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And people here complain about being blacklisted

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

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Started by admin [Ignore] 22,Apr,15 21:35  other posts
I do not wish to discuss the personality of this particular member I know nothing about, but I saw his blog /blogs/26269.html and want to make an example.

i've been blacklisted on former accounts I had mainly by the same lovely lady who im very fond of... the only way I can find out why or try to resolve the problem is by re-registering under a new user name.

If you look at it without any prejudice this is basically a confession of being a stalker for the same person, being blacklisted by that person, and keep registering new accounts to keep molesting that person. And then he suggests there to make a blacklisting process more complicated, because he takes the ban too personally.

Am I the only one who sees how ridiculous this is?

If I tell you that some people are crazy and blacklist for no reason, I'm just being polite. Most of times you get blacklisted for a reason.

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By SrCums [Ignore] 20,Feb,21 18:50 other posts 
Being blacklisted because you follow the leader and want to score brownie points for political reasons without knowing who you blacklist? Whatever floats you boat.. You've saved me the trouble of blacklisting you.. Such as being a dick-ass just because your radical liberal ideas don't conform to your demands of conformity.. Before the Trump era I always had issues on whether to say goodbye to people permanently or to just give the benefit of the doubt. This makes it all to easy.

By #482237 16,Jun,17 10:30
I can't understand how a site that is supposed to be fun can be so full of site politics, hatred and mud slinging. I found out about forums a few weeks ago by chance. Now i wish I had not. Grow up people, getting blacklisted can't be that bad.

By #527723 12,Jun,17 14:33
I have just discovered i have been blacklisted by someone and i am not sure why. I saw a nice sexy photo of someone and when i clicked on their pic i find i am on the blacklist. If i got a warning or a reason for the blacklist i would understand it but as has been said previously, some people blacklist for no reason at all.
By bella! [Ignore] 12,Jun,17 16:14 other posts 
Yes, some members seem to be blacklisted without a reason or for frivolous reasons.

If you click on your "happy face" rating on your or ANY page, it will provide you with stats for that given member. The stats reflect the number of friends, how many members have blacklisted that member, (WHY?) as well as how many members that member has blacklisted.

I clicked on you and it reflects that you have 7 members that have befriended you, 1 member that has blacklisted you and that you have blacklisted 0 members. What is interesting is that your (WHY?) reflects G, just G.

Since members can blacklist for frivolous reasons, it would be nice if admin made it MADATORY for the blacklisting member to provide a "reason" as well as making it MANDATORY to include their name.
By phart [Ignore] 12,Jun,17 23:01 other posts 
By mr_blue [Ignore] 12,Jun,17 23:25 other posts 
"Since members can blacklist for frivolous reasons, it would be nice if admin made it MADATORY for the blacklisting member to provide a "reason" as well as making it MANDATORY to include their name."

If you have a premium membership you can see who blacklisted you,so that takes away the perks of that membership if you make it mandatory to include a name and reason...

You get reasons as it is and you get the names of who blacklisted you if you are premium...sometimes it's just easier to let go of the why/who blacklisted you...
By bella! [Ignore] 13,Jun,17 05:47 other posts 
Yes, I understand and agree with let it go, but it would be rather nice for others to identify how hateful some members really are.
By mr_blue [Ignore] 13,Jun,17 08:52 other posts 
But what you might see as hateful,others might see as standing up for you can just tell a member to be wary of certain members and let them find out for themselves what people are like....

If someone wants to blacklist me and call me a narcissistic wanker in their reason for doing so, that's their right to do so....I could've posted something they don't like and don't want to see what I post anymore...
By bella! [Ignore] 13,Jun,17 09:23 other posts 
I am fully aware and have been advised to "be wary of certain members". Been there, done that and they were absolutely correct!
By mr_blue [Ignore] 13,Jun,17 11:18 other posts 
So there you go then, don't need a name to given next to the reason for being blacklisted,you can work out who is 'your' type of person to engage with..

People talk to whoever they want,if you don't like who they talk to and try to make them choose between you and someone that's just lame....if someone doesn't want to talk to me in real life,I learned to let it go,you gotta have people you work with you don't like ?and vice versa,do you absolutely have to know why they don't like you or do you let it go ?....If you can't handle criticism for what you do and don't like it​,do you look at yourself or do look at them for the fault,some people just don't get along from the start of their introduction to each other.

If something is toxic to you, it's better to let it go...
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 13,Jun,17 01:30 other posts 
there is a reason to the person who has done it, and even if you knew the why, and the persons name was included, it still wouldn't be enough for some people..some people just cant help but be hateful to others for little or no reason either, so don't worry about the village idiots or people that just don't like you.. best to just 'let it go' or it will eat the crutch out of your undies... and we're here for fun, you just keep doing your thing and let the real people enjoy you as you are... its personal choice and what would you do if you did know??? it wont make any difference to the blacklister as they have their own agenda and they don't want you to be a part of it..STAY SUPER SEXY ALWAYS WAYNE, l like you just the way you are.. don't change for anyone *lix*

By kebmo [Ignore] 13,Jun,17 01:26 other posts 
I strongly disagree the opinion suggesting that I should give a reason as to why I have decided to blacklist someone from my PERSONAL profile. It's my page and I will do with it as I see fit within the rules of this site.

