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Who the first person to see you masturbate?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

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Started by liketoedge [Ignore] at 09,Jan,18 15:40  other posts
How was the first to see you masturbate? Whos Idea was it?

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By Lvphose [Ignore] at 29,Oct,20 09:35 other posts 
A girlfriend of mine

By Pantyhose1 [Ignore] at 26,Oct,20 20:01 other posts 
My neighbor growing up. I was 13 he was 17. I sucked his cock for 3 years

By hornyoap [Ignore] at 26,Oct,20 11:28 other posts 
My school friend, we grew up together and compared docks when we both could get a hard on and after that we wanked together a lot until we got around to girls
By MikeT2020 [Ignore] at 26,Oct,20 12:34 other posts 
Just like my experience. Boys at school first, wanking and hand jobbing, then girls. I think most guys go like that.
By X_Y_Z [Ignore] at 26,Oct,20 15:13 other posts 
yes same here
By liketoedge [Ignore] at 26,Oct,20 17:45 other posts 
I agree, I think that was all of us and the boys that didnt I'm sure they thought about it

By ANGEL1227 [Ignore] at 26,Oct,20 15:28 other posts 
BELLA! Tha bitch.

By Meandick [Ignore] at 26,Oct,20 11:49 other posts 
I used to masterbate with a few school friends when I was about 11. That stopped for about 5 year until a older friend started getting his dick out around me and then I started showing him mine. We used to watch porn together and wank all of the time but never actually touched each other.

By Naked4life [Ignore] at 26,Oct,20 09:46 other posts 
My mom was the first person to see me! Came in on me and never said a word just kept on going

By galaxy123 [Ignore] at 26,Oct,20 07:02 other posts 
I think it would have been my mother, she saw me doing it a few times. She also showed me how to clean my foreskin which got me hard.
By MikeT2020 [Ignore] at 26,Oct,20 08:17 other posts 
Nice to have a mother as helpful as that. How old were you? Did she ever give you a “helping hand?”

By SluttySarah069 [Ignore] at 17,Oct,20 13:19 other posts 
My patrol leader when I was in the boy scouts - we were wank partners for years.

By newwt10 [Ignore] at 16,Oct,20 19:00 other posts 
Step cousin, he and I did it together!

By MikeT2020 [Ignore] at 13,Oct,20 14:48 other posts 
My wank buddy at boys school. He’d hand jobbed me and we started hand jobbing each other at school. Then one day crammed with him in a school toilet cubicle he said he’d like to watch me wank myself so I did. Wanking in front of another boy added a thrill to wanking.
By #627820 at 16,Oct,20 12:31
Same here. My best friend at school. He taught me how to do it.

By liketoedge [Ignore] at 13,Oct,20 13:03 other posts 
For me it was the nieghbor boy that taught me how. I was immediately hooked

By jj822016 [Ignore] at 12,Oct,20 17:41 other posts 
I kept my masturbation activities secret until I was in my 40s and went int my first adult bookstore and peep show. So my first was the stranger who pulled bac the curtain to the booth I was in. That was rather embarrassing and I quickly zipped up and left. Later, thinking back on it, I realized it was quite thrilling and I started frequenting the bookstoresand theaters. It wasn't long before I was masturbating in my car while parked in a secluded spot in a city park which was a well known cruising area. Satisfied a lot of voyeurs there before the Park Rangers started policing the park closely. Now all the theaters and bookstore are gone and I have to drive a long way to have any public fun.

By #621421 at 10,Jul,20 16:12
I discovered masturbation alone at 12.Then one time at friends home we started playing and we ended up bottoms naked watching each other dick.There was 3 of us.I liked watching them

By earthy [Ignore] at 29,Jun,20 18:25 other posts 
I was 12 lying on my bed jerking off, the next thing I know a friend is knocking on the front door. He was laughing and yelling "quite jerking off!". Pissed me off at the time. That sneaky little shit
By everett [Ignore] at 03,Jul,20 05:53 other posts 
i would have pull his pant down an sit on his cock

By DTGiver [Ignore] at 28,Jun,20 16:31 other posts 
A friend when I was a teenager. His idea as he did it quite often.

By Alwaysnude [Ignore] at 28,Jun,20 11:35 other posts 
my friends older sister. she knew we took her dads playboy mags then went in the bathroom and jacked one day we were outside stroking and she was sun bathing but we did not see her half way through we saw her my friend ran i just finished she just watched and never said anything about it.

