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Have ever masturbated without having a boner?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by liketoedge [Ignore] at 26,Jan,20 01:20  other posts
Have you ever jacked off without having a boner?

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By Jagtstein [Ignore] at 31,Oct,20 10:09 other posts 
That's just the advantage that you can masturbate without sufficient erection. The size of the penis also does not matter. I am very happy about that, because at 74years of age you have your problems. Sexual intercourse would not be possible without a sufficient erection. But that's the way to satisfy myself. This is very important for me as a habitual Solo Masturbant. Unfortunately, I can only do it once a week. The sperm quantity is also significantly reduced.
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By Samman [Ignore] at 17,Oct,20 20:33 other posts 
The first time was on accident, I was so nervous and excited to finally get to go down on this really cute boy and I was so nervous that I was having trouble getting hard but as I knelt in front of him gagging on his member I started cumming on my panties completely soft. Now I almost always cum while I go down on guys without touching myself and recently I started cumming from anal
By liketoedge [Ignore] at 18,Oct,20 13:47 other posts 
Quick cummers can be a serious turn on

By Averagedad [Ignore] at 10,Oct,20 19:12 other posts 
This is sort of one of my favourite ways to masturbate. I enjoy being all plumped up and long but not erect. Holding myself lengthwise with my glans in my palm and my thumb and a few fingers kneading my shaft. The longer I stay in this state the better. I have, on occasion ejaculated this way before getting nice and hard!

By Smoothmann [Ignore] at 26,Jan,20 20:18 other posts 
I can cum while soft with a large dildo or butt plug massaging my prostate!
By #627275 at 10,Oct,20 17:58

By lovetolickyou [Ignore] at 28,Jan,20 05:01 other posts 
When I was younger, I used to love to drop acid and then jerk off for hours. I could have half a dozen wet climaxes, and then three or four more hard, but dry. When my cock finally softened, I could tease my soft cock till I felt that familiar throbbing and then there would be a sudden release of what seemed a lot like precum. Those nights were the best sex I ever had
By #627275 at 10,Oct,20 17:57
Mmm I remember that..

By #627275 at 10,Oct,20 17:56

By MikeT2020 [Ignore] at 10,Oct,20 14:17 other posts 
If I start jacking off when my cockís limp by the time my orgasm starts rising the sensation gets my cock rock hard stiff.

By Mike0217 [Ignore] at 10,Oct,20 13:11 other posts 
Oh yes!! Many times. It is a more intense orgasm than when you are hard, or atleast for me it is.

By liketoedge [Ignore] at 21,Sep,20 16:00 other posts 
I have....I think all guys have before

By nekekal [Ignore] at 21,Sep,20 14:44 other posts 
I have. If things go well, it will usually get hard just before I cum.

By Auscock21 [Ignore] at 21,Sep,20 11:57 other posts 

By LGA6969 [Ignore] at 19,Sep,20 15:08 other posts 
Yes totally different feeling

By Naked4life [Ignore] at 18,Sep,20 09:29 other posts 
Yes several times! Sometimes I cum before Iím fully hard sometimes it doesnít want to cooperate and get hard but I cum anyway! Damn thing has a mind of his own

By newwt10 [Ignore] at 18,Sep,20 00:48 other posts 
Yes, every time I'm drunk! Seems like my Tally Waker doesn't work when I drink!

By bi_44 [Ignore] at 06,Feb,20 18:04 other posts 
I've done it a few times usually when I'm outside. Being outdoors naked or jerking is such a horny turn-on that I've cum before I'm hard.

By BirdDog [Ignore] at 31,Jan,20 12:09 other posts 
Yes! Such a different orgasm and good! I was doing stairs commando style last week and on my last set to the top I could feel my balls squeezing between my sweat soaked thighs. I got so aroused at the feeling that I stopped, layed down, squeezed the head and soft shaft for a few seconds and wham! What a great orgasmic finish to an otherwise boring work out! ✔✔👍

By aaa-dick1 [Ignore] at 30,Jan,20 22:11 other posts 
Occasionally, as I have a mild case of ED. But when I do cum soft-ish, my cum is watery and has a very mild taste. I don't normally eat my own jiz, but I do when this happens.

By tcputts [Ignore] at 29,Jan,20 16:38 other posts 
Yes, back in my teen years when I would jerk of many times a day if I did it enough eventually I would stop getting hard but could usually still work one out
By liketoedge [Ignore] at 30,Jan,20 11:47 other posts 
I did the same. After the 2nd or 3rs orgasm I would get hard but could still have more orgasms
--------------------------------------- added after 23 hours


By doedeldi [Ignore] at 29,Jan,20 10:49 other posts 
Since i am older,yes.

By biggripper1 [Ignore] at 28,Jan,20 08:56 other posts 
yes and after I play for a while, I get hard and stay pretty much that way until I cum.

By jocstfr [Ignore] at 27,Jan,20 13:01 other posts 
I have cum without having a boner. I once was on a nude beach and was just laying there flaccid. Not sure if it was the warm sun or the warm breeze on my dick, but all of a sudden I got that familiar tingling sensation in my dick and it started spewing streams of cum. I was completely flaccid the entire time.
By liketoedge [Ignore] at 27,Jan,20 14:37 other posts 
That's Hot

By 3fdfd [Ignore] at 26,Jan,20 21:06 other posts 
All the time since I don't get hard anymore.
By liketoedge [Ignore] at 27,Jan,20 14:29 other posts 

By LGA6969 [Ignore] at 26,Jan,20 18:05 other posts 
Yes but then by the time I cum I am hard

By jerrycums [Ignore] at 26,Jan,20 10:55 other posts 
lots of times

By qhaos [Ignore] at 26,Jan,20 01:30 other posts 
Yes, several times, but just a second before cum, the boner comes!

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