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Started by #596334 [Ignore] at 07,Sep,19 15:59
Years ago I was a SO. I was able to have share fucking my ass. Tried to get to the orgasms stage of the prostate fuck. Never happened.

Anybody get there?

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By zzick [Ignore] at 11,Sep,19 14:07 other posts 
Would it increase the pleasure, if the woman pegging you was able to play the guitar and sing "peggy sue " while she was pegging you?
By sinanff47 [Ignore] at 11,Sep,19 19:29 other posts 

By cumonme1 [Ignore] at 11,Sep,19 07:04 other posts 
Yes I did my wife was fucking my asshole with a strap on dildo, she was pounding my hole really hard and I cum like crazy.i loved it really turned me on to anal sex,

By SluttySarah069 [Ignore] at 07,Sep,19 19:21 other posts 
Yes - both with a dildo and being fucked - especially by black guys.

By #596334 at 07,Sep,19 18:22
Significant other. SO

By Scorps [Ignore] at 07,Sep,19 18:02 other posts 
1st... What is a "SO" that you WAS years ago?

2nd... WOW! You got Cher to fuck your ass? I mean... I can TOTALLY see her doing something like that, but wow, Cher, that's pretty brag worthy.
By #578610 at 07,Sep,19 18:08

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