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Amount of sperm !

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #47427 [Ignore] at 12,May,10 14:21
Do all men produce the same amount of sperm??
Mine seems very white and VERY rich (not thin) and not much of it, maybe good quality !!
Anyone think this is normal.

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By LGA6969 [Ignore] at 06,Aug,20 19:45 other posts 

By Lenatur [Ignore] at 25,May,18 03:23 other posts 
My load !
By aoneeyedmonster [Ignore] at 06,Aug,20 18:47 other posts 
Well displayed

By MikeT2020 [Ignore] at 06,Aug,20 14:58 other posts 
Iíve always spurted about a dessert spoonful, from the day I first wanked till now. But itís got thinner over the years.

By troissix [Ignore] at 06,Aug,20 14:08 other posts 
I agree, not such a huge amount as in the past.However it's still thick and creamy and I can produce a decent amount after a few days abstinence. Still happy to be in working order at 61.

By liketoedge [Ignore] at 06,Aug,20 14:04 other posts 
Less amount as I get older. I used to shoot much more. I still notice more volume when I edge for a while

By lawrenceo [Ignore] at 02,Aug,20 03:13 other posts 
It is quite obvious that the amount of sperm that a man produces at orgasm is variable from person to person and often from time to time.

Men usually produce the most semen when theyíre in their early thirties. The amount tends to decrease as a man gets older. Heredity, diet, smoking status, and overall health can also affect semen volume. Some men ejaculate more if they havenít had sex for a few days.

By #622870 at 01,Aug,20 18:18
Mines amount of sperm varies depending on how horny I am. If I edge over 8 hours I would shoot huge amount of sperm.But if I had my casual masturbation I would ejaculate much less.

By johndoe [Ignore] at 31,Jul,20 11:54 other posts 
on my side when it's been several days since I haven't ejaculated I have 7-8 rather thick jets coming out of my cock I don't think the same from one person to another

By oldbugle [Ignore] at 26,May,18 12:03 other posts 
You can't actually see your "sperm" it's your semen that you see and it varies not only from man to man but from one day to another in the same man. In fact it changes thru your life as it contains a whole lot of stuff that most men don't know about!
By skyking [Ignore] at 31,Jul,20 09:51 other posts 
Well said!! The variety has always amazed me. The tastes,textures,color,
are a pleasent surprise.

By #622438 at 24,Jul,20 21:36
I shoot large amounts of cum after I edge for some time

By Wbs1978 [Ignore] at 23,Jul,20 08:05 other posts 
I have small to medium loads

By Scottbill69 [Ignore] at 27,May,18 09:01 other posts 
First load is usually bigger than 2nd or 3rd , this one is no 2 when with my bf

By stroker11 [Ignore] at 24,May,18 06:21 other posts 
Edging for hours definitely increases load size. Colour and taste are diet related...fruit sweetens the bouquet and flavor!
By Bicockguy1 [Ignore] at 24,May,18 16:46 other posts 
Yeah i definitely agree if i edge for a while i have a much bigger load or not cum for a few days and then edge gives a good cum load well for me it does anyway.

By #539358 at 24,May,18 11:18
Mine has always been thick and creamy coloured rather than white. Iíve never produced loads of it either, it never spurts further than my belly button.

By #519017 at 08,Feb,17 14:06
When I first jacked my load at age 13 I squirted a couple of teaspoonfuls. Now years later I still squirt about the same if I haven't wanked or had sex for a couple days.

By #60507 at 20,Sep,11 06:43
I think all depends how sexually exited you are, check out my vids, all of them were taking no later than one day after the last ejaculation, let me know what you think

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