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cut or uncut dick

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #36477 [Ignore] at 04,May,10 23:53
What is lady preference for a cut or uncut dick. I am uncut. But I like the look of a cut dick. so I want to get circumcised.I am confused whether I should do or not .Pl suggest me.which one dick is better performer ?

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By LGA6969 [Ignore] at 15,Mar,19 14:43 other posts 
I am cut, but wish I was not. I love foreskin and hooded cock

By gaycock [Ignore] at 15,Mar,19 12:27 other posts 
I have a uncut cock. I love to blow cut cocks. Big cut cocks very Deep.

By cutroundhead [Ignore] at 14,Mar,19 13:28 other posts 
I'm happy to be circumcised and show off my cock
By #582293 at 14,Mar,19 15:49
It feels great to be circumcised.
By cutroundhead [Ignore] at 15,Mar,19 11:16 other posts 
yes, whatever size cock one has!

By steve8211 [Ignore] at 15,Mar,19 10:10 other posts 
I am cut but wished I was uncut there's a reason we were born that way and we should never be cut unless you just absolutely want to later in life I really do wish I had my foreskin back

By ErnieRoss [Ignore] at 14,Mar,19 22:23 other posts 
Circumcision should be a decision made by the owner of the penis and no one else. I'm cut and have learned to live with it. We came uncut for a reason.. With water and soap available to most people in this country..laziness seems to be the answer that and downright ignorance. Unless the foreskin can't be retracted let it alone.

By Cutcocklover [Ignore] at 13,Mar,19 22:29 other posts 
I'm cut and absolutely love it,I'm not a lady but I prefer a cut cock 10x over uncut
By #582293 at 14,Mar,19 15:50
It's simple. Cut is superior.
By Cutcocklover [Ignore] at 14,Mar,19 18:45 other posts 
Agreed 110%

By 3fdfd [Ignore] at 14,Mar,19 15:56 other posts 
I'm cut but have really come to appreciate uncut cock here. Only had one experience with an uncut cock in real life.

By ___penis [Ignore] at 13,Mar,19 16:14 other posts 
Proudly CUT

By X_Y_Z [Ignore] at 13,Mar,19 13:36 other posts 
I am uncut and sure glad about it

By #582293 at 12,Mar,19 14:54
I love being cut.

By #52018 at 18,Nov,10 21:39
Am cut, and see uncut as hiding the dick head, the most beautiful part.

If uncut, like to see the head exposed without the foreskin.

The erect dick head is the most beautiful, and when cumming also is the best aphrodisiac.
By oldbugle [Ignore] at 15,Feb,11 10:49 other posts 
Er...the forskin pulls back off of the glans when a 'complete man' has sex, at which point it looks much like a cut one, so the only time the foreskin is "hiding the dick head" is when it's in your underwear.......

The thing about the foreskin that is not generally understood in the more sexually ignorant countries is that it's not just a 'redundant piece of skin with absolutely no purpose' has a rich supply of nerve ends/sensations quite different from those of the glans itself.....

Circumcision is quite definately 'mutilation' in the dictionary sense because a valuable and functional part is cut off without any regard.
By Rayb1054 [Ignore] at 09,Mar,19 06:59 other posts 
I am a foreskin restoring guy I put my foreskin back on and I can tell you it feels 100% better with that and yes I donít have all the nerve endings that I should but just by keeping that head covered up I have much more sensitivity that I used to have the texture of the head is totally different now I talk to guys all the time about restoring it just makes so much difference to have that skin back on if more guys would at least try doing a temporary restore to see that how much better it feels every cut guy out there would be having his skin put back on

By foreskinlover52 [Ignore] at 23,Jan,14 04:41 other posts 
Absolutely uncut or intact! Cut cocks are a real turn off to me..If you want to look cut just slide the foreskin back behind the gland or head..Have the best of both worlds!
By Rayb1054 [Ignore] at 09,Mar,19 06:50 other posts 
Absolutely if they feel much better I had my foreskin put back on and I love it night and day difference of how are used to feel

By Chandu [Ignore] at 22,Jan,14 14:08 other posts 
My uncut looks

By Chandu [Ignore] at 22,Jan,14 14:03 other posts 

By Chandu [Ignore] at 22,Jan,14 14:03 other posts 
I m also uncut.....

By merton [Ignore] at 18,Feb,13 16:31 other posts 
uncut every time have a look at mine

By #190862 at 10,Feb,13 11:03
cut cut cut

By Dalecash [Ignore] at 09,Feb,13 21:35 other posts 
Cut here and very happy with it

By chris23d [Ignore] at 09,Feb,13 21:17 other posts 
I'm uncut but much prefer looking at circumcised cocks...

By #206678 at 08,Feb,13 15:22
Guys, the correct term is "intact" not uncut!

By #116246 at 18,Feb,11 16:15
My partner loves my foreskin and she absolutely loves playing with it during foreplay. It feels so good when she plays with it. I wouldn`t ever consider a change. I know there are many opinions on the subject. This happens to be mind.
By oldbugle [Ignore] at 21,Feb,11 05:01 other posts 
Lucky man!....most women are not that interested in foreskins or realise their 'play potential'.

By #33070 at 06,May,10 03:34
Fuck man you have to be crazzy to cut it now.Its there to protect your cock and the nerves

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