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iPhone chat room issues?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by SuckItSidewayss [Ignore] at 15,Apr,19 10:22  other posts
Am I the only one not able to chat in the chat rooms on iPhone? I can only see the emotes but no chat box to click and begin typing?

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By Skittles [Ignore] at 18,Apr,19 11:56 other posts 
I would update yer iOS--- and browsers.

And clear out yer browser history.
By HungJack1999 [Ignore] at 18,Apr,19 13:34 other posts 
As I mentioned I’m on iOS 12.2, which is the latest version. Safari is updated with iOS.

Browser history is just a log of visited sites and thus wouldn’t fix anything by being cleared, however if you’re referring to cookies and cache, I browse in a private tab, so everything is downloaded fresh every session.

By HungJack1999 [Ignore] at 15,Apr,19 11:34 other posts 
Thought it was just me. Sometimes I can send one message, but the chat box will disappear after it has been sent and will require a few reloads of the page.

iPhone 8 running iOS 12.2.

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