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Men - What type of PUSSY do you like?

Soft or erect - which one?

On top Boy or Girl


have you ever been humiliated because of your dick or Ball size

Do feel relief after masturbation with cum?

What turns you on the most?

What is your sexual fantasy?

Fake or photoshop

Left or Right ? Judge from the picture below and vote.

Pick - A - Dick

do you ever watch big dick compilation vids and jo to the

ok you meet someone new to you who wants to suck you with a

i want to pump your dick for about 30 min. to make it thicker

Pick your favorite tits

Women pussy

last time you had sex

When a guy should receive oral sex?


Frequent Erections

*Whats your most sensitve parts

Which view is more sexy

Whose Dick Would YOU Choose?

Pick ur favourite! Only one choice! ;)

Choose your favorite dick.

Glory Hole


Do you eat your own cum?


What kinds of pics do you like?


Pissing At Urinals.

Found a comparison of me (31) and my lil bro on his phone.

Cock or ass or body

Do you have one ore more penis piercings(incl. balls)?

Have you been nude in front of your colleagues?

Which pic is better

A room with guys with smaller or bigger cock than yours?

Bi Men Only

Crush on straight friend

Do you like being humiliated about your little dick naked

Which men Cum Faster?

What size cock

Your cock size please ...


21 times ejaculation

What does a man's dick stops growing? At what age?

Remove or Keep My Sign Off?? *Lix*

What Do You Like Best About The Site ??

Do you think President Trump is cut or uncut?

Ever used a vacuum on your dick?

Am I hot?

Do you prefer a penis cut or not?


What do you think about men wearing skirts in public?

Why are you here?

What do you think about my face reveal?

Which pic is better Hairy or Shaved

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

I will make 5 new pics from me. Which part of me should I show?

♠Does moderate tight pussy change from big dick?


My cock size is?

Cock size

Which penis do you like the best? Left or Right?

Are you nude in public saunas?

Do you like when others look at your softie in public showers?

Do you consider yourself to have a big cock?

SYD-question: Which is best, my softie or erection?

Do you like when others look at you in public showers?

Which one is best? Thank you for your opinion.

do you masturbate every day?

I know it is small but what do you think?

Question for Uncut men

Do you enjoy comparing cocks?

Masturbation booth

How long is your jerk off session?

Poll Part 2: Largest Erect Girth you've Experienced

Do you like tributes?

New Year Sex Resolution

Poll Part 1: Longest Erect Length you've Experienced

Do you like cocks, pussies or both?

Which penis do you prefer?

male family nudity

Sun tan visible in this pic ?

Is my dick too small? Preferably female answers

Hard or soft

FRIENDS Wife vs MY wife

At What Age Did She Start To Regularly Have Sex?

Sex on first date?

Bath House

Who is bigger? Me or my best friend? Max is on top, Iím bottom

Erect size is more important but is my flaccid penis too small?

Has anybody from your real life ever recognized you on here?

How is the texture of your cum?

nudist home?

Boy Or Girl, Fantasize During anal Masturbating💘

Sex Change

The first time a guy shot cum in your mouth...

have you ever done a guy in pantyhose? like it?