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What is the kinkiest place you have shot your load?

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Started by #20664 [Ignore] at 16,Dec,10 12:26
Other than the usual pussy, ass, face or tit shot. What is the kinkiest place you have shot your load, like the movie version loaf of bread in a store kinky...

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By countrynaturist [Ignore] at 12,Dec,18 11:06 other posts 
I was over at a friend's house helping her move some boxes around. Her brother came home and 15 minutes later I shot my load onto his pita. He did the same and we ate it together. then we got normal and 69'ed.
By leopoldij [Ignore] at 12,Dec,18 11:27 other posts 
What about your female friend? Did she find out what happened?
By countrynaturist [Ignore] at 12,Dec,18 23:47 other posts 
Yeah, she knew we were going at it. Her brother and I never shut the door. She was okay with it ... Even shut our door when the parents came home

By #571688 at 11,Nov,18 15:59
One time my mom got home so drunk that she **** on a couch.She was wearig mini skirt and I saw red thongs under it.Got pretty excited so I checked her bra and it was matching red.She had a huge tits and I made her nipples visible for me.So I masturbated in front of her, looking at her nipples and blew my load on her big round ass making a mess on her skirt.

By Horse_boy [Ignore] at 27,Oct,18 02:00 other posts 
"Back in the old days" i used to take pics for another site, which i miss and can't recall the name (somewhere with a pink interface) and took quite a few pics with my cock in between a hotdog bun with condiments and stuff, some of them had me set up on a plate, with the foreskin peeled and a thick streak of cum from the tip of the plate to the table. It was a nice pic, i kind miss it.

By 61-69 [Ignore] at 26,Oct,18 13:20 other posts 
This pales into insignificance in comparison, but while at the nude park I kept getting an unwanted boner. When it went down, I went to the bushes at the far end, which also happens to be the gay cruising area, for a wank. I found a secluded spot, but noticed a nice sunny grassy area close by where two guys were soaking up the sun. I had a hard on again so I walked over, stood between them and jerked off til I came on the grass while they both watched, wanking their stiffening cocks as they did. Afterwards, I walked off without saying a word to enjoy the rest of my day's nude swimming and relaxing.

By liketoedge [Ignore] at 25,Oct,18 12:05 other posts 
Many years ago while spending the night at a friends house I was jacking off. He wanted to watch me do it. He stood next to me watching but still had his underwear on. When the feeling started building I ask where he wanted me to shoot it, thinking he would want me to shot on the carpet. He opened up the fly on his underwear and said...shoot it in here. I slip my dick in and humped my load in his briefs

By #568737 at 13,Oct,18 11:27
In school during a math lesson. We were in old style school desks. I was against a side wall and the boy in front made it obvious he was interested in my cock. He reached back and I leaned forward and he was able to stroke my erection through my trousers till I came. Vice versa I did the same for him. The teacher never noticed.
By Scottbill69 [Ignore] at 22,Oct,18 11:41 other posts 
have done that a few times , but with a guy sat alongside me . few times we have left huge d eposits on the floor
By #568737 at 24,Oct,18 11:53
Hope teacher didnít notice. Our cum just wetted our underpants! Reserved my school naked cock HJís for the school toilets.
By Scottbill69 [Ignore] at 24,Oct,18 14:50 other posts 
no we didn't get caught , but in a different class another guy had his fly undone and hard cock sticking out . teacher from front asks him what he has under desk and to stand up . he was quite a well hung lad and was desperately trying to cover the offending body part .I think the teacher was more embarrassed then he was

By liketoedge [Ignore] at 22,Oct,18 14:02 other posts 
Most recently, Standing at a urinal in Home Depo restroom. I had to be quick and get off before someone walked in on me.
By kebmo [Ignore] at 22,Oct,18 19:53 other posts 
Get in, get off, get out!
By liketoedge [Ignore] at 24,Oct,18 11:43 other posts 

By BillzHD6 [Ignore] at 22,Oct,18 21:08 other posts 
My face...

By adamgo [Ignore] at 22,Oct,18 18:42 other posts 
in the bushes outside one of my neighbor's houses. i was riding my bike past and her window was wide open - she had her boyfriend over and they were fucking. I stayed and watched and it made me instantly hard...had to jerk off to it. i don't think she knew i was there but he I think saw me LOL

By Scottbill69 [Ignore] at 22,Oct,18 11:40 other posts 
Im sure Ive answered this one before . However many different places , I particularly like to spunk on a urinal after a piss . out of doors against a tree , have shot on outside of a patio door at a mates house

By cutroundhead [Ignore] at 22,Oct,18 11:27 other posts 
Recently in a hotel pool putting my cock in front of the inlet water pipe...lovely strong jet of water which gave me an immediate hard-on and I shot my load very quickly...

By koolkat [Ignore] at 21,Oct,18 04:58 other posts 
On my dildo as lube

By bungeman [Ignore] at 28,Aug,14 04:49 other posts 
into the tube family toothpaste all the family liked the new flavour
By zak69x [Ignore] at 14,Oct,18 12:52 other posts 
Yep have done that myself

By wycowboy [Ignore] at 11,Oct,18 21:08 other posts 
I worked as security at a hotel and I was super horny one night so I let myself into the hot tub/sauna room, stripped naked and got into the hot tub. It was pretty risky as anyone could have walked by and seen me due to all the windows. I started wanking my rock hard cock and it didn't take long to shoot a huge load in the water. I always wondered if my cum was still visible a few hours later and what someone though about it if it was.

By knewbi [Ignore] at 11,Oct,18 18:04 other posts 
At an all guy orgy with 8 other guys...

