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What is it like to suck cock?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

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Started by #98882 [Ignore] at 27,Aug,10 15:52
As I get older I find myself wondering what it would be like to suck cock. Have to wonder what it would taste & feel like in my mouth. I have chatted with other older men who seem to have the same urge. Is this such a strange urge? Like to hear what others have to say.

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By #622870 at 01,Aug,20 17:09
I am 25 now and have a big urge when I am horny to suck a hard cock and swallow his load.I wonder if it go away if I try.

By FunTimes [Ignore] at 01,May,20 05:02 other posts 
I sucked my 1st cock a year ago and omg it was the best feeling in the world. The hard but yet softness of a cock in your hands after you make it hard, or if you start sucking it while soft and to feel it get hard in you mouth is another great feeling. The best part is the reward at the end and feeling the cum pulse though the cock and feel the warm great taste of cum hit your throat and to swallow it makes you feel in control.
By tb1 [Ignore] at 01,May,20 09:50 other posts 
Good for you
By DTGiver [Ignore] at 27,Jun,20 04:10 other posts 
EXACTLY! That is the perfect description. The feeling of a man's cock going from soft to hard inside my mouth, then from hard to the pulsations of him shooting off and the throbbing head with his cum pulsating up through the underside of his cock and out it's head. Nothing better in this world! The more the better!!!
By FunTimes [Ignore] at 27,Jun,20 04:46 other posts 
I also love hearing them grunt as they shoot in your mouth.
By aaa-dick1 [Ignore] at 28,Jul,20 23:12 other posts 
You are so into it and your descriptions are exciting. I would love you to take my hard cock in your mouth and love it until I fed you my cum.
By FunTimes [Ignore] at 01,Aug,20 05:06 other posts 
Id have so much fun with your cock

By slutfinder69 [Ignore] at 27,May,11 14:14 other posts 
I find myself feeling the same way as I get older approaching 57. When I was 16 I wanted to taste my own cum, so I would lie down on the hard floor on my back and lean my legs up over my head and jack off - I got some into my mouth but also all over my face, the warmth of the cum felt good. I noticed that if I positioned myself just right and got myself real hard that my dick was just a few inches from my mouth.
Over time and with practice I was able to touch my cockhead with the tip of my tongue, it felt really good and my cockhead had a spongy feel to my tongue. It would take a couple of days for the stiffness in my neck to go away from being in that awkward position with the weight of my body on my neck. The feeling was so good that it didn't stop me from doing it though.
On one particular night I guess my position was just right and by pushing down with my hands on my buttocks I was able to get my entire cockhead into my mouth. It was such an intense feeling, my tongue explored every inch of my cockhead and I licked as far down my shaft as I could get but the excitement was short lived because I exploded cum into my mouth. I didn't expect that explosion and wasn't prepared for it, with my orgasm gone my boldness and hornyness subsided and instead of swallowing my cum as I had wanted to I ended up spitting it out. That episode took my neck and back some time to recover and I never attempted it again.
Through the years and the additional pounds gained made doing that again impossible. That urge has never left me and although I am "straight" I feel the distinct urge to play with and suck someone else's dick. I would need to be very discreet, I would prefer someone like myself who had never done that before and would be their first time. After looking at a lot of dicks on this site I have found there are dicks that I am more attracted to than other dicks and I guess I would want to feel that attraction to the dick I was going to suck.
By rudy51 [Ignore] at 16,Nov,16 09:01 other posts 
Your last sentence sums it up well
By oldacock [Ignore] at 16,Nov,16 20:42 other posts 
Fully understand what has been said. Problem occurs when you see a cock you like and contact the guy. All seems good and after arrangements have been made and excitement has built up, the guy is a no show. Phhhht!!!
By Spunked6969 [Ignore] at 05,Jul,20 10:36 other posts 
I agree. I've fantasized about sucking a cock for years I never have because certain cocks turn me on and I want to suck it off while others are gross looking that I would have no interest in touching let alone sucking. It is a fantasy to find that right cock and suck it and maybe fuck it to.
By Tiny [Ignore] at 06,Jul,20 07:38 other posts 
Yeah interesting point, some I see here I just want to lick suck and blow but others just don't do it for me🤔
By Greenman1968 [Ignore] at 30,Jul,20 07:53 other posts 
I agree with you. Finding a guy you find attractive and with the right cock shouldn't be so difficult. I would enjoy seeing your cock. Post a photo or two. I like seeing both flaccid and erect.