By overeight [Ignore] at 28,Jun,20 03:15 other posts 
The first person you mean to catch you? The reason I say that is it was after I had sex before and I had pulled out and stroked it out to avoid getting ladies pregnant. I would say I was well into my 30's before someone saw me giving it hell. I was in a hotel with this girl I wanted badd very bad. And after I begged her yo give me some she just wouldn't. So I told her ok look I have got to do something will it bother you if I rub one out. She said go ahead just please do it in the bathroom. So I went in the bathroom got naked and started. She gave me about five minutes or so and let me get really hard and excited. Then she said something pretty loud to me but I hadn't closed the door completely too. Do when she said whatever I didn't hear what she said. So me hard stroking it holding it in my hand I opened the door and asked did you say you want to watch? She said no I asked if you want to borrow my magazine and held up a Cosmo. She said they have some pretty racy pics in here. I said naa those aren't racy enough for me. She said ok. Well I walked back in the bathroom didn't bother even pulling the door too it was wide open. I stroked it out and I blew a huge load and while I was shooting it into the toilet I turned my head and looked over my shoulder and she had a clear view to watch me in the mirror over the dressers in the room I just mosned out loud and finished up. Then I turned looking at the mirror still naked so she got a good look at my fresh jacked cock pumping and pulsating but still big but somewhat soft. I said well I guess we both got to enjoy that huh. She said well you left the door open did you think I wouldn't watch. We laughed a little and I said well I guess I dint need to worry about you seeing it anymore huh she said uhh well its pretty much a done thing now huh. I said yeah. She said ok I gotta get in there. She walked in the bathroom handed me my underwear and pushed me out and licked the door. I could tell how long she was in there she had to di the same thing. She came out and I said you cheated. She looked at me funny and said what. I said you cheated you closed and locked the door. She laughed and said that's funny.
--------------------------------------- added after 9 minutes

Oh by the way this chic looked almost like a dead ringer yo Seejen here on the site body face the whole thing almost like a doppelganger

By everett [Ignore] at 27,Jun,20 03:12 other posts 
i was 13 and my little girl cuzin caught me jackingoff
she was very yooung

By lawrenceo [Ignore] at 17,Jun,20 03:43 other posts 
My boy scout friends

By #618717 at 05,Jun,20 04:06
2 school friends were the first to see me masturbate when we were 15. One of the guys had found a couple of porn mags and we went to some nearby woods to look at them. We all ended up getting our cocks out and jerking off. I got very excited when the first guy got his out as it was the first time I'd seen a hard cock in the flesh. Being young we all came very quickly.

By Smallwills [Ignore] at 04,Jun,20 12:25 other posts 
My cousin use to stay with us when I was younger, one night my parents went out so we had to baby sit my younger brother he went to bed and me and my cousin started to play cards the looser took a piece of clothing off until we were naked I always wanted to see a pussy she like wise to see a cock so we started to touch each other and then masturbated each other

By mavrik [Ignore] at 03,Jun,20 18:12 other posts 
my sister who taught me how

By Hairy_boi92 [Ignore] at 01,Jun,20 14:40 other posts 
My best friend in high school. Now I’m 27 and no guys have seen me or caught me since

By liccalottapussy2 [Ignore] at 02,May,19 14:53 other posts 
My sister in our pre teen years. We were poor and lived in a tiny 2 room house . We were the oldest and slept on the back porch that dad converted to a bedroom. We shared a bed until we graduated highschool. Not something you wanted everyone to know about. Only a curtain separated our bedroom from the rest of the house. On hot nights we slept nude to stay cool and on cold nights snuggled close to stay warm. I was 14 months older than her. I first started stroking around 7 or 8. She never seemed to mind. Wasn't long shecwas doing it to with me.
By Lovepussy [Ignore] at 31,May,20 09:48 other posts 
Sounds like some naughty fun was had back then

By SrCums [Ignore] at 22,May,20 11:00 other posts 
My sister's friend,, but it was done against my will,, i was caught

By pinkpan12 [Ignore] at 22,May,20 08:23 other posts 
My schoolmate. It started as "show me your and I'll show you mine" and ended like a regular weekly wank session.

