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Started by #5594 [Ignore] at 14,Jan,09 07:14
I find it difficult to take pics when hard. by the time I click the camers the thing has settled down a bit and is never realy hard. Any tips or advice? How do you do it ?

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By #603065 at 28,Oct,19 20:18

By Dickventures [Ignore] at 10,Oct,19 07:10 other posts 
By 3fdfd [Ignore] at 10,Oct,19 17:35 other posts 
That is an impressive dick
By Dickventures [Ignore] at 11,Oct,19 01:35 other posts 
Though I feel like itís mostly just a good pic
By Smoothmann [Ignore] at 12,Oct,19 15:45 other posts 
Nice helmet head!
By lawrenceo [Ignore] at 13,Oct,19 04:24 other posts 
It must be nice for someone to find that when you are in the mood for some help
By Dickventures [Ignore] at 13,Oct,19 04:32 other posts 
Especially if itís a surprise to them. (Not showing them pictures before we get things going)...(cause Iím pretty exhibitiony)

By Rodney801 [Ignore] at 12,Oct,19 15:06 other posts 

By Robben [Ignore] at 10,Oct,19 06:57 other posts 
Hard at work

By cutroundhead [Ignore] at 08,Oct,19 03:26 other posts 
Is this hard enough?

By biggerdick [Ignore] at 07,Oct,19 15:40 other posts 

By knewbi [Ignore] at 07,Oct,19 12:10 other posts 
Damn!! This is like those contests where you can only pick 2 pictures. Very difficult to choose just 2 when you want every one of them..

By geranium [Ignore] at 05,Oct,19 05:39 other posts 

By 61-69 [Ignore] at 05,Oct,19 05:36 other posts 

By Robben [Ignore] at 05,Oct,19 03:46 other posts 

By coco_123 [Ignore] at 04,Oct,19 08:10 other posts 

By earthy [Ignore] at 01,Oct,19 10:06 other posts 

By #601059 at 01,Oct,19 10:04

By Hopeyoulike [Ignore] at 01,Oct,19 06:49 other posts 

By Robben [Ignore] at 01,Oct,19 03:36 other posts 
Pretty hard

By Joeybags [Ignore] at 30,Sep,19 03:04 other posts 

By t-rex [Ignore] at 29,Sep,19 21:49 other posts 

By #600954 at 29,Sep,19 16:24

The secret is to get the camera set up and then get yourself excited, then its just a question of pressing the shutter.

By Dreamer32 [Ignore] at 24,Sep,19 17:55 other posts 

By jonns [Ignore] at 24,Sep,19 10:19 other posts 

By 1bigcummer [Ignore] at 20,Sep,19 12:34 other posts 
Practice makes perfect (and hard)

By cut5x5 [Ignore] at 18,Sep,19 09:21 other posts 

By Munchins [Ignore] at 18,Sep,19 09:04 other posts 

By #592699 at 17,Sep,19 13:13
It turns me on knowing that people ae looking at my nakedness.

By cutroundhead [Ignore] at 17,Sep,19 10:51 other posts 
He's pretty hard here

By Robben [Ignore] at 17,Sep,19 09:27 other posts 

By tixHH [Ignore] at 17,Sep,19 04:17 other posts 

By #599860 at 17,Sep,19 03:57

By deekayL [Ignore] at 16,Sep,19 20:51 other posts 

By Frank755 [Ignore] at 16,Sep,19 16:57 other posts 

By jumbu [Ignore] at 15,Sep,19 23:20 other posts 
my dick gets very hard and i love it, go to my sight and see for your self

By deekayL [Ignore] at 10,Sep,19 17:41 other posts 

By yoursecretagent [Ignore] at 10,Sep,19 11:28 other posts 

By Robben [Ignore] at 10,Sep,19 07:40 other posts 
Im super horny

By #599291 at 09,Sep,19 23:44
Set a timer, so you don't worry about the camera


By *kmadeau* [Ignore] at 09,Sep,19 20:54 other posts 

By Defiant91 [Ignore] at 08,Sep,19 09:44 other posts 
By 3fdfd [Ignore] at 09,Sep,19 15:40 other posts 
What a thick & large cock
By Defiant91 [Ignore] at 09,Sep,19 19:04 other posts 
Thank you

By #590332 at 09,Sep,19 00:59

By deekayL [Ignore] at 08,Sep,19 13:05 other posts 

By geranium [Ignore] at 02,Sep,19 09:13 other posts 
By Smoothmann [Ignore] at 08,Sep,19 07:10 other posts 
Nice smooth morning wood!

By Francesco [Ignore] at 08,Sep,19 05:58 other posts 
By Smoothmann [Ignore] at 08,Sep,19 07:09 other posts 
I wake up with morning wood most mornings!

By Robben [Ignore] at 02,Sep,19 05:29 other posts 
My morning wood, usually pretty hard

By Smoothmann [Ignore] at 08,Sep,19 07:08 other posts 
A nice hard morning woody!

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