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Question for circumcised men - masturbating without lube

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Started by #582293 [Ignore] 16,Mar,19 14:33
How do you cut guys masturbate? I have a very tight circumcision and can't jerk off without lube. Anybody in the same shoe? Tips and tricks are welcome.

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By Riversider [Ignore] 03,Feb,21 22:11 other posts 
I rubbed my poor dick RAW so many times when I was younger that now I ALWAYS use lube. my favorite is MOIST, water based and rinses off real well. A JO buddy told me to go to home depot and buy wire lube. he said it is the same thing as dick lube. About a liter sells for only a few bucks and he was right. works very nice, and it is water based too. I use it in my Fleshlight every day.
By JackS [Ignore] 08,Apr,21 00:43 other posts 
If that works for you, but what's in it? Is it safe for direct skin contact? Most electricians are wearing non-conductive gloves, so they don't get shocked, touching a hot lead.
Maybe 10 years from now your dick shrivels up and falls off from some chemical!!

By Without [Ignore] 27,Mar,21 23:11 other posts 
IĎm not circumcised , but I always jerk off with my foreskin completely pulled back, most of the time using lube but it also works without.
The feeling is much more intense without using the foreskin.
By whitebriefs [Ignore] 30,Mar,21 16:50 other posts 
Nice to know Iím not the only uncut guy who prefers this way. The feeling is so much more intense, I never use my foreskin whilst wanking!
By JackS [Ignore] 08,Apr,21 00:40 other posts 
I know, right? That's what cut guys sometimes can feel, just walking about, clothed, wearing the right underthings.

By JackS [Ignore] 06,Apr,21 00:16 other posts 
It's not a mystery. KY or hand cream, and just play. . .

By smokieb69 [Ignore] 03,Apr,21 00:02 other posts 
I hardly ever use lube, donít normally have any issues unless I have jerked multiple times in a day, then it might get a little bit sensitive/ raw if I continued to rub it madly

By soharditspurple [Ignore] 31,Mar,21 20:09 other posts 
I donít use any. Just one more mess to clean up and it makes taking pictures a pain having to wipe your hands constantly before handling the camera

By wycowboy [Ignore] 31,Mar,21 09:29 other posts 
I rarely use any lube except for my precum.

By Showertogether [Ignore] 28,Mar,21 01:28 other posts 
Masturbating with astro glide is very sensual ...but one sure can enjoy myselves with ones Pre Cum..Masturbating and a lubed dildo in the Ass , is a Great Orgasm....Yummmy Yummmy

By mattyboy90 [Ignore] 18,Mar,21 20:53 other posts 
I generally use lube, but not always. I leak a lot of precum... this evening I had a guy get me super excited in chat, so I headed to the bedroom and started doing my thing... was so horny I didn't need lube I was making my own (and enjoying eating it too!)

By XxXKing808XxX [Ignore] 18,Mar,21 20:36 other posts 
I definitely use lube or coconut oil...makes it nice and slippery

By Levig21 [Ignore] 12,Mar,21 22:54 other posts 
Iím circumcised. I donít need lube. Most of my life, I havenít used lube to jerk off. Lube is a nice treat, though. It also makes my cock look better in pictures (in my opinion).

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 04,Feb,21 15:48 other posts 
I know what you mean when I was younger I had to use lube to masturbate. Now I am older and find it looser so I am able to jerk off with no lube.

By leopoldij [Ignore] 03,Feb,21 14:41 other posts 
There's absolutely no problem to masturbate when circumcised. I almost never use lube. It works.

By lankan [Ignore] 02,Feb,21 12:30 other posts 
usualy jerk dry with fskin pulled back..but for extra sensation i use oil
By whitebriefs [Ignore] 03,Feb,21 12:51 other posts 
I find it more sensitive jerking with my skin back and no lube, my cock is twitching just thinking about it

By Skittles [Ignore] 02,Feb,21 13:59 other posts 
Tecsan he uses his tears
By tecsan [Ignore] 02,Feb,21 21:10 other posts 
Fred and shits use they're fears and lies...༼☯﹏☯༽
By Skittles [Ignore] 03,Feb,21 09:52 other posts 
Go dutch rudder the Saggy Granny's limp knobbed lad

He could really use a hand!

By Kwilla [Ignore] 01,Feb,21 22:39 other posts 
Iíve been cut from birth and i have no problem with jerking off without lubricants.
By #621517 02,Feb,21 02:58
Me too. Iím cut and I like just getting my cock out and wanking without the bother of lubing.

By zzick [Ignore] 01,Feb,21 23:28 other posts 
What kwilla said

By whitebriefs [Ignore] 19,Dec,20 09:36 other posts 
Iím uncut but always jerk off with my foreskin pulled right back exposing my glans. Always jerk it dry too, the sensations are so much more intense, especially after your cock head ďtoughens upĒ and gets used to it. I have a random American circumcised webcam pal to thank for teaching me that!
By #621517 19,Dec,20 15:53
Iím cut and I guess my cocks like that. I usually wank dry and the years Iíve been wanking my cock head must be well toughened up by now!
By whitebriefs [Ignore] 19,Dec,20 19:45 other posts 
Iíll happily admit that your cock looks very nice indeed. Iíd be wanting that all the time if I owned it

By massco [Ignore] 19,Dec,20 16:51 other posts 
I make my own lotion for it.

