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Cut or Uncut Cocks

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by 2nice [Ignore] 27,Jun,18 12:41  other posts
I have a cut cock and personally thatís what I prefer. Primarily for aesthetic reasons. Iím curious to learn what you prefer, and why? This discussion is open to both men and women.

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By whitebriefs [Ignore] 30,Mar,21 17:47 other posts 
Iím one of those weird guys thatís uncut but loves the look of a nice tidy circumcised cock. Each to their own, but it should be the owners choice!
By tcputts [Ignore] 30,Mar,21 18:55 other posts 
You have a really nice uncut cock!
By whitebriefs [Ignore] 31,Mar,21 13:09 other posts 
Thank you!
By JackS [Ignore] 06,Apr,21 00:19 other posts 
@whitebriefs Why do you like the cut ones?
Doesn't seem 'weird' to me, as I love the cut ones!
By whitebriefs [Ignore] 06,Apr,21 01:58 other posts 
Probably because my favourite bit of a penis is the big fat red glans and seeing it proudly on show gets me hard. I do appreciate what my foreskin does though, but when itís cold it doesnít look good!

By JackS [Ignore] 06,Apr,21 00:17 other posts 
Nicely cut, before I even knew, but wouldn't change it!!
Just looks nicer, and is cleaner.

By HaoYap [Ignore] 02,Apr,21 20:48 other posts 
I'm asian & I'm uncut. Proud with it

By cutroundhead [Ignore] 01,Jul,18 06:12 other posts 
It's a very personal thing and many guys have very definiete views on it. Personally, I think a circumcised cock looks better...somehow a bare helmet is more masculine to me than a frilly foreskin. And I think a lot of women prefer to suck a circumcised cock as well as being fucked by one, as the helmet is often larger and the rim more flared, so it gives them extra sensation.
By JackS [Ignore] 27,Mar,21 03:41 other posts 
DEFINITEY! Nicely circumcised is beautiful!

By tcputts [Ignore] 26,Mar,21 20:10 other posts 
I much prefer uncut cocks. Mine was cut and I've always hated that. That's why I'm restoring my foreskin

By #545929 27,Jun,18 12:54
I prefer a cut cock.
I find it more aesthetically pleasing to see a cock that is cut very high and very tight with virtually no movement of skin on the shaft even when the guy is flaccid.
By Royboytoy1962 [Ignore] 26,Mar,21 13:49 other posts 

By lawrenceo [Ignore] 05,Jul,18 06:45 other posts 
If I was to suck a cock, I would prefer it to be small and cut

By foreskinlover52 [Ignore] 05,Jul,18 05:25 other posts 
Always uncut for me..Love sucking it

By oldacock [Ignore] 05,Jul,18 00:17 other posts 
You cut guys were maybe a bit too slow. When I saw the surgeon coming at me with the knife I screamed blue murder. I still have my foreskin.

By jt36013 [Ignore] 03,Jul,18 06:33 other posts 
I personally have never experienced an uncut dick before. I would love to, but I think I would be more interested in the person, personality and abilities in bed. If the guy is clean, why not. Something extra to play with. As far as which looks better, no preference. Some uncut cocks look nicer and some cut cocks look nicer. Depends on the cock AND how he uses it.

By bella! [Ignore] 27,Jun,18 14:38 other posts 
Oh, like this has not been discussed before and caused major mayhem!
By 2nice [Ignore] 27,Jun,18 14:42 other posts 
I think we can do it this time without the mayhem.
By JustWill [Ignore] 27,Jun,18 15:20 other posts 
Did somebody say MAYHEM???? Hot diggity-dawg!

(Oh, and the answer to your question is...cut. Like you,I find circumcised cocks to be more appealing aesthetically.)
By bella! [Ignore] 27,Jun,18 15:45 other posts 
And what do you think about those that are circumscribed?
By #460385 27,Jun,18 16:07
I agree with bella, this one is gonna stir up some shit.
By bella! [Ignore] 27,Jun,18 16:42 other posts 
Do you think he's even concerned about shit stirring? NOT!
By #460385 27,Jun,18 16:42

By #539358 27,Jun,18 12:48
If it ainít broke, donít ďfix itĒ. Although when erect most cocks look the same, a flaccid cock should have itís foreskin there as it serves many purposes. Obviously if thereís problems with your foreskin in your teenage years or adulthood the operation should be performed, but routinely circumcising **** in wrong in my opinion.

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