There are many members that allow their photos to be viewed only by their friends which essentially blacklists the entire site. Is that OK?

My page, my photos, my decision, my business.
By Ray10754 [Ignore] 13,Jun,17 11:14 other posts 
well said

By smoothone [Ignore] 17,Nov,16 03:01 other posts 
I just found I'd been blacklisted by a member I have never seen before. I guess realistically I don't give a shit, but I can't help wondering why.I just went to click on his pic in the banner and got the message "this member has blaclisted you" ??????
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 17,Apr,17 09:42 other posts 
some 'beautiful' people are also ageists, they have certain criteria and nothing outside that is acceptable .. *Lix*
By bella! [Ignore] 17,Apr,17 09:50 other posts 
Yes, some members are straight up whack-a-doodles! *bella!*

By NWcock [Ignore] 27,Mar,17 16:30 other posts 
I left a comment on a local person saying "nice dick" (or something to that effect...the comment is still there...a quick google search in a different browser proved that). This person left a comment on one of my photos that they'd like to share cocks (or something to that effect). A day later I went to reply and found I was blacklisted. The reply, actually, was to a PM from them.

From what I've seen in Forums and such, the majority of "blacklisting" complaints are from folks with ponderings similar to mine where there IS no reasonable reason. Unless, of course, "oh, I was masturbating while looking at you then felt ashamed afterwards so I HAD to blacklist you." At the very least...TELL me that instead of just doing it.

Quite frankly, the "blacklisting" thing LOOKS bad to other people who may not have interacted with you before. It gives NO indication of the person DOING the blacklisting. THAT is why people complain when there is no viable reason. It should require a reason (that the person being blacklisted can see and require points...hell, I get points taken away for clicking on a video that doesn't say it requires points...even though I immediately click "back"). It's called "Common Courtesy", especially in such a sensitive area. Some of us are here to interact as the purpose of the site is supposedly designed and because we feel welcome where at one time we, may, have felt ostracized.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 28,Mar,17 04:27 other posts 
Very eloquently and rationally put.
By admin [Ignore] 28,Mar,17 08:14 other posts 
Every video that costs points has a warning about points. If you have found one without warning and the points were taken I'd like to see it.
By NWcock [Ignore] 28,Mar,17 13:29 other posts 
I was saying that, in a gallery, it doesn't say if a video costs points or not. Once I get to the page, of course it says it costs (thus, immediately clicking "back", however they are still deducted even though I didn't load the whole video).

But that is moot as I was, merely, using it as an example to the issue at hand, which is blacklisting.
By admin [Ignore] 28,Mar,17 18:24 other posts 
This means your browser does not work correctly or you intentionally configured it this way. All videos have "preload" tag set to OFF explicitly. They should not start loading when you open the pages. And for most of users it works exactly this way. They load only if "play" is hit. Try tuning your browser content handling options.
By NWcock [Ignore] 15,Apr,17 22:58 other posts 
Yes, I intentionally set it that way just so I could complain. SMH Did you, even, read what I said? IN THE GALLERY, there is no way of knowing it is over 5MB. Instead of telling your users how wrong they are and making ill-informed assumptions about them, why not get better site managers? Not that difficult to add a pop-up box that says "are you sure, this will cost you "X" amount of points". If you know how the internet works, one is able to click on an image (in this case, a gallery "video" image...which, ALL it states is "Video"). It goes to another page (same as the ones when you click on a photo). It, automatically, loads the video. ABOVE the video it states that downloading it will cost "X" amount of points. I do not click "play". I do not "download". I, immediately click "back" yet I'm still dinged the points. Trust me, NOTHING comes through on my computer that isn't authorized. Do NOT blame your site members. Perhaps, if you were a tad more respectful you'd get more paying folks.
By admin [Ignore] 16,Apr,17 17:26 other posts 
This is HTML5 STANDARD. The HTML5 video should not play on page load when it's explicitly set to preload='none' and it is set so. Your browser works differently in violation of the standard and it's not my problem. I should not be fixing it because nothing is broken on my end.

Adding additional elements you suggest will make browsing more inconvenient for most of other users who do not have this problem and that's why I will not add it.
By #460385 28,Mar,17 13:25
We usually get blacklisted by another member because I will confront them on their fake ass account full of internet pics. Then I have no access to their page or pics and therefore can not report them to the review panel. This process is catching on with the fakes slowly but surely.
By NWcock [Ignore] 28,Mar,17 13:32 other posts 
I totally get how aggravating that is. And it's awesome that you call them out on it. I wonder if there's a way to report them for review while blacklisted. I'd make note of their names and contact the admins.

