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Many girls think itís too big... what to do?

<<< Previous   Submitted by Preference at 23,Aug,19 21:51   Next >>>
This image was commented 63 times, viewed 661 times.  

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Vote (3 points): [HOT!!!]   Votes: 24

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Many girls think itís too big... what to do?

Vote (3 points): [HOT] or [NOT]   Votes: 24


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By *kmadeau* at 23,Aug,19 23:04
show it to boys
By Preference at 23,Aug,19 23:07
Thanks for the advice.
By Taboowho at 27,Aug,19 21:24

By Curvey51 at 23,Aug,19 23:27
It would fit in my ass.
By Preference at 23,Aug,19 23:36
Would it feel good?
By Curvey51 at 24,Aug,19 10:38
Awesome !
By Preference at 07,Oct,19 20:06
Have you ever taken 8Ē balls deep?
By Curvey51 at 07,Oct,19 22:45
As a matter of fact, I have.
By Preference at 08,Oct,19 03:12
Wow! Iíd like to see a pic of that

By decatur212 at 24,Aug,19 03:17
What a Big Perfect Dick, mate
By Preference at 26,Aug,19 19:54
Thank you! You are too kind.

By Preference at 24,Aug,19 03:56
Your comments are always much appreciated. Thank you!

By stefan123 at 24,Aug,19 06:09
At this sight one becomes pale with envy
By Preference at 24,Aug,19 06:14
I hope itís lust, not envy. But thank you!

By katmes at 25,Aug,19 11:14
So, many girls think itís too big huh? Iíd give it a go!! Looks like it would be a lot of fun to have a ride on!
By Preference at 25,Aug,19 20:18
Daring. Your tight pussy does look yummy, wet, and soft; ready... mmm

By RioDelaCruz at 25,Aug,19 14:20
Iíd jerk off to that cock plowing a hole! Nice shot of that amazing cock
By Preference at 25,Aug,19 20:19
Thank you! You are an amazing specimen yourself.
By RioDelaCruz at 25,Aug,19 20:56

By BALLZDIXNCLITZ at 26,Aug,19 07:59
Get more opinions and give my mouth a try!
By Preference at 26,Aug,19 08:17
Could do. Thanks for the invite

By barryt501 at 26,Aug,19 14:20
Depending on the woman if itís a long cock it can be painful to have their cervex pounded. Some positions are deeper as well. A thick cock with nice head can be very pleasurable for a woman. I am not gay so I bet long is great for those who enjoy it!!
By barryt501 at 26,Aug,19 14:21
Nice cock!!
By Preference at 26,Aug,19 19:52
Thanks for the advice!

By bootyfull at 26,Aug,19 17:00
Definitely not too big, it's amazingly perfect.
By Preference at 26,Aug,19 19:52
Thank you!

By Wipperman at 27,Aug,19 04:00
8inch perfect size
By Preference at 27,Aug,19 06:57
For what?

By Rudolf69 at 27,Aug,19 09:07
a very beautiful big cock
By Preference at 27,Aug,19 20:51
Thank you! You have a great body.

By t-rex at 28,Aug,19 23:16
Awesome cock 👍
By Preference at 29,Aug,19 00:43
What would you do with it if it was yours?
By t-rex at 29,Aug,19 23:26
I would suck my own cock
By Preference at 30,Aug,19 20:18
very funny.
By t-rex at 31,Aug,19 07:40
Can you suck it ?
By Preference at 31,Aug,19 08:10
I can put my mouth to the head of it because its length, but Iíll need to do some training to see if I can take it balls deep
By t-rex at 01,Sep,19 06:55
Practice makes perfect 😃
By Preference at 01,Sep,19 21:47
Iíd rather someone else do it for me. Why master an art when others have already mastered it... Rather, the only art worthy of mastering is the art of mastering the artists.

By mikelo_96 at 31,Aug,19 08:00
not too big at all
By Preference at 31,Aug,19 08:08
For your pussy or for your ass?
By mikelo_96 at 31,Aug,19 08:59
better off into sucking than getting sucked personally but i would try it into my ass too
By Preference at 31,Aug,19 19:26
Iíve never had anyone take it balls deep yet

By t-rex at 01,Sep,19 06:54
By Preference at 04,Sep,19 08:27
By t-rex at 05,Sep,19 01:02

By sjwUK at 08,Sep,19 07:28
love to ride it and find out
By Preference at 08,Sep,19 19:53
Thank you for your comment. Have you tried before?

By eduard99 at 10,Sep,19 03:41
With eight inches he will fit nearly everywhere .... prepare YOUR girl slowly, lick her, make her wet ... and she will beg you to slide in finally!
By Preference at 10,Sep,19 06:48
Thank you for your comment. It took my ex an hour of foreplay on average to prep her for pleasurable penetration. My current requires 10-15 minutes, but sheís one to love cervix bashing; rare.

By mtbaldy32 at 07,Oct,19 14:30
Fuck 'em
By Preference at 07,Oct,19 20:07
Then they keep coming back for more. Girls are so strange.

By SexyCok at 18,Oct,19 23:47
Wow. Just perfect. I'm jealous.

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