By aaa-dick1 [Ignore] at 07,Jul,20 00:01 other posts 
I haven't sucked dick since I was fifteen, been practicing hetero (and monogamy) since then. I love the memory and wank thinking about a cock in my mouth sometimes. But my situation is changing... I'm going to keep my eyes open for a JO and BJ buddy.

I remember how it felt, the soft skin on a hard shaft, licking it all over and taking it into my mouth. Then feeling him throb and shoot his jiz into me. I also remember how it feels to have him get hard in my mouth.

But to answer your question, I started getting the urge to suck cock once again when I hit my sixties. Maybe I'm less inhibited, maybe it's just a thrilling idea. I know that I love it when members here compliment me on my package, that could be part of it. Maybe not getting it elsewhere makes me want it.
By kre8tor69 [Ignore] at 25,Jul,20 19:58 other posts 
Maybe you are finally finding out the sex is just sex and does not need to involve any romantic stuff. Just try it out again and see. I bet you could find other mature guys more than willing to have some oral at least fun with you now! Be surprised to find one of you current friends that is interested in seeing what it would be like to suck your cock and have you suck his!
By aaa-dick1 [Ignore] at 28,Jul,20 23:06 other posts 
Current friends definitely not interested. Either they've said as much or you can just tell. But I'm going to find more friends and feel them out. Be open to things...
By #620582 at 29,Jul,20 14:36
Interestingly, Iíve also been excited about another manís cock since I was 60. I donít necessarily want to suck, but caress, gently wanking, jerking, and feel it harden. It can be exciting to lube his precum because I love it do with myself. It will probably never happen because I live in a happy relationship with a sexy lady, but itís good to watch and read here.

By bikev [Ignore] at 29,Jul,20 03:14 other posts 
If you want to do it then just do it. I have been sucking cock all my life and still want more and more. I spent almost 4 hours at a glory hole one night (gay sauna) sucking cock after cock swallowing the cum of every guy who came (not all of them came in my mouth). I have no idea how many I sucked but I felt very full afterwards.

By troissix [Ignore] at 28,Jul,20 04:17 other posts 
Cucumbers are good for practicing blow jobs. They also have other uses.

By Shroom [Ignore] at 28,Jul,20 04:13 other posts 
What about someone who has a gag reflex? Is there a way to "train" your throat?
I've only gone down on 2 guys(in theaters), but couldn't get much more than the head of the cock in my mouth before gagging. I tried stroking their balls, which I like, but just couldn't take more than about 2 inches.
Do I need to practice with carrots, like Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High? Yeah, I'm old.

By troissix [Ignore] at 27,Jul,20 15:07 other posts 
Thanks for all the advice. Hopefully I won't have to wait too long to put it into practice.I find the thought of a cock exploding in my mouth deliciously decadent.

By Freddy [Ignore] at 25,Jul,20 20:15 other posts 
I only suck a man if I find him cute, good looking and have something that turns me on. I just don't suck cock just to have a cock in my mouth.

By bonerboy [Ignore] at 25,Jul,20 20:01 other posts 
It is awesome especially whe it's a big cock and it gets so much bigger when it's ready
To blast away

By #498203 at 05,Jan,17 23:53
I've never sucked a cock in my life but I have recently started having the fantasy of being forced to suck one.

