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Started by #115773 [Ignore] at 23,Jan,11 13:56
Guys (and girls),

When the guy you're blowing has cum in your mouth what do you do?

Do you spit it straight out?
Do you swallow it immediately?
Or do you hold it for a while to savour the taste/texture?

Personally, i like to hold it for a few seconds before swallowing. (see my pics if you need me to prove this) The way i see it, i worked hard for this reward and i want to make the most of it.

Plus, I like to look up at the guy as i swallow, so he can see that i'm enjoying it.

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By suxcox [Ignore] at 09,Aug,20 07:35 other posts 
Cocks were made for sucking. Cum is the reward and deserves to be swallowed.

By old70 [Ignore] at 07,Aug,20 16:34 other posts 

By siryder [Ignore] at 06,Aug,20 12:28 other posts 
If a man is kind enough to let me suck him. I am going to swallow the fruits of my labor. Every time.

By curious10 [Ignore] at 05,Aug,20 15:39 other posts 
I would roll my tongue around in the pool of sperm them swallow it all. After the first few tastes I have learned to love the way sperm tastes.

By #622870 at 01,Aug,20 17:57
When I will suck my first cock I will definatelly swallow his whole load.I had plenty of my loads to enjoy the taste of cum.I will saviour it to feel the taste

By bigshep [Ignore] at 29,Jul,20 11:09 other posts 
A good cocksucker always swallows.
By pokemythroat [Ignore] at 01,Aug,20 02:51 other posts 

By Aski8124u [Ignore] at 01,Aug,20 01:52 other posts 
I hold it in my mouth to savor it before I swallow his semen!

By j0shua [Ignore] at 31,Jul,20 18:58 other posts 
To be honest it all depends for me. If it taste good I will hold it for a few and play with it a lityle to show him I enjoy it.

If it dosen't taste too good I normally just swallow right away. Either way I mostly end up swallowing unless there is too much or I get caught off guard and I end up coughing.

By #578401 at 04,Feb,19 03:00
I hold it in my mouth, then french kiss him, without swallowing first.
By Jeff75 [Ignore] at 31,Jul,20 18:20 other posts 
Yes, love that. I love to swallow my own cum that way

By jizzbits [Ignore] at 31,Jul,20 17:39 other posts 
I hate to say this but I must admit I spit. As much as I love my own, I haven't found a partner that I like. Although that doesn't mean I won't keep trying.

By kneelsoften [Ignore] at 31,Jul,20 15:56 other posts 
Swallowing is one of the joys of being a cocksucker. It is also inevitable. If you don't like any aspect of cum you need to get over your inhibitions. This is also inevitable. Just like it feels so perfect to have a cock in your mouth it will also come to feel perfect to take loads of cum in your mouth and swallow. It's completely out of your control. You will eventually accept that swallowing cum, licking it up, or wearing it is the most joyous things a cocksucker can have happen to them. The more you swallow the more you will crave to be used in this way.

By Gre_1972 [Ignore] at 30,Jul,20 14:18 other posts 
I always swallow. And my girls also.

By LGA6969 [Ignore] at 26,Jul,20 16:21 other posts 
I love the taste and usually always swallow hate to waste the sticky stuff

By bonerboy [Ignore] at 25,Jul,20 20:06 other posts 
I always swallow i don't want to waste any

By bent_hubby [Ignore] at 25,Jul,20 07:48 other posts 
You should always savour it before swallowing

By andrew999999999 [Ignore] at 31,Mar,20 16:48 other posts 
Only had a guy cum in my mouth once, at a glory hole earlier this year. Wasn't his full load, I spat it out. It tasted metallic.
By aaa-dick1 [Ignore] at 31,Mar,20 19:40 other posts 
The first time, we both agreed it tasted awful, yes metallic. But over the years I've been getting used to the taste of my own. Plus the act is very exciting, making the man have his ecstasy and taking it in my mouth. I do like the texture too.

I haven't taken another guy's load in a long time. But I'm in process of splitting with GF and am looking forward to a little cocksucking.

By Jololll [Ignore] at 26,Mar,20 20:32 other posts 
I swallow it

By #612667 at 23,Mar,20 23:49
Like to swallow but if im 69r with someone usualy do cum swaps mmmm yeh

By #613707 at 23,Mar,20 12:24
Never spit it out, discretely get rid of it if you feel you need to but it's something I could never do EVER. His cock and his cock are gifts to me, therefore I treat them both with utmost respect.Yes,his cock includes his balls

By #603065 at 29,Oct,19 06:55
When the guy cums in my mouth usually I try to hold it in my mouth to saviour the taste.Also I love watching him in the eyes as he fills my mouth.

By #583445 at 23,Mar,19 10:57

By #578259 at 13,Feb,19 15:45
I swallowed, I have always swallowed. There is really no reason to even give a guy a Blowjob if you don't intend to swallow their Cum Loads.

By Lookingtosee [Ignore] at 09,Feb,19 03:25 other posts 
I swallow,most times right away sometimes I'll spit it on his cock and suck it again

By #571187 at 04,Feb,19 05:54
I usually swallow when he is done then milk the rest out and put it back in my mouth

By BIGtown2020 [Ignore] at 04,Feb,19 03:57 other posts 

By countrynaturist [Ignore] at 29,Jan,19 23:38 other posts 
Depends on where his cock was in my mouth when he shot his load. If it was deep, his cum would be down my throat regardless of what I wanted. If he shot his load while on the back swing, I would swallow it after enjoying the taste for a while. A treat for me for sucking his cock. I also love to french kiss my lover and share his cum with him.

