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When he is hard and horny

Donating points

An honest answer please fur any and all men

Questions for mothers

Blacklisting other members

How many cum squirts when masturbating

What is your penis size?

cut or uncut,,,which do you prefer?

Looking at your ejaculation

if you're sucking one and as you do someone jerks you off...

Do you eat your own cum?

Best erected penis

Do you shave or trim your pubes?

you have a fleshlight, and a friend you can call on

What age you first ejaculate semen(cum)?

Do you prefer close-up shots or full body pics?

So thick and short or skinny and long?

What would you like to see?

Sleep Jerking

Partner has lost their sex drive

Ugly penis

What is you normal erection angle?

Which part of your body you shaved the most?

have you ever rubbed the heads of two dicks together then done

Horny and no sex

Ball Suckers

Did you ever go skinny dipping with friends?

What do you think?

Do you like to see, your women be fuckt by others?

Glory Holes during covid

Need to know

Curved Cocks

Pubic Hair Preference

no matter who the cpl is, strangers, wife and m, whoever,

CUM filled pussy play

Which woman is more sexy?


have you ever been paid for sexual favors?

have you ever just asked out point blank to a male can i suck

Where to cum

the most dicks you've done at one time

the most cocks you've sucked in 24 hours

how much can you deepthroat before you gag?

Masturbate / Wank / Jerking

Who visit your profile the most?

Those who have been in a long term relationship

which penis is better ? Faku6 or Nick2

which would you rather...

Your dick slipped out- Part 2

when a guy sucks you do you...

Your dick slipped out

inner lips : visible or not ?

Watching you Masturbate

Why many here, delete and upload same picture many times?

Age and libido

Are you verified?

...Licking Ass...(guys & girls)


Bubbles (freddy)...

Average Cock

Would you have sex with a guy with small penis?

Which penis is better?

Opinion about balls

What kind of a cock do you prefer more?

Pick an ideal cock for this ass

CUM between my CHEEKS

Be my first

Host leaving their own chat room

Different ethnic cocks experiences

What would you do?

When you swallow his load...

when you suck him as someone else jo you do you cum first

Sex with a drunk guy

do you suck clit while she's being fucked?

I want to suck your dick

you get invited to a small jo party and go. when inside though

Cheaters and High Sex Drive

What should I do for my next video? ;)

am i gay?

Time Stamp on your Messages or Comments*

What type of relationship?

Sex and Video

St Valentine's Day Celebration

Two first round winners

Second round boobs

Rate the second round boobs

how many dicks have you done (sucked) together, at once?

Chat Room Language

most you've been sucked in a day...


Hiding Points

Social Activity Meter

does your wife or gf know you are bi?

would you put a dick in your w/gf the tongue her as they fuck?

guys if i asked you to would you wear a strapon and

would you fuck my mouth if i wore this?

Points for blacklisting

Would you submit to be hypnotized knowing you'd be used sexuall

given the chance...would you fuck my mouth?

Who Has the SMALLEST DICK? fred or skitz???