By #612966 at 21,May,20 17:13
My first girlfriend. Met her in 1995. Scottish redhead girl.
After a few hours on the beach at night we went to a remote place in the dunes and we had sex. She wanted to see my cock and i showed my hard one. She asked me to masturbate and i did. After some 20 seconds she took over, till i almost came. Wanted to wait bc after an orgasm i would be less horny. And i wanted to please that girl.

By Bubba1701 [Ignore] at 21,May,20 15:14 other posts 
A classmate, we maturbated together from time to time

By 4everanedger [Ignore] at 21,May,20 15:13 other posts 
Used to play sexual truth and dare with step siblings and friends at sleep overs.

By liketoedge [Ignore] at 21,May,20 15:12 other posts 
It was the boy that taught me how. But growing up many of my friends watched eachother.

By Bigdaddy402 [Ignore] at 12,May,20 10:01 other posts 
I was 13 teen a girl I knew she was 13 all so asked to see my dick. I pull down my shorts and underwear. My dick was limp i started playing with my dick till it was hard. She then told me she wanted to see me cum so I stood there and jacked off. I shot my cum on her.

By #617119 at 11,May,20 02:21
A jerk off game at boarding school, last to cum on the biscuit had to eat it

By SluttySarah069 [Ignore] at 29,Oct,19 17:02 other posts 
My patrol leader when I was in the scouts - had lots of mutual wanks together. Loved it.
By #607259 at 10,May,20 13:11
Definitely hot

By cutroundhead [Ignore] at 29,Apr,20 07:08 other posts 
As a 15 year old at boarding school I was challenged by a classmate to show him my hard cock (he'd seen it soft often enough in the showers)...I did so and we wanked together regularly from then on
By Hornycock42077 [Ignore] at 09,May,20 19:22 other posts 
And a great relationship begins.
By cutroundhead [Ignore] at 10,May,20 09:40 other posts 
Not a relationship, but more two horny teenagers getting rid of built-up testosterone...a purely phsycial need! I learned a lot about cocks then- he had an uncircumcised cock, medium size with a short foreskin and I also wanked with another boy who had a large tightly circumcised cock and big low danglers...so two very different cocks!

By 3fdfd [Ignore] at 10,May,20 07:43 other posts 
A couple of guys from another on-line site. This was within the last two years. I don't have any early experience. Just in my mid-70s with guys in their 60s.

By #615103 at 10,May,20 07:39
Thirteen yr old friend and I jerked off in front of each other, each for the first time in front of someone - he was from a village outside our small town - stayed over one night and being 13 of course we ended up getting our cocks out - already stiff, to 'compare size' . Jerked off together and found it all very exciting. Just love the memory of how insanely horny I was from 13 on

By reichs23 [Ignore] at 09,May,20 16:38 other posts 
It was on accident but my mom was the first to see me but the first person I let see me was either my best friend or this dude I grew up with on my street... At first I didn't really want to but I felt like I didn't have a choice because I didn't want to offend him or her him mad because I was afraid he would beat me up or something haha.

By Hornycock42077 [Ignore] at 09,May,20 02:04 other posts 
I was actually asked if he could watch me cum, and I accepted .

By BSYBB33 [Ignore] at 29,Apr,20 18:48 other posts 
I was visiting a friend in college and we got wasted my first night down there. He was in the dorms still (we were 19) so they had a bathroom for the whole floor for guys and girls. We were heading back to his dorm for the night and both went to take a piss. Idk what we were joking about but we were the only ones in the bathroom and I completely dropped my pants so my ass was out. He dropped his pants too and we turned it into a game of chicken and started walking away from the urinal to see who would keep pissing completely exposed where anyone could walk in. We finished pissing and I started walking around with my pants down and my arms up saying something like “I don’t go here idc who sees my cock” and we’re laughing and stuff until someone actually walks in. We both ran into the same stall to hide so I sat down on the toilet and put my legs up while he stood there so it seemed like someone just taking a piss. I got horny and started jerking. The guy that came in finished pissing and left, we went back to my buddies dorm room, got naked, and watched porn and jerked off together. I remember busting a nut really quick and my buddy kept making fun of me trying to stroke my soft dick with two fingers and for how quick I came. We didn’t talk about it the next day and stopped being friends a few years later for unrelated reasons
By liketoedge [Ignore] at 05,May,20 15:31 other posts 

By reichs23 [Ignore] at 01,May,20 19:31 other posts 
Pretty sure it was my mom... She walked in on me a few times smh lol.

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