By #578014 at 29,Jan,19 19:02
spit - no swallow- - the taste is there anyway

By bikev [Ignore] at 17,Jan,19 13:53 other posts 
hold it for a while to savour the taste/texture

By foreskinlover52 [Ignore] at 17,Jan,19 00:12 other posts 
I like holding his sperm in my mouth ans slowly swallow every drop

By cumonme1 [Ignore] at 16,Jan,19 07:43 other posts 
If you are sucking a cock do it right and take and swallow the reward he has given you for doing a good job.

By #576878 at 14,Jan,19 19:03
Usually when the guy cums in my mouth I try keep the load, to enjoy and saviour the taste. Also I swallow when I can.

By knewbi [Ignore] at 24,Sep,18 13:04 other posts 
Generally swallow after showing him what he gave me. Some guys want me to let it dribble down their shaft. But I almost always lick it clean for him.

By jerrycums [Ignore] at 24,Sep,18 09:08 other posts 
i always swallow as soon as he cums in my mouth

By wankme [Ignore] at 23,Sep,18 17:52 other posts 
I always swallow, but prefer to wait until he's stopped cumming and I'm sure I've captured the last drop before I do. Would never think of spitting; if I was willing to suck him off in the first place, I'm definitely not going to waste the cum if he was nice enough to feed it to me!

By nolongercurious [Ignore] at 23,Sep,18 16:59 other posts 
I've sucked 30 or 40 cocks and almost every time I hold it for a while to savour the taste/texture.

By #539191 at 23,Sep,18 12:37
I always swallow his load right away then milk it for a minute until hes done throbbing.

By #541363 at 22,Sep,18 08:12
My girls never spit out. They love my cum. In particular my youngest gf. She has sucked my cock so many times... I know that every time she is with me, she will make me cum.

By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 28,May,17 04:48 other posts 


By nolongercurious [Ignore] at 27,May,17 20:37 other posts 
Having recently gone beyond just being curious, I'm pretty new to cock sucking but from the first cock in my mouth i've loved feeling and tasting the cum unload into my mouth. I just keep sucking and slowly swallowing while I enjoy the taste. I've only had 5 loads so far but each has tasted surprisingly good. I even squeeze the cock and lick the tip to get the last drops.

By cumaddik [Ignore] at 29,Sep,13 11:38 other posts 
I'm a cum addict...I always swallow to the last drop and beg for more!
I love to taste it,and then swallow...i adore cum so much!
Can't get enought!!!

By #178278 at 22,Jul,11 21:01
If I feel that he is a permicuous person, I spit it out or let it run out the side of my mouth into a paper napkin which I carry in my pocket when I'm on the hunt for cock. I don't want to catch anything. Right now there is only one person I feel comfortable with swallowing his cum and that is my best friend since we were 13. He only swallows my cum and I only swallow his. I only fuck him without a condom, and he never fucks only gets fucked by me. I suck alot of mens dicks and love the taste of cum, and I hold it on my tongue and in my mouth for a minute before expelling it. I wish I lived back in the old days, prior to A.I.D.S., where you could suck a hundred guys and swallow their cum and not have to be concerned.
By spermkiss [Ignore] at 24,Jul,11 16:18 other posts 
Once you've taken a guy's load of sperm in your mouth you've already exposed yourself pretty much to the maximum risk of catching an STD, small as it is. The additional risk from swallowing is so small that it is virtually non-existant. So you might as well do the blow job correctly and hold that sperm in your mouth to savor its flavor and then swallow it.

As for catching AIDS thru oral sex, the risk is miniscule or even non-existant as long as two simple precautions are observed. Don't do it if you have an open sore on your lips or in your mouth and don't do it within one hour after brushing or flossing your teeth.

So get out there and suck some cocks. If you want to suck off a hundred guys and swallow their loads, go for it. It's fun to be a cocksucker.

By #177423 at 24,Jul,11 12:50
If Im not eat my friend cum in a week ill eat my own cum...cum addicted..

By #7435 at 22,May,11 13:51
I wish I had someone like you to blow me!!

By mikeyd270 [Ignore] at 22,May,11 01:20 other posts 
Always like to swish it around in my mouth and savour the taste before swallowing.

By #135959 at 30,Jan,11 10:53
I believe cum should never be wasted I eat my own if I find the right guy his cum will never hit the floor

By sivad666 [Ignore] at 25,Jan,11 01:47 other posts 
sometimes i like to slowly let the cum dribble out of my mouth back over his cock and massage it in while licking it up again from his shaft and balls. its nice to finger it up his ass as well. as spermkiss says - kissing or being kissed by a guy with sperm in his mouth is always so exciting

By spermkiss [Ignore] at 23,Jan,11 14:12 other posts 
I feel exactly as you do. Sperm should never be spit out. Ever. To do so is rude. The man has given you part of himself, his sperm, as a reward for a job well done. The cocksucker should graciously accept this gift.

I, too, like to hold the sperm in my mouth and swirl it around to fully savor the flavor. And I, too, like to let the man know that I am really enjoying his sperm.

Even better than swallowing is to kiss the man with his sperm still in my mouth and give part of it back to him. Then we each swallow part of his load. I also like it when a man kisses me with sperm in his mouth, either my own or another man's. It's easy to see why I call myself spermkiss.

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