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What is your penis size?

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Would you let your wife...

To suck or not to suck, that is the question

ok you meet someone new to you who wants to suck you with a

you have the options and you choose?

cut or uncut

Ejaculate faster/uncut or cut men

Do you like cocks, pussies or both?

What turns you on the most?

no matter who the cpl is, strangers, wife and m, whoever,

Should I trim my pubic hair?

Getting your cock suck

how long can you last?

Sticking yout dick through a glory hole

Favorite masturbation "trick"?

Do you like cock leaking precum?

Would you suck an uncut man?

Have you ever... (DRIVING NUDE EDITION)

Why you masturbate?

Women pussy

Your cock size please ...

A TwowarmTts Holiday Story- Part 5?- What should Jerome do?

Poll Part 1: Longest Erect Length you've Experienced

I know it is small but what do you think?

if you met someone with an enlarged urethra, stretched, and

Who’s dick looks better? Mine (30 years old) or August (24y/o)?

What do you think about men wearing skirts in public?

Would you show your face on this site?

Smooth or Hairy?

do you ever watch big dick compilation vids and jo to the

you get invited to a small jo party and go. when inside though

Is it a turn on to see a penis go from soft to hard?

The first time a guy shot cum in your mouth...

Morning Wood Relief

Have you tasted cum

Has anybody from your real life ever recognized you on here?

Would you fuck me

I a member ???

Left or Right ? Judge from the picture below and vote.

Women: Would you fuck me?

what is the longest cumshot you gave someone?

What do you see first?

Eating a fresh creampie

left or rigt

Which storyline on my blogs is the best?

How is my dick? Is it big enough to satisfy a women?

have you ever done a guy in pantyhose? like it?

Which underwear do I look better in? Briefs or boxer briefs?

Do you eat your own cum?

would you allow being tied down and molested?

Food Fun

do you dt? does it turn you on feeling a dickhead fuck your thr

My Arabian wife for rent For $ 1, For each OneTime 💯


Have you ever met any Arab girl or man? For sex?🧕ㇿ

Have you tasted your cum?

One load in your anus.! 🍆💦💦💦

Which cock do you think is bigger?

My cock size is?

soft, semi-hard or hard ?

Poll Part 2: Largest Erect Girth you've Experienced

nudist home?

Masturbation booth

FRIENDS Wife vs MY wife

Nudity between men

Black cock

Whose dick do you prefer?

Hairy or Shaved?

Bath House

Whose dick do you like better?

When nude at home...

During the recent site outage, who was most affected?

Circumcised guys - are you tight or loose cut?

What size cock

Is Analtear real?

Who is the biggest complainer/Crybaby on this site

SYC Plastic Surgery Game!

when getting sucked and you cum, how long before you say

What does a man's dick stops growing? At what age?

your participation to a BUKKAKE

My body? Should I bulk up and build muscle or just slim down?

Who do you think has the better dick?

Choose your favorite dick.

have you ever rubbed the heads of two dicks together then done

What do you think about my face reveal?

Which penis do you prefer?

How much would you pay to pop this cherry boypussy

Can a man look sexy in panties?

Some guys can't piss with an erection. Can you?

Uncut men sensitive to cum

so we have a dick fairy who comes to you in the night and asks?

Inside of Twowarms Trailer- who is going to pass away first?

Would you rather

which of the sluts on our profile is your fav?

Which penis do you like the best? Left or Right?


At What Age Did She Start To Regularly Have Sex?

When Bjuk arrives in chat.... do real women leave?

Is JeffinKS a new site tough guy?