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Getting pay for having sex

Condom or pull out?

How would you start?

wich pussy would you fuck ?

How often do you watch porn on-line?

Should Lady Tecsan be demoted to Site Cockroach?

If I showed more pics, what would you do?

how do you define a good cock sucker?

Can you shoot(cum)long distance?

How horny are you?

When growing up...

Masturbating at early age

Ever been caught wanking in public restroom?

Wife vs Girlfriend

Can men fake orgasm?

Pee in the shower

Your oral sex, cum and riming preferences

Sex in the last 24 hours

Watching porn during sex

FRIENDS Wife vs MY wife

Frequent Erections

How is the texture of your cum?

Masturbation and your health

Places where you get the most boner

Ejaculate faster/uncut or cut men

Don't pull out..

Reasons for a man to cheat on his wife

Where have you masturbated?

How important is ejaculation for you?

do you masturbate every day?

Which gender swallow cum?

Erection from massage

Full Moon and being horny

What do you do after you cum?

Do feel relief after masturbation with cum?

Masturbation booth

Who has the better cock

The meaning; "going cum"

Faster way to cum

when I cum on her - tell me what you like the most

Left vs RIght.

would you like to taste my cum ?

where would you prefer me to cum on ?

do you prefer cum on pics or cum on panties ?

your participation to a BUKKAKE

where do you prefer to CUM (after wanking) ?

fapping pictures (PUSSY & CUM)

Ugly cock?

Straight men with Gay men

your favorite mouth to CUM

Would you have sex with a guy with small penis?

tits CUM tribute

your favorite size of boobs

CUM on 3 pussy's colors

Fucking a guy

more pussy or ass?

Bi Men Only

Best Men of Europe

Best Men of the American Continent

Rush or slow masturbation?

Straight married men receiving oral sex

Blowjob or Handjob?

I want to suck your dick

do you prefer my cock with or without condom ?

Pretty dick

Showing bulge and hard on in public

cum collection in a condom (one more sperm load per day)

Too big!

what age you first sucked another man's cock?

At the men gym locker room

Which hand you used the most to masturbate?

When was the last time you jerked off?

Masturbation Addiction

Best Places to Cruise for Men

Are you ever allow anyone watch you masturbate?

The Saggy Granny- Will she prevail and save her Thanksgiving?

Receiving Oral Sex

Does straight man is exual arousal normal when seeing other men

Sex Change

Sex with someone close to you

Gay men do you ever flirt with a straight man?

Bi men vs. Gay men

Men with best butt

Staright guys touching other guys nipples.

Condom Brake During Sex

Do you use deodorant or body spray on your pubes?

Getting your cock suck

Which men Cum Faster?

Satisfied Sexually

Your reaction the first time you cum

Are you committed to a relationship?

Have you ever seen a man masturbating in public?

Does Bareback Sex gone

Who gives the best blowjob?

Masturbation at Work

Masturbation next to your partner

Before fucking a girl

Your first erection-part 2

Relative maturbating

Nakedness part 2