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Started by #14216 [Ignore] at 28,May,11 05:05
Anyone else share my lifelong fetish for the visual delights of the male ass? There is just something about their curvaceous nature that drives me wild. Please guys, post lots of pics of your asses, bare or in tight shorts, jeans, etc. Many thanks.

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By ranger224 [Ignore] at 22,Nov,18 07:27 other posts 

By #572448 at 22,Nov,18 05:35

By LukeAtMe [Ignore] at 18,Nov,18 20:43 other posts 

How's that for a curvy man butt?

By #572188 at 18,Nov,18 15:23

By #560454 at 14,Nov,18 11:15

By #571688 at 11,Nov,18 19:42

By cmsdude [Ignore] at 10,Oct,18 18:59 other posts 

By drew [Ignore] at 10,Oct,18 17:10 other posts 

By #533846 at 09,Oct,18 21:37

By Yando [Ignore] at 09,Oct,18 18:56 other posts 

By Yando [Ignore] at 09,Oct,18 18:55 other posts 

By AussieMan187 [Ignore] at 05,Sep,17 03:52 other posts 

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By *kmadeau* [Ignore] at 09,Oct,18 13:41 other posts 
By AussieMan187 [Ignore] at 09,Oct,18 16:41 other posts 

By #569192 at 09,Oct,18 13:31

By #564264 at 01,Oct,18 09:41

By Lenatur [Ignore] at 01,Oct,18 02:17 other posts 

By #565635 at 30,Sep,18 22:21

By #565635 at 30,Sep,18 22:19

By #565635 at 30,Sep,18 22:18

By #565635 at 30,Sep,18 22:18

By Kzooguy [Ignore] at 30,Sep,18 21:41 other posts 

By #541084 at 06,Oct,17 00:39

By routemaster [Ignore] at 04,Oct,17 20:30 other posts 

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By retro57 [Ignore] at 02,Oct,17 01:29 other posts 

By #542058 at 25,Sep,17 06:43
By *kmadeau* [Ignore] at 25,Sep,17 07:38 other posts 

By Louis [Ignore] at 23,Sep,17 07:51 other posts 

By sckmydck [Ignore] at 21,Sep,17 17:30 other posts 

By Pinkyleedinky [Ignore] at 21,Sep,17 08:48 other posts 

I have never liked my hairy body and frankly would have loved to be a clean-shaven "sissy." At least where my private parts are concerned. This is my hairy self, I'd love to take a survey: How many people like me as is and how many dislike. THANKS!

By #536096 at 24,Aug,17 20:29
By #539861 at 20,Sep,17 18:12

By routemaster [Ignore] at 20,Sep,17 10:04 other posts 

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By cock4you [Ignore] at 11,Sep,17 19:59 other posts 
By *kmadeau* [Ignore] at 18,Sep,17 06:55 other posts 
By #539861 at 20,Sep,17 00:17

By #534929 at 16,Sep,17 22:28
Open for business !

By Hispanick [Ignore] at 11,Sep,17 21:34 other posts 

By #416417 at 11,Sep,17 17:42

By andrew999999999 [Ignore] at 08,Sep,17 09:08 other posts 

By Pantyhose1 [Ignore] at 08,Sep,17 03:52 other posts 

By Pantyhose1 [Ignore] at 08,Sep,17 00:09 other posts 

By Pantyhose1 [Ignore] at 07,Sep,17 15:22 other posts 

By xxx25 [Ignore] at 05,Sep,17 10:11 other posts 

By #539098 at 04,Sep,17 23:03

By routemaster [Ignore] at 04,Sep,17 02:12 other posts 

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By metalraven13 [Ignore] at 03,Sep,17 15:42 other posts 

By Ramil1 [Ignore] at 01,Sep,17 07:55 other posts 

By #416417 at 31,Aug,17 13:57

By #540813 at 30,Aug,17 03:17

I hope someone will like my ass.

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