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What is your penis size?

would you allow being tied down and molested?

Would you talk about a guy's penis size?

At what size is a penis too small?

Whose dick do you prefer?

Which underwear do I look better in? Briefs or boxer briefs?

Whose dick do you like better?

Who is Luv69 now?

how long can you last?

FRIENDS Wife vs MY wife

When nude at home...

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

When was the last time you jerked off?

Left or Right ? Judge from the picture below and vote.

you get invited to a small jo party and go. when inside though

If you could choose your penis size, what would it be?

Hairy or Shaved?

Pissing At Urinals.

What about the load


Sticking yout dick through a glory hole

Nudity between men

Poll Part 2: Largest Erect Girth you've Experienced

my cock size - your opinion

would you rate my cock please ??

Would you say this is a big cock?

Do you like my cock? Tell me why.

How long is your jerk off session?

What would you like to do to me?

Pick a nick for me

Are you happy with the size of your penis?

The Taste of Semen

Battle of the Cocks

Poll Part 1: Longest Erect Length you've Experienced

Which men have the hottest cock?

Truth about my cock size..(Self conscious)

Do you consider your penis average size?

Favorite masturbation "trick"?

nudist home?

Am I handsome? ( I'm really curious to know )


How many people have you fucked?

where would you prefer me to cum on ?

soft, semi-hard or hard ?

When growing up...

Bath House

Getting suck and cum

dick size polls

Have you tasted cum

Would you suck an uncut man?

Do ya prefer lips or no lip on a pussy

do you prefer my cock hairy or not ?


Which one is your favorite image category?

Rate me

do you prefer my cock with or without condom ?

What Do You Like Best About The Site ??

dDo like my penis

How would you rate my dick?

*Whats your most sensitve parts

Do women like looking at a mans penis?

you'd rather

Applications to Receive BJs

Does she needs implants?


Ghost Of Monted

Frozen Pizza Snacks:Which of these is the best?

Would you submit to be hypnotized knowing you'd be used sexuall

you meet this guy and 1st thing he says is get on your knees

What have you sucked?

SYC Plastic Surgery Game!


Are you ever allow anyone watch you masturbate?

which would you rather...

Do women like to watch guys jerk off?

If you was able Hypnotism to your wife What is your fantasize

Best 3 ways sex?

To suck or not to suck, that is the question



How thick is your dick in cm .( erect and measured arround)

Watching you Masturbate

What you want to see next (2)?

female orgasm

Who is the biggest complainer/Crybaby on this site

How many accounts are montedís fakes?

Who should be the Rat of the Year 2019?

real or fake boobs

How thick is your dick. ( Erect and measured arround)

Jumbu's dick

Left or Right . Judge from pic below and vote !

Kik is closing soon !!!

Who has the better cock

receiving facials

TwoWarm has a money-maker? How much does she make?

Reasons for a man to cheat on his wife

Would you let your wife...

Jumbu's dick

New Site Gifts? Pick a fav new one

Pussy Match Making