By liketoedge [Ignore] 08,Dec,19 12:11 other posts 
I never had a problem with masturbating without lubes and I think most cut guys dont either
By earthy [Ignore] 08,Dec,19 12:15 other posts 
I jerk off dry all the time
By Cutcocklover [Ignore] 08,Dec,19 12:22 other posts 
Jacking off dry is the only way to go! The friction feels awesome! I rarely ever use lube
By cutroundhead [Ignore] 10,Dec,19 03:19 other posts 
Yes, the getting the right degree of friction is important to obtain the maxiumum sensation, but I like adding some lube as I build up to shooting so that my fist can grip my shaft and helmet tightly and shoot off rubbing it all furiously...the jizz flies everywhere!
By Smoothmann [Ignore] 08,Dec,19 12:30 other posts 
I too masterbate dry with my cirumcised cock and it feels great!
By liketoedge [Ignore] 09,Dec,19 14:46 other posts 
Most of my friends were circumsized and they masturbated dry too
By #621517 13,Jul,20 14:30
Iím cut but Iíve never had any problem masturbating dry without lube. Iíd been masturbating for years before I even realised I was circumcised! Sometimes for variety I use lube and use my full fist so it feels more like a vagina. Other times I simply stroke my cut cock up and down my shaft and over my knob till I cum. Thatís the way I like to be hand jobbed too.
By liketoedge [Ignore] 15,Jul,20 15:12 other posts 
By HotFuckerBoy [Ignore] 19,Dec,20 09:46 other posts 
I agree with all above comments

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 15,Jul,20 16:06 other posts 
I am cut but like to use lube when I masturbate, but can do without it to

By overeight [Ignore] 05,Jan,20 21:40 other posts 
Are you kidding the mushroom head stops yout hand from sliding right off.
By cutroundhead [Ignore] 07,Jan,20 03:41 other posts 
I love the feeling when my hand works its way up my shaft, over my circ scar and then hits the helmet rim...dry at first but some lube later on smoothes the way to a satisfying climax
By #608896 11,Jan,20 17:46
That's how I always do it
By cutroundhead [Ignore] 14,Jan,20 03:03 other posts 
pity we can't have a j/o together!

By Boylover [Ignore] 11,Jan,20 21:09 other posts 
My dickhead is very smooth, and I can rub it without lube.

By #608896 11,Jan,20 17:47
Maybe it's because I've always been cut but I've never had a problem jerking off without lube although it's nice sometimes

By accforthep [Ignore] 01,Jan,20 03:07 other posts 
Lube always feels better of course, but it requires a bit of cleanup. I have enough skin to bate dry and it definitely gets the job done, so its fine for me. Never heard of a "tight circumcision" before so maybe I just dont have that

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 31,Dec,19 23:15 other posts 
I Usually jerk off dry but as I get older I find myself using lube.

By BigBriCirc9 [Ignore] 25,Dec,19 18:41 other posts 
Lube is usually much better. I pull my dick skin really tight (I'm cut) and lube it up. Sometimes for a dry wank I use talcum powder with silicone. If I j/o dry with no talc I can get pretty sore, even some chaffing if I'm edging.

By Greek18cm [Ignore] 23,Dec,19 13:29 other posts 
I am not cut but I do masterbate with my foreskin retracted and no lube. It's a matter of how you can handle the discomfort in the beginning. Later you are going to get used to it. Of course with no skin and no lube you can't get as fast as with them...
By cutroundhead [Ignore] 24,Dec,19 03:39 other posts 
Before I was circumcised I wanked with my foreskin retracted but with lube, so I had little adjustment to make when I was cut, but the feeling without any foreskin, even retracted, was very different. I can now wank dry but like to add a little lube just as I build up to shooting. Too much lube and the friction is lost.

By anthem13 [Ignore] 14,Dec,19 21:24 other posts 
I usually jack off without lube (doing it now), because I last longer. When I use lube, I get really, really turned on quickly and cum faster, with a more intense orgasm.
By bil47 [Ignore] 17,Dec,19 09:05 other posts 
I find it's easier to "edge" for an extended time with lube.

By tcputts [Ignore] 07,Dec,19 09:21 other posts 
I used to have a very tight circumcision with almost no loose skin but I've been restoring my foreskin and have grown enough skin that I can pull it past the tip of my erect penis
By Dickventures [Ignore] 16,Dec,19 18:10 other posts 
Same, though I just naturally grew quite a bit back. My friend going through the restoration process was jealous of how much skin I have without even trying.
By tcputts [Ignore] 16,Dec,19 19:06 other posts 
My best friend growing up was intact and he had a nice long foreskin that overhung the tip of his erect penis by about 1/4 inch. I was always very jealous of his penis, even though mine was longer and quite a bit thicker. I still think to this day that he has one of the nicest penises I've ever seen.

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