you ever been recognized from one of these websites? NO

do you like to torture your cock? NO

Would you let a stranger masterbate you? YES

if a man would you like to butt fuck another male? NO

A vaginal fuck is much more pleasurable than an anal fuck? YES

Do you get a lot of pre cum? YES

do u like to watch couples? YES

Ever masturbate while driving? YES

Do you like to finger your ass while jerking off? NO

Do you like to do 69er's Yes or No? YES

Ever masturbated in a public shower? YES

would you let a much bigger cock fuck your wife or girlfriend? NO

Have you ever got a boner while working out at a public gym ? YES

do you prefer a cut cock over an uncut one? NO

If you're in a relationship. Does your partner know you're on this site? NO

Dou you love being fucked in public places? YES

Does it make you horny knowing people are looking at your pictures? YES

Is it wrong to want to fuck your wifes sister or best friend? NO

Would you let your partner have sex with someone of the same sex, without considering it cheating? YES

Would you let your best friend fuck your wife? NO

Have you ever caught a friend or family member staring at your bulge? YES

Do you and your partner masturbate in front of each other? YES

Have you ever shown or part shown your cock/pussy in public? YES

If your gal asked you to suck a cock and drink the cum so she could watch would you do it just for her pleasure? NO

is there some gayness on you? NO

Do you masturbate to other members? YES

Would you go to a swingers club with your partner and swap? YES

Have you told your spouse about everyone youve ever had sex with? YES

Does edging form part of your solo play? YES

Do you get erections often during your physical check ups? NO

If I fantasize about sucking a nice cock, does that make me gay? NO

If you got rock hard in a public place, would you sneak into a bathroom and Jerk It Off? NO

Would you eat your own cum oozing from a pussy? YES

As a Male that's never had an actual cock in him. Does the idea still get you hard? NO

Would assfisting turn you on? NO

When having sex, do you like to talk dirty? NO

Have you EVER caused a woman to gush or squirt? YES

On the same note as the other day, however, would you eat someone elses cum oozing from a pussy? NO

Do you think sex with two people at the same time is more fun than sex with just one? YES

Was your first fuck up to your expections of it? NO

Would it turn you on to have a group of people watch you suck cock? YES

Has sex and/or porn completely taken over your life? NO

Do you prefer ass-fucking over pussy-fucking? NO

Ever gone ass to mouth? YES

Guys, Girls & Shemales. Have you ever sucked off a total stranger? NO

If you were recieving oral from a stranger and found out part way through it was a member of the same sex, would you let them finish (yes) or stop(no)? YES

Have You ever been recognized by Your internet pics in Your real-life? NO

Guys-- have you ever been the middle of a train (you fucking someone while someone's fucking you)? NO

would you love to have a tight cock ring ? YES

Would you allow a man and a woman to give you oral sex at the same time? YES

Have you ever let a friend fuck your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend and watched? NO

is cool to just want sex with men down low but don't want to be gay in daily life? NO

Do you like hairy women ? YES

Shaved dicks/pussies are more sexy than hairy? YES

Is participating on this site while in a relationship cheating? NO

Do you participate in unprotected sex with strangers? NO

Do shaved pussies or cocks smell cleaner and fresher than hairy ones? YES

Have you ever spied on your friends while they were masturbating, without them knowing? NO

Would you let another male trim and shave your cock and balls silky smooth ? YES