Like maybe I'm watching porn with a bigger, stronger man than myself. We're both just jerking off and then he suggests I try tasting his cock. I say no, but he grabs me and assures me I'll like it, I'm reluctant but I he's too big to fight against, so I'm forced down on his massive cock. I feel humiliated at first but then i realize how much pleasure he gets from it. And how technically I'm the one in control even tho I'm tightly in his grasp and could choke me with his huge cock whenever he saw fit.

So yeah..I've never done it but I want too.. haha.
By #575802 at 25,Apr,20 06:47
God damn thats so fucking hot. Exactly how ibd

How ive craved to be called a faggot and forced oonto my knees and choked gagged and spit everywhere and just be forced to suck every inch of a big cock
By Samman [Ignore] at 26,Apr,20 00:28 other posts 
That is how most boys my age like to treat me but I would be more inspired yo pleasure a boy who is being sweet to me. Although I have to admit that I was once giving head to this straight guy I went to highschool with and while I was on my knees teasing his dick and he got super aggressive an called me faggot as I swallowed him I thought I would be offended but an was just turned on
By kre8tor69 [Ignore] at 25,Jul,20 20:00 other posts 
Maybe you are finally finding out the sex is just sex and does not need to involve any romantic stuff. Just try it out again and see. I bet you could find other mature guys more than willing to have some oral at least fun with you now! Be surprised to find one of you current friends that is interested in seeing what it would be like to suck your cock and have you suck his!

Many guys think they need to be forced so they can not be blamed for just wanting to try it out. Go for it and screw what others might think. Just do not tell them how fun it was or they might take you suck buddy away from you with their own talents at it!

By cumonme1 [Ignore] at 20,Jul,20 06:45 other posts 
You need to try sucking a cock, I can almost guarantee once you suck your first cock and feel it get even harder just before he fills your mouth with his warm cum you will be hooked and want more cock to suck.
By pokemythroat [Ignore] at 20,Jul,20 06:48 other posts 
By cumonme1 [Ignore] at 20,Jul,20 06:52 other posts 
And I do speak from experience
By kre8tor69 [Ignore] at 25,Jul,20 19:55 other posts 
That is what I found. I did it the 1st time just to see what all the gals I knew got from doing it. It was fun and now I want more to practice on and learn from. Sex is just sex and does not need to involve any romantic stuff at all!

By Spongenob [Ignore] at 21,Jul,20 19:03 other posts 
Join in , trade blows , you know the time a man spends getting his dick sucked and reciprocating is not deducted from his lifespan

By thebeewolf [Ignore] at 30,Apr,20 14:05 other posts 
I'm a straight guy (don't even start), but I love having other guys suck my cock. Most of them are really, really good at it. And with these guys it's like their main sexual goal. I don't need to give them anything but a mouthful of jizz. And some of them even think it's hotter to suck a straight guy's dick. These guys give amazing head and exquisite orgasms. Then they wipe their mouths and THANK ME. Fuck. I don't care how straight you are. You get over the weirdness and unzip. I've been doing it for years. More straight guys should.
By tb1 [Ignore] at 30,Apr,20 14:16 other posts 
I agree, it is unfortunate that I did realize it until I was too old to do much about it
By spermkiss [Ignore] at 01,May,20 12:34 other posts 
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Cocksuckers all over the world join me in thanking you for making your dick available for sucking and for writing this to encourage other straight men to do the same.

As you so wisely put it, we cocksuckers really enjoy sucking cock ("...their main sexual goal") and our satisfaction is to give satisfaction ("...amazing head and exquisite orgasms"). And reciprocation is NEVER required and rarely even expected. Indeed, there are a substantial number who do not want reciprocation ("...hotter to suck a straight guy's dick").

