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Putting your shit back up your ass...

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by Angelofdeath [Ignore] at 24,Jun,18 23:44  other posts
Does anyone here ever get tired of bickering, or bringing up old beef? Seriously it sucks to see that certain things wonít die down. Itís like putting your shit up back up your ass. So what you donít like each other? Grow up and move on.

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By whatsupcocks [Ignore] at 07,Nov,18 00:27 other posts 
ya that records broken time for a new one

By #556372 at 28,Jun,18 08:58
Ok. I know I need to study for a urine test, but,after all the replies, what the fuck are you people talking about? ??
By sinanff47 [Ignore] at 29,Jun,18 01:20 other posts 
Nah, I just passed the urine test without studying at all. While trying to get it in that tiny little cup is difficult, the lab calculated the Microalbumin/Creatinine ratio for me--no studying, no calculator.
By #556372 at 29,Jun,18 09:04
I'm thinking that if I fail it I got to be really happy,,

By #540287 at 25,Jun,18 05:39
Sounds like a bunch of drama lovers lol...
I'm only here for the sex lol...
By 2nice [Ignore] at 25,Jun,18 07:06 other posts 
How do you have sex here?
By #556372 at 25,Jun,18 14:22
You stick the mouse in your bum and start walking?
By JustWill [Ignore] at 25,Jun,18 16:47 other posts 
You are forgetting that, for a great many of our members, spanking the monkey counts as "sex" because that's as close as they get...
By 2nice [Ignore] at 25,Jun,18 17:17 other posts 
Once again your wisdom trailblazes through the idiocy with valor.
--------------------------------------- added after 30 minutes

Or perhaps itís just a sharp stick.
By JustWill [Ignore] at 25,Jun,18 18:47 other posts 
Whenever I am here, I come armed with a sharp stick...
By bella! [Ignore] at 25,Jun,18 19:48 other posts 
A sharp stick to poke with?
By #556372 at 26,Jun,18 08:24
Poke,,,is that like pegging?
By sinanff47 [Ignore] at 26,Jun,18 14:39 other posts 
No Mr. lanser, it is marinated, chopped, fresh fish. [Poke. Yikes, I'm not on my Mac, and doing accent marks in windoze is very difficult.].
By #556372 at 26,Jun,18 15:02
By sinanff47 [Ignore] at 26,Jun,18 15:49 other posts 
No Mr. lanser, it is marinated, chopped, fresh fish. [Pokť.] Yikes, I'm not on my Mac, and doing accent marks in windoze is very difficult.].

Aha! I got the accent mark by switching to a Canadian French keyboard.
By #556372 at 26,Jun,18 16:18
By sinanff47 [Ignore] at 26,Jun,18 21:33 other posts 

By bella! [Ignore] at 25,Jun,18 00:05 other posts 
Gregory, the slightly retarded you know what, said hello.
By Angelofdeath [Ignore] at 25,Jun,18 13:34 other posts 
Gregory is a totally different walrus and was born way before any other walrus.
By bella! [Ignore] at 25,Jun,18 13:38 other posts 
I realize that, but I did not want anything or any words to cause your thread to be dumped.
By Angelofdeath [Ignore] at 25,Jun,18 13:41 other posts 
Why? I didnít say anything wrong. Just my opinion. Tired of fighting, easier to let stuff go sometimes.
By bella! [Ignore] at 25,Jun,18 16:27 other posts 
No, YOU didn't say anything wrong but I didn't want your thread dumped because of me.
By Angelofdeath [Ignore] at 26,Jun,18 10:19 other posts 
You didnít do anything wrong

By Dong69 [Ignore] at 25,Jun,18 11:17 other posts 
Thats why i dont play this game!

By cardinal [Ignore] at 25,Jun,18 09:59 other posts 
Yea,quit play'n people come on here like y'all casting a movie try'n to ruin eachothers rep all this fuck arounds shit got sensitive lonely people geting all upset thinking this gone be fun when all people do is bitch .
By 2nice [Ignore] at 25,Jun,18 10:58 other posts 

By #556372 at 25,Jun,18 08:55
Best advice (except about sex in the snow) I've seen here,,,,

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