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The Top Member Thing

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #604992 [Ignore] at 05,Jan,20 13:12
Doesn't it seem like a bit of a wasted opportunity? The same 2-3 people are *always* on top and it seems there's no hope of getting up the list. Plus for a 'showyourdick' site...not a lot of dick. Mostly boobs. Nice boobs but...still...

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By #601496 at 08,Jan,20 11:26
If, as Ms B suggested, you are talking the BEST IMAGE/MEMBER TOP, you can be on top. All t takes is many friends that vote for you. But, actually, the top performers do so by spending huge amounts of points. They either vote for themselves at the cost of 20 points multiple times or get someone to do it. Most of the women have "sponsors" like husbands or admirers that are willing to do that. I, personally have invested over 6000 points to stay on top. Women, because they have more to offer than just a ding-a-ling, have the advantage.
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 08,Jan,20 15:03 other posts 
l love how its dragging the money out of them, keeps the site running *Lix*
By #601496 at 08,Jan,20 17:11
By bella! [Ignore] at 11,Jan,20 18:00 other posts 
Just a question, what are you basing your research on? Have you polled leading members or are you speaking about your own personal experience/practice?

The members that I have seen that are currently as well as in the past, held the BEST IMAGE/MEMBER TOP are women, cherrydiamond30 , CountryCouple54 , Sexiestslooty and Debbyunrated. slooty has not been online for more than 30 days and Debbyunrated is gone, again. cherrydiamond30 hasn't been online in 5+ hours and holds the #1 spot, she looks amazing and CountryCouple54's photos have captured the attention of many members.
By #601496 at 11,Jan,20 18:42
It's more a deduction. If one of the members is at 40 points he/she needs at least 60 points to reach 100. Each vote garners 5 points (not counting negative votes if someone else is getting votes) That means he/she will use 12 votes minus the one he/she gets for free every 3 hrs. That is 11 votes that cost 20 points each unless others vote for him/her. If one argues that these very popular women get votes from others (witch they do). They either need 11 different voters or some of these voters would have to vote twice in 3 hrs and loose 20 points. At this point, it's possible that that is what's happening. Sometimes I play (i'll explain later) but when I don't I vote for Lix or CounntryCouple using this rule. I vote for the one closest to 100. Now, I've notice that the top 3 or 4 contestants change top spot several times in an hour. If you look at the b4 and after point totals, these members are spending huge amounts of points to stay close or on top.
My story. Tuesday I bought 1000 points and had 250 extra points. I reentered the contest (you drop off if you don't play for 3 days) and went down to 900 something to go from a 10 to top member. I think Mrs CountryCouple was on top. Within 15 min I went from 100 to 80, a drop of 20. Mrs CountryCouple was back on top. I counter voted and sent her to 85. Within minutes she was back up. So, Cherrydiamond30 made her move. I countered, she came right back. After a while I was down to 550 points so I quit the game. Those two kept going back and forth.
I can't believe that a whole bunch of members are in constant watch of the game. Now, I do believe one, both, or several have an "Angel" that provide votes/points.

In my opinion Mrs CountryCouple54 is the most photogenic of all the women on site. Cherry and Slooty are very pretty too.
That is my research that lets me make a good guess. As I can see, no one except the contestants actually know the truth. I also think that most of them are too proud to admit that large amounts of points are keeping them on top. It sounds better if they say their admirers are behind their success.
By #604992 at 13,Jan,20 10:22
I get that for sure. But there's a reason why there are two sites, showyourdick and showyourpussy, right? Some people like ding-a-lings, some like the and some like both but maybe just have one for each?
By #601496 at 13,Jan,20 10:29
I like your idea but i'm not sure it would work out. While the women have low #'s compared to the men, the overwhelming votes are always given to the women. Why don't you suggest it to Admin?
By admin [Ignore] at 13,Jan,20 10:37 other posts 
I've considered it from the very beginning. And I might do this. But I'm not sure if I should.
By #601496 at 13,Jan,20 10:52
The POTM is separated. One drawback is that this is listed in the "Games" section while POTM is featured in the main pages.

By bella! [Ignore] at 08,Jan,20 09:35 other posts 
Are you speaking of Top of the Month OR the BEST IMAGE/MEMBER TOP feature? If I'm not mistaken, there are Top of the Month "awards" given to both SYD and SYC membership.

If you are speaking of BEST IMAGE/MEMBER TOP, where the member who has the highest percentage is featured on the majority of the membership's page, I would agree, that feature is DOMINATED by the SYC membership.

By Skittles [Ignore] at 06,Jan,20 18:26 other posts 
Bjuka will never be first place at the cat show.. or here

By Scorps [Ignore] at 05,Jan,20 13:55 other posts 
"Pansexual" eh! Really!
By #604992 at 05,Jan,20 15:53
I don't get it. What's wrong?
By Scorps [Ignore] at 05,Jan,20 18:37 other posts 
You dont! Really? How about this... I think it's a stupid connotation since there are ONLY 2 genders, period! Therefore I accept the fact that you're Bi-Sexual like myself. I'm fairly certain that MOST recognize that simple lil fact.

Now, I only said something cause I had NO idea what it meant and had to look it up. After listening to the assault on my intelligence for 5 mins. from what I'd might describe as a DIMWITTED DUMBASS, I came back here and had to express my feelings on it. I suppose don't take it personal and all will be fine. Thanks for swinging by my page btw! I like what I saw on yours too was just taken aback with the "pansexual" thing.
By #601496 at 05,Jan,20 19:25
There are more than two genders, even though in our society the genders that are most recognized are male and female (called the gender binary) and usually is based on someone's anatomy (the genitals they were born with).

So much for that

By AustrianCouple [Ignore] at 05,Jan,20 16:02 other posts 
Nothing bad about it. Those people/couples like to be exposed and some of them even invest a lot of points for that - which comes good to the site to stay online.

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