And it's totally a win/win situation. The straight guy gets satisfying oral service and he gets his nut off and the cocksucker gets the satisfaction of having brought another man to climax. Plus, he gets a mouthful of man juice. So all you straight guys reading this, go out there and drop your pants for a cocksucker. You'll be glad you did and so will the cocksucker.
By thebeewolf [Ignore] at 01,May,20 12:51 other posts 
Amen, brother!
By spermkiss [Ignore] at 01,May,20 20:59 other posts 
A further comment here is that sucking a guy off is my all time favorite sex act. The main reason is that I can do it more often. Let's face it, sure it feels good to get a nut off, but there is a limited number of times it can happen in one day. So there is a finite number of blow jobs a man can receive. But there is no limit to the number of blow jobs one can give. I've sucked off as many as twelve guys in one evening. Yes, when I was younger, wilder and single I was a real cocksucker slut. But think how much pleasure I gave to other men.
By DTGiver [Ignore] at 27,Jun,20 04:01 other posts 
You would be surprised how many straight guys love getting head from a guy more than their mates. I've been told more than a couple times, that I should give head for a living LOL. Buy why get paid for doing something that I love so much??? And several guys have told me that they wish their wives or GF would learn to suck their cocks like I do. So I am Bi, not Gay. I don't fuck other guys, but damm I love giving them head!!!
By thebeewolf [Ignore] at 01,Jul,20 10:05 other posts 
I'm so glad I discovered guys like you. It's now a lifestyle. I love getting serviced by cum-addicted cock sucking guys!
By DTGiver [Ignore] at 01,Jul,20 10:16 other posts 
Well in that case, it's a shame we aren't neighbors. Because I would be giving you a LOT of head! Nice cock pal!
By DTGiver [Ignore] at 02,Jul,20 07:17 other posts 
Yeah that's my style. No anal, kissing or romance with other guys. Nothing rough, gross or extreme. It's all about cocks, balls and cumshots. The more the better.
By thebeewolf [Ignore] at 17,Jul,20 15:26 other posts 
Thank you for your service. Guys like me sure appreciate it!
By cruz69696969 [Ignore] at 16,Jul,20 23:36 other posts 
I agree I'd love to run into you in a dimly lit alley cause I like to see the cock that I am worshipping over

By #621421 at 10,Jul,20 11:21
I have the same urge when I am extra horny.Sometimes want to try the taste so bad

By CountryCouple54 [Ignore] at 09,Jul,20 11:37 other posts 
You should try it and get back to us.

By lawrenceo [Ignore] at 08,Jul,20 02:55 other posts 
The idea may be exciting and the practice even more exciting but you have to stay safe and that is where the excitation may end.

By raybo36 [Ignore] at 06,Jul,20 10:43 other posts 
I never realized I was bi until I started to get propositioned in the shower in the locker room at the beach and gym. Guys just wanted to suck my dick and wanted nothing in return. So after a while I let them. I was complimented that they wanted to suck my dick, and after I would explode in their mouth they would thank me and leave without saying anything else. It was if they were starved for cum and once they got their fill it was just see you later. Some guys came back for more if they saw me, but a lot of guys I never saw again.

By Tiny [Ignore] at 06,Jul,20 07:35 other posts 
I think as you get older you lose your inhibition as I also would like to try to suck a dick, I'm very curious, I've put my own sperm into my mouth and doesn't taste bad so I'm looking for a willing participant

By cruz69696969 [Ignore] at 04,Jul,20 23:06 other posts 
If you really wonder what it is like to suck a cock you need to try it to see if you love it. Men who crave a big hot juicy cock in their mouth suck cock because they love it. There is nothing like it in this world. I use To eat a lot of pussy. But not anymore. Nothing excites me and keeps me there like sucking a cock and having him shoot his warm salty creamy load in your mouth and then swallowing it. Hey try it you might love it too

By Strongmember# [Ignore] at 04,Jul,20 10:05 other posts 
just find one you are interested and go for it. Put it on that bucket list

By big79 [Ignore] at 04,Jul,20 06:15 other posts 
When the Erect Cock enters my mouth
I start too lick and suck softly
Then when I feel the Cock pumping
I suck harder and faster
Along the Shaft feeding down my throat
As I feel the spunk pumping
I suck almost all the Cock into me
Holding the balls
Feeling a lot of Nice Warm Spunk going into me X

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