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The Abuse page

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by Dev01 [Ignore] at 17,Nov,19 04:06  other posts
I mean really... Is this a nana state. ALL cases a rediculous. Do we really need a panel to pass judgement unto who are grubs. Btw just a reminder John s is dust and bones. WAKE up FFS

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By Scorps [Ignore] at 27,Nov,19 09:59 other posts 
Forgive me folks! Was just a bit outraged... 😬😬😠😠
By Skittles [Ignore] at 29,Nov,19 09:45 other posts 
Post the attack/outrage! I don't see it!
By Scorps [Ignore] at 29,Nov,19 20:34 other posts 

It was someone I reported to "the panel" for their sick recounting of b.e.a.s.t.i.a.l.i.t.y. I was apologizing for my vernacular in the report cause I was just a tad disturbed at what I read.

Looks like the puke was deleted.
By Skittles [Ignore] at 01,Dec,19 11:26 other posts 
Another rat snuffed out then!

By #579822 at 24,Nov,19 07:56
If they canít stand the heat I suggest all the moaning fuckers get out of the kitchen
By #601496 at 24,Nov,19 08:31
What kitchen?
By Skittles [Ignore] at 24,Nov,19 09:39 other posts 

I heard MySpace is still running their site. A good place for weak cunts, muppets, and fuck ups.

By Skittles [Ignore] at 18,Nov,19 08:56 other posts 
Dust and bones!

Wonder what happened to those flea ridden hounds when he went down. They got hungry for sure! Two dogs entered the shack, only one came out!

By bella! [Ignore] at 17,Nov,19 08:37 other posts 
All cases ridiculous? Nah, MANY referrals are trumped up and are unfounded and thereby are ridiculous.

The current referral is because, "pretty much describes themself as a **** on their page and most recent post looks like a child. Appears to be immature".

My opinion, the accusation seems loose and frivolous, yet there are two ying-yangs that press the delete option.
By pocolococat [Ignore] at 17,Nov,19 21:19 other posts 
By bella! [Ignore] at 18,Nov,19 05:31 other posts 
ok, ok what?

By mr_blue [Ignore] at 17,Nov,19 09:40 other posts 
yeah we need it....
Otherwise admin would delete everyone..
Way more perverts here now than there ever was....
I don't want to look at pages of pics of some chick covered in shit,or some dude with a cat licking his junk..
Abuse page actually shows what members really are like...the way they vote and comment...
Apparently people are ok with pages of sc@t here,and dick licking cats.....I mean what site would this be if that is allowed... there's no site....
By #601496 at 17,Nov,19 12:35
I can't comment on the content men get in chat, but I can tell you the pics are right now catching up to the disgusting content I've received over the years. Main stream sex is already borderline yucky (but acceptable for fun purposes). Some of these accounts should have their own site. My opinion.

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