By cody8789 [Ignore] at 11,Oct,18 17:55 other posts 
Right in the middle of the one millionth womens March

By Kinkykid [Ignore] at 11,Oct,18 17:15 other posts 
i used to work at mcdonalds, i worked morning shift starting at 5am so i often didnt get a chance to jerk off in the morning, so i always had to go to work hard as a rock. throughout the day i would go to the walk-in freezer and whip my cock out because the cold air felt so good on my cock, and i would stroke it a bit, but one day i just went hard and jerked until i came. Stood there cock twitching in my hand and just shot after shot of cum hitting the floor. I didnt clean it up and it froze, was still there a couple days later and no one noticed

By aroundit [Ignore] at 11,Oct,18 09:04 other posts 
went to a gay party once.there was about 10 there . got sucked off by 6 of them about 10 to 15 min apart.

By liketoedge [Ignore] at 26,Sep,18 10:50 other posts 
Masturbating in odd and risky places has alway been a turn on for me

By 1972_Kallen [Ignore] at 22,Sep,18 08:17 other posts 
several times in a field when i was with my first gf.
I fucked another gf in my car at Oosterhaven Groningen.

By Scottbill69 [Ignore] at 23,Jun,17 08:03 other posts 
Quite a few places , outside in woods , in a class at school a few times and stood at urinals . Maybe the most exciting place is to have my boyfriend slowly stroke me whilst watching a movie in cinema

By #519017 at 20,Jun,17 14:29
In a library looking through a bookshelf at a sexy librarian I was crazy about.

By Thundercock [Ignore] at 23,Oct,14 05:35 other posts 
I've jerked off in a tree once

By jack_coolero [Ignore] at 23,Oct,14 03:08 other posts 
I live on the 2nd floor. So I jacked off standing by the window, which I love to do knowing my neighbors might see me. Pointed my cock to the window while cumming and there are people down outside. Just love the feeling. Don't know what they thought of cum or if they saw it flying. Hahaha

By liketoedge [Ignore] at 21,Oct,14 16:03 other posts 
I shot a huge load in my underwear during class my freshman year in high school while rubbing it through my pants during a movie

By Thundercock [Ignore] at 20,Oct,14 05:19 other posts 
My hot aunts thong, my girlfriends sisters panties, my friends sisters panties (multiple times). My bestfriends moms thong.

By leopoldij [Ignore] at 19,Oct,14 15:17 other posts 
Lately it was at the reception of a big hotel. The woman working there have me a handjob. Nobody could see her hand while she was stroking me.
By #82400 at 19,Oct,14 15:33
that's what I call perfect service
By leopoldij [Ignore] at 19,Oct,14 18:10 other posts 
Indeed it was. It's very exciting to cum when there are many unsuspecting people around

By #467242 at 29,Aug,14 13:52
Ex girlfriend's pool in high school while she was gone with her parents on vacation...snuck over and swam at night, jacked about 3 loads in the pool, got dressed and left.

Hope they enjoyed the saltier water.
By bungeman [Ignore] at 18,Oct,14 16:40 other posts 
so ur ex-g/f had a swimming pool in the high school.. gud one

By oddduck [Ignore] at 27,Dec,13 16:03 other posts 
While getting my hair cut. I had planned on cumming in my ball cap but dropped it, and couldn't hold the pressure back one thick wad shot out and landed on my calf the rest I let go in my underwear. I think one of the women in the salon saw the wad on my calf.
By #457775 at 18,Oct,14 11:32
wow so hot!

By #332336 at 26,Aug,14 16:34
I was staying in the St. James hotel on the San Antonio riverwalk once, my girlfriend was sucking my cock on the balcony at 9 pm. When I started cumming she pointed it through the handrails and I shot my load down on the crowd, from the 8th floor. If it hit anyone they probably thought it was bird shit.
By Blade [Ignore] at 15,Oct,14 23:17 other posts 
I've done that too. I lived in the city for a year, and had a small balcony. I'd just jerk off and cum thru the railing. I was 6 floors up. and below was the parking lot.

There was a bmw that never moved for months, and one day I parked near it, and noticed all the spots on it, that must have been from my cum.
By #457775 at 18,Oct,14 11:17
wow so hot!
By #457775 at 18,Oct,14 11:18
wish I had seen that!

By #467317 at 23,Aug,14 14:48
Probably the time I went into my middle school during summer vacation (14 at the time, I snuck in a window) and went to the cafeteria where I took off all my clothes, literally 100% naked. I was pretty sure there was no one else in the school and I got a rock hard erection as soon as my clothes came off. I stood on one of the many tables and used my own saliva for lube as I masturbated for about 10 minutes before I began to have one of my best and largest orgasms ever. I left at least 5 or 6 one foot long globs of cum all over the table. I basked in my glory for a few minutes and took my time getting dressed and leaving. Did not clean a thing.
By liketoedge [Ignore] at 24,Aug,14 12:44 other posts 
Great story...I have done it in many odd and risky place through out the years starting very young....it always added to the excitement
By #467317 at 25,Aug,14 16:42
Care to share any of the stories with me? Id love to hear one. I also have many others.
By liketoedge [Ignore] at 29,Aug,14 12:09 other posts 
Sure....sharing experiences is great ...messege me sometime
By bungeman [Ignore] at 15,Oct,14 23:52 other posts 
"5 or 6 one foot globs" I think u have wanked urself into stupidity

By #431190 at 27,Sep,13 19:40
Driving home from work wanked and blew in my pants!!
By spermkiss [Ignore] at 27,Sep,13 20:57 other posts 
Isn't it fun to do that? Jacking off while driving is such a rush.
By t-rex [Ignore] at 26,Oct,13 12:36 other posts 
I usually have my cock out if I jack off while driving
By Avillager [Ignore] at 29,Aug,14 13:30 other posts 
The head shrinkers say that J/O in a car simulates returning to the womb, a place of security, to jerk off.

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