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Started by Sledge [Ignore] 12,Mar,20 00:31  other posts
Just for fun...

Typically, the question offers only three default options: Do you consider yourself small, average, or large?

That represents a problem for some due to lack of precision.

Therefore, I propose the following scale of six sizes:

4.Above average

In which of these categories would you qualify?

I consider myself to be at number 4 (Above average).

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By billy3 [Ignore] 09,Apr,21 05:21 other posts 
6, but Iíd love to have a really big fat cock

By Jonas01 [Ignore] 08,Apr,21 08:45 other posts 

By leopoldij [Ignore] 07,Apr,21 16:04 other posts 
I'm 2.

By MikeSpect [Ignore] 06,Apr,21 17:41 other posts 
I think i'm 3..just your average joe

By liketoedge [Ignore] 06,Apr,21 15:54 other posts 
I feel I'm a 3. Curious to know what others think

By LetchworthGC1971 [Ignore] 06,Apr,21 15:28 other posts 
Small for sure

By reichs23 [Ignore] 03,Apr,21 17:18 other posts 
I am definitely number 1. Tiny
By 3fdfd [Ignore] 06,Apr,21 12:23 other posts 
Me too ! The two of us are down in category 1.

By toohey [Ignore] 06,Apr,21 04:34 other posts 
I'm a 3.

By JackS [Ignore] 06,Apr,21 00:08 other posts 
Why it is always about DICK SIZE, here?? Bigger isn't always better!
But Big Dicks Rule the site. . .
Every woman I have known, cares about dozens of things, more important to her, that his dick size!

By boc [Ignore] 03,Apr,21 22:47 other posts 
A 5. I am a little over 8 inches long.

By Sucklove [Ignore] 03,Apr,21 18:23 other posts 
Id say a tad above average at 6.5-7 depends on how hard and horny I am. Well it seems to fluctuate but I could be full of shit. But I got alot of compliments and satisfied users.

By jimi_z [Ignore] 03,Apr,21 16:00 other posts 
Average I think. Not sure. I'm about 6in hard.

By Dong69 [Ignore] 03,Apr,21 09:54 other posts 
I say a 6 for me!!!

By HaoYap [Ignore] 03,Apr,21 02:49 other posts 

I'm not sure haha

By lndoggo [Ignore] 28,Mar,21 14:52 other posts 

At about 4", I'd say I'm probably a 2. But I'm perfectly ok with that. Helps to be a bottom.
By whitebriefs [Ignore] 02,Apr,21 09:52 other posts 
Iíd be perfectly okay with that lovely cock too
By lndoggo [Ignore] 02,Apr,21 10:10 other posts 
Aww, thank you!

By Stump [Ignore] 02,Apr,21 08:43 other posts 

By lankan [Ignore] 28,Mar,21 15:56 other posts 
im 5.5"

By 8inchMexican [Ignore] 27,Mar,21 18:14 other posts 
I say Iím a 4

By #624913 27,Mar,21 05:22
I am 3... I think so.
By X_Y_Z [Ignore] 27,Mar,21 15:33 other posts 
u look damn hot
By #624913 27,Mar,21 15:49

By Vita [Ignore] 26,Mar,21 11:28 other posts 

By whitebriefs [Ignore] 25,Mar,21 13:58 other posts 
3, just enough for me

By Twolfe [Ignore] 25,Mar,21 04:44 other posts 
I would say im a 3


By whitebriefs [Ignore] 08,Dec,20 18:34 other posts 
Mines got a little smaller as Iíve got older. I used to be about 5 1/2Ē erect but Iím just over 5Ē now. Itís definitely gotten smaller when soft, which I actually prefer!

By Randyrawhole [Ignore] 08,Dec,20 17:59 other posts 
2 for me

By Tushar1230 [Ignore] 25,Nov,20 14:47 other posts 

I'd say I'm definitely a 4.

By Alwaysnude [Ignore] 25,Nov,20 09:26 other posts 

--------------------------------------- added after 2876 hours

Rate me
--------------------------------------- added after 3096 hours

--------------------------------------- added after 3170 hours

Am I a 1 or a 2

By quint [Ignore] 23,Nov,20 19:35 other posts 

I guess probably a 4?

By Dalecash [Ignore] 30,Oct,20 04:29 other posts 

Maybe a 3 or 4, Iím about 7 inches
By 3fdfd [Ignore] 14,Nov,20 23:06 other posts 
I'd say you are a 4

By boc [Ignore] 06,Nov,20 14:15 other posts 
5. Big:

By #622304 04,Nov,20 11:51

Proud 3 here

By Snuffy43 [Ignore] 29,Oct,20 20:46 other posts 
I'm at 5 1/2 inches hard and 5 inches in girth an smooth as a ass/1g25xoff86ecpic.html

By Lickm25 [Ignore] 20,Oct,20 09:45 other posts 
3 or 4?

By 8inchMexican [Ignore] 20,Oct,20 06:01 other posts 
Iím 8 inches, I donít know if Iím a 4 or 5

By thicknsmooth [Ignore] 20,Oct,20 00:26 other posts 
/7rkl8zasvfofpic.html I consider myself above average as I have been told by others 7.5 x 5.75

By NickACE [Ignore] 19,Oct,20 17:06 other posts 

I guess a six its in the 8"+ "category"

By Without [Ignore] 17,Jun,20 04:50 other posts 
My cock is 6.5 inches(maximum), decide if this is 3 or 4.I would like to know that.
By NickACE [Ignore] 19,Oct,20 15:22 other posts 
More like 4 or way 3

By Wipperman [Ignore] 13,Oct,20 08:17 other posts 
Just above average

By Averagedad [Ignore] 12,Oct,20 22:13 other posts 

By olderblowjob [Ignore] 12,Oct,20 21:12 other posts 
a 2

By Richie [Ignore] 12,Oct,20 18:25 other posts 

By johnleman82 [Ignore] 07,Oct,20 05:17 other posts 
6 inch/ 6 inch

Maybe above average, what do you think ?

By TO_Spun [Ignore] 01,Oct,20 13:25 other posts 
Iíd say I vacillate between 3 & 4

By mobiusdick [Ignore] 01,Oct,20 11:51 other posts 
4 Above average

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