I was just pointing out, here, how easy it is for people to blacklist for no real reason.
By bella! [Ignore] 28,Mar,17 13:54 other posts 
Sadly, NO! admin has made it so that if you should be blacklisted by another, you are unable to view their page (thus making it impossible to report or visit them) for ANY reason.

I also suggested, a while back, that there be a point fee charged to blacklist another member as well as a definitive amount of time that the "blacklist" will be imposed for. Some members blacklist others for really lame reasons and I suspect that if they were asked why they blacklisted so-and-so, they might have a difficult time remembering why.
By #460385 28,Mar,17 16:29
Sounds good to me. Cost of 50 points to blacklist another member for 30 days.
By admin [Ignore] 28,Mar,17 18:41 other posts 
Non-premium users have very limited blacklist anyway. People don't use blacklist much. You have a confirmation bias since you two are often blacklisted, that's all.

I just checked the stats and can tell you that average count of blacklisted is 3.9 per member. That's counting only those who use blacklist (i.e. have at least 1 member blacklisted). Many don't use it at all.
By #460385 28,Mar,17 20:22
We have been Blacklisted by 5 members over 3 years. 3 of which are fakes and are still members. I wouldn't necessarily call that often. But I understand your point.
By bella! [Ignore] 29,Mar,17 06:26 other posts 
I believe that I've been blacklisted by as many as 25 members (at one time) and am currently blacklisted by 20 members.

Of the 20 members that I am currently blacklisted by, there are several that I have NEVER interacted with, several, I can only assume that due of sexual preferences, have blacklisted me, one that has blacklisted me for requesting that she edit her gallery and remove the internet pictures.
By admin [Ignore] 29,Mar,17 12:49 other posts 
You often get blacklisted because you contact fake members about internet pics. Those do not stick around for long. That's what I meant. But obviously, real members do not have reasons to blacklist you. Unlike this member, for example - /mrating.php?id=325111
By phart [Ignore] 30,Mar,17 10:17 other posts 
yep,I am 1 of the 1000 on that 1. annoying as a mosquito biting your ass while you are trying to change a carburetor on a car.
By bella! [Ignore] 29,Mar,17 06:11 other posts 
"People don't use blacklist much. You have a confirmation bias since you 'two' are often blacklisted, that's all."

Doesn't it just make you want to shake your head from left to right while bringing a smile to your face? It is always such a special feeling when admin tosses barbs at his paying members! Go figure!
By leopoldij [Ignore] 29,Mar,17 12:57 other posts 
I agree. There should be points taken off for blacklisting and there should be a reason.
By admin [Ignore] 28,Mar,17 18:29 other posts 
I don't agree. This is not "no real reason". This is quite a real reason for the one who blacklists. It's just not very smart action from the outside point of view.
By NWcock [Ignore] 15,Apr,17 22:46 other posts 
Actually, it IS a real reason. Several hours after someone asks me to hook up with them, I go to reply and find out I'm blacklisted. I have zero recourse but EVERYONE on the site can see that I've been blacklisted. That makes ME look bad. Also, my browser works correctly. I'm very adept at settings, tyvm. And, no, I DON'T click "play". You seem to be very defensive toward constructive input and innocent people getting dinged. If you don't care about this site or its active members, perhaps sell it to someone who does.
By phart [Ignore] 16,Apr,17 16:09 other posts 
I can't see what would be wrong with letting a person know why they are blacklisted. A person can then make more informed decisions on how he or she or it acts here. Points are required to take other actions, why can't points be taken for blacklisting?
By bella! [Ignore] 16,Apr,17 18:44 other posts 
@ phart, Hell, yeah!

The only thing in life that doesn't cost something (at this time) is air/breathing. Unless of course, you are on a ventilator or oxygen.
By phart [Ignore] 16,Apr,17 22:15 other posts 
Unless you have allergies then you wind up spending a fortune on flonase and nasal cleaning products! So breathing does cost alot of us!
By bella! [Ignore] 17,Apr,17 09:48 other posts 
Okay, okay, you've made your point, even breathing costs!

By #460523 16,Apr,17 22:50
well they should tell you y

By #460523 16,Apr,17 22:47
he could just said yes or no

By #460523 16,Apr,17 22:47
I was blacklisted because I did not ask him if it was ok to put him to be a friend before I put him as my friend

By cody8789 [Ignore] 28,Mar,17 20:57 other posts 
Who cares if anyone blacklists. This is just a fun site that doesn't mean anything. if I took it personally, then maybe I should move on and get a life. Be happy that person doesn't want to talk to you anymore, I would. It's not going to affect your credit rating. Lol just don't let it bother you, I'll be your friend, and that's all that counts
By phart [Ignore] 29,Mar,17 12:16 other posts 
It should be required to give the black list victim a reason for being black listed. It might