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Ever taken a huge cum load in your mouth

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by JJohn [Ignore] at 18,Jan,19 13:39  other posts
Iíve only sucked a dozen or so cocks but Iíve yet to be given a really big load to swallow, unfortunately. Really want to have that one cock shoot rope after rope in my mouth, but Iím not sure how to handle all of that cum. Iím afraid a big shooter will make me gag before I have a chance to swish it around in my mouth and enjoy it before I swallow it. Tell me your stories of big loads and how you handled them.

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By knewbi [Ignore] at 04,Feb,19 13:30 other posts 
Attended an all guy orgy once with 8nother guys. 2 of them blew massive loads into my mouth. One so huge it was dripping from my mouth when his cock was fully in there. LOVED IT!!!

By #541363 at 30,Jan,19 16:40
in my blog i write about some cocks i sucked.

My first one was someone who gave me the biggest load. Had to swallow two times to handle it.

By nolongercurious [Ignore] at 30,Jan,19 14:52 other posts 
I've never had a load make me gag. Usually I wish the load was even larger. I guess I crave my reward for a job well done. LOL

By Scorps [Ignore] at 19,Jan,19 04:15 other posts 
🤔 And you classify yourself as "Straight", huh?

I'm sincerely asking why you have your classification as such? I'm just trying to understand.

So, when real "Straights" want to know why guys comment on their pics etc. I might possibly have a reasonable answer.
By bil47 [Ignore] at 19,Jan,19 11:37 other posts 
I identify as bisexual, even though I have no desire for an emotional relationship with a man. I'm basically a straight guy who likes cocks. But I can see why some men with that same sexual orientation would consider themselves 'straight'. It's why 'she-male' porn is popular... it's women with cocks... and it's not gay men who get off on it.
By 2nice [Ignore] at 19,Jan,19 12:09 other posts 
Well said, bill47.
By JJohn [Ignore] at 30,Jan,19 09:16 other posts 
I just joined this site thinking it was pretty cool. But after just one post I get lambasted by the same fools who think that they are superior to everyone else. So who are these intolerant thugs?

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