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What do you find attractive?

Pick Your Favorite PUSSY!

How big?

What would be your choice

Tell me your opinion about this cock

Cut or uncut?

Which dick is better?

Guess how big it is

Would you suck an uncut man?

Perfect Penis

A gay president

At the men gym locker room

Hairy or trimmed or shaved?

what does your perfect penis look like

Sex partners count

Are All Cocks Created Equal?

Would you like to see a fat man masturbate ?

Wich on has the hotter tits? Left or Right

Wich chest looks more like a guys? Left or Right

Have you ever sucked a cock?

Dick length

Question to parents about circumcision

Have you ever?? How kinky are you??

The Taste of Semen

Who likes my pubes?

Is my cock shaft medium, thin or fat

What would you rather play with?

Penis Size Genetic?

Do men look sexy wearing womenís panties?

what do you prefer (ass vs tits CUM) ?

Sex during her period


Pick ur favourite! Only one choice! ;)

Which dick is better?

Your first erection-part 2

Your first erection

Shaving the Pubes

your favorite CUMSHOT POV

How would you rate my cock from 1 to 5 - 1 is low & 5 is high

Masturbation during shower


Rate my cock please 1-10

Fuck a girl without condom?

First Time you fuck a girl?

Which men Cum Faster?

This picture was taken after

What about this cockhole

For male 50+ Have your cumshots changed compared to 20 yo?

Would you like if an unknown person measured your erection?

What is your erection hardness?

Ejaculate faster/uncut or cut men

Peeing with someone else

Smooth ass or Hairy ass?

what would you do to me

How do you feel about your profile here?

Highest Average Penis Length

Straight guys, do like sharing pictures of your hard cock with

Country most circumcised men

Are there and members that are girls?

Biggest cock to smallest cock

SYD Best Member of August 2020


ladies..what race attracts you more?

Do feel relief after masturbation with cum?

Which color dildo should I fuck my ass with for my next vid?

what length and girth is it looking like? :D

How frequently do you masturbate?

Do you like to have sex with a man with a hairy ass?

Can you dick touch your asshole?

Do You Hold Grudges or Do You Let It Go?

What age did your erections start to loose hardness?

my max cum is 2 or 3 drops

Which sex is the best?


Rating Cocks

Big enough

Dick length (2)

Suck your cock

Women on uncut or cut men

For male 50+ Did you loose erect cock length compared to 30yo?


Iím fuckin my ass with a 9inch dildo. Which panties do I wear?

Has anybody from your real life ever recognized you on here?

Do women like looking at a mans penis?

Would you rather...

Your testicles

What is you normal erection angle?

Same sex kissing

Masturbation next to your partner

Nakedness part 2


When Is Fat Realy Too Fat Too Fuck

Black listed forgiveness

A Site for Self Promotion


Where should i put my dildo, and would you like a picture of it

What do you think about pics with pissing cocks or cunts?

Why are you here?

Favorite thing to feel in your ass

What sends you over the edge when you're edging?