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I Am Obsessed And Turned On By My Own Cock! You?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by jamesishuge [Ignore] at 30,Jul,20 10:52  other posts
I'm intensely obsessed and turned on by my own cock. I have a great sex life with wife and occasional fiendish bisexual exhibitionist / cock sucking orgy.

Growing up I became aware that my penis was considerably larger than average but even I was surprised at the effect it had on people both men and women.
I developed physically, clearly abnormal over endowed sex organs.
It led to social and physical excessive sexualisation and with excessive praise, compliments and my sheer physical sexual power. Everyone talked about my package that I got a reputation - and thus became a sexualized object before even meeting new people.
My obsession with my penis was initially really interfering with my regular college life and I resorted to seeking out people as FWBs all over.

I get the greatest ego boost when getting compliments, praise, reactions, and seeing how my cock can bring partners to new superhuman sexual pleasure and I confess that
sometimes I can be an arrogant exhibitionist about my size. I like to show it off to anyone who wants to see it and mostly friends (whom often become fuck friends after).

It is weird I know....but I really love the way my cock looks, feels, behaves and to me it looks sooo good that I can get aroused just catching a glimpse in the mirror and cum abundantly just looking and thinking of my own dick. I'm obsessed and in love with my incredible penis and it feels good but ....
...I wanted to know if other men obsess and lust after their own massive dick and maybe share a bit of how the obsession manifests.

Looking forward to your stories and experiences.

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By Zorilla [Ignore] at 05,Aug,20 16:21 other posts 
most guys on this site are

By thicknsmooth [Ignore] at 31,Jul,20 23:29 other posts 
I agree %100. I became obsessed and fell in love with my cock as a young boy as early as age 4 or 5. Thatís what led to my curiosity of the other boys. I too learned My cock was much bigger than any of the other boys after the show me yours and líll show you mine thing came into play. By the time I turned 8, I had my first experience with another boy my age. This was the first time I ever got to explore and suck on another boys dick and balls. I loved every single thing about it. This was also the first time I ever got my dick and balls sucked on also and so my love for sucking and being sucked on began
By jamesishuge [Ignore] at 01,Aug,20 00:30 other posts 
By thicknsmooth [Ignore] at 01,Aug,20 19:10 other posts 
Thanks the whole story is in my blog if you would like to read it. Itís my first time true story let me know what you think enjoy

By Manpretty72 [Ignore] at 01,Aug,20 02:22 other posts 
Yes I do the same

By jamesishuge [Ignore] at 31,Jul,20 15:41 other posts 
I Wonder if women with huge spectacular tits are aware of their own power and do they ever get obsessed and aroused by their own amazing breasts? It would be so hot if it WAS "a thing". Hot.

By spermkiss [Ignore] at 31,Jul,20 11:44 other posts 
Man, you sound like a natural for porn. Sign up now.

By up-for-it [Ignore] at 30,Jul,20 17:02 other posts 
I have a medium sized dick and never thought of it as special or of any interest to others so big surprise to me that people would even like my dick, but they do and i still think it is nothing special.

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