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First porn

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by Hornycock42077 [Ignore] at 09,May,20 10:17  other posts
How old were you when you you saw your first porno or mag, and how?

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By chubbyloves [Ignore] at 29,May,20 21:44 other posts 
I had Roy Rogers and Dale Evens wallpaper. I would trace her outline and put nipples on her. saw first mags about 7-8

By iluvcox [Ignore] at 25,May,20 14:57 other posts 
Probably around 10 yr.old. Playboy, man those tan lines and bushes back then used to make me so hard!

By lawrenceo [Ignore] at 23,May,20 08:38 other posts 
In my early days there wasn't any available. We used to hear about 'French Photographs' which were in rare circulation but I never saw any.

There were no magazines except the nudist ones like Health and Efficiency. This allowed us to see naked females but rarely naked men.

It wasn't until I was about 35 that I saw stuff that you could get through the post; and later from the 'top shelf'.

What is available now is amazing and was never in our wildest dreams as youths.

By pokemythroat [Ignore] at 23,May,20 02:03 other posts 
had playboy mags in the house growing up, but the first real porn would have been a VHS tape I found at 18 in mom's stash

By eonblue [Ignore] at 22,May,20 22:21 other posts 
I found my first porn through some older friends who came across a stash wrapped in a bag in the trees next to a sports complex. Was kinda clueless until they showed me the effects the porn had on their cocks by masturbating...
By Hornycock42077 [Ignore] at 22,May,20 23:06 other posts 
Hopefully a great experience

By #617595 at 21,May,20 13:41
Saw my first porn movie at 16 years old. It was amazing & so fukn horny; I am still jerking off 44 years later.
By Hornycock42077 [Ignore] at 22,May,20 16:58 other posts 
That is how it should be.

By anthem13 [Ignore] at 19,May,20 23:02 other posts 
I was in high school and found a gay magazine at a construction site. Instantly hard, I went behind the house and pulled down my pants and underwear and started stroking my cock. Lots of precum and horny as hell, I came pretty fast and hard.

By SluttySarah069 [Ignore] at 19,May,20 16:30 other posts 
ABout 11 - one of the scouts had some pron magazines and showed me the joys of wanking.

By shrimp961 [Ignore] at 19,May,20 15:29 other posts 
It was early in life my best friend would steal them from his dad maybe 8 made our minds wonder so much later in my teenage years got to see my first porn movie talk bout a real eye opener, when Jerking off started

By liketoedge [Ignore] at 19,May,20 13:33 other posts 
Around 7yo. Almost every boy in the nieghborhood had a stash of magazines.

By Smoothmann [Ignore] at 09,May,20 13:07 other posts 
I was 10 years old when me and my friend found a porn magazine on the side of the road while we were riding our bicylces.It was a eye opener for us!!!!
By Hornycock42077 [Ignore] at 09,May,20 13:56 other posts 
That is awesome, lucky Boys.
By Hornycock42077 [Ignore] at 19,May,20 01:51 other posts 
Goodtimes man!

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