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My nudist mom

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by hannes01 [Ignore] at 25,Nov,19 22:39  other posts
My nudist mom and me were very open about our bodies, anyone else as lucky

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By #622870 at 01,Aug,20 21:08
I got lucky few times seeing my moms big boobs with huge brown nipples and her hairy pussy one time

By earthy [Ignore] at 30,Jul,20 19:24 other posts 
My stepfather was a nudist for quite a while before he married my mom and she got into it. They would go to Cypress Cove resort in Florida on some weekends. I went for the first time when I was 11. It felt VERY strange walking around there naked the first time! But I got used to it pretty quick. I had already been nude around the house from time to time but never in public before that.

But yeah like others have said, nudity and sex are sometimes completely seperate.

By Naked4life [Ignore] at 30,Jul,20 15:53 other posts 
Yes! I was in a nudist family with both my parents, my moms parents were more home nudists, and my aunt. It was a great expirence to grow up in such an open and freeing environment.

By Scorps [Ignore] at 26,Nov,19 02:50 other posts 
🙄 Lucky!?

My mother had NO shame and I had the unfortunate experience of witnessing that. >cringe< I would say I was MORE lucky to never had to ever witness it again.

I suppose you feel like you were "lucky" cause it aroused you or what are you saying here?
By Petro635 [Ignore] at 29,Nov,19 08:33 other posts 

By Petro635 [Ignore] at 27,Nov,19 08:16 other posts 
If people can experience being naked as not sexual like in family then it probably a good thing. Because you see sex and nudity as two different things. If you go to the other side and make it shameful to be seen naked. I think that just as bad because now everything it sexual. Like changing clothes in locker room. It like people can't see each other naked without thinking it's sexual, because that's all they know. They don't know how to be naked and relaxed. What do most guys say, they can't control their dick. Because they don't know how to see someone naked and not think about sex.
By geranium [Ignore] at 28,Nov,19 03:52 other posts 
By Smoothmann [Ignore] at 28,Nov,19 07:21 other posts 
I was allowed to be nude in our house while growing up and seeing my parents and sister nude was just a normal day to day occurance.We all turned out OK! :x
By Petro635 [Ignore] at 28,Nov,19 07:58 other posts 
I'm guessing it was not a big deal seeing them naked plus they could see you naked. So it was just normal bodies vs growing up never seeing anyone naked because we are told about private part or our naked body should not be seen.
By Smoothmann [Ignore] at 28,Nov,19 08:45 other posts 
The only rule was that if friends or family were coming over to visit we had to wear clothes!
By new2day [Ignore] at 28,Nov,19 09:04 other posts 
There's a very clear distinction between sex and nudity, something that a lot of people struggle with. I enjoy going to nudist clubs and beaches and there's no suggestion of anything sexual... in fact, most people I see at clubs are older and overweight, certainly not the young fit women you tend to see on internet "nudist" postings. Being exposed to normal naked bodies of both sexes leads to a far healthier body image growing up. It's time we lost our prudish attitubes to our bodies.
By Smoothmann [Ignore] at 28,Nov,19 09:44 other posts 
It's the same with me at my nudist resort.Just normal people that enjoy living clothes free and sex is not openly practiced at out resort.
By Petro635 [Ignore] at 29,Nov,19 08:14 other posts 
Don't people think being raise as nudist or just learning to to see a naked body and sex as two different things is the important part. Seems like to me if seeing everyone naked was normal we lose all the sexual fetishes and humiliated sex stuff and all the crazy stuff. People will have better sex because just seeing each other naked is normal

By bil47 [Ignore] at 27,Nov,19 08:43 other posts 
Did she ever see you erect? Did she react in any way?

By Andthisisme [Ignore] at 26,Nov,19 09:12 other posts 
I think that people who are brought up in families where nudity is not seen as shameful but as something that is natural and is accepted, such as in nudist families are fortunate.
However, when this acceptance develops into anything sexual on anyone's part that is rather disturbing.

By wycowboy [Ignore] at 26,Nov,19 09:12 other posts 
In a way, yes. My own mom wasn't a nudist but my friends mom was. It wasn't unusual to go over there and find her in the nude. It was no big deal to him but provided many jerk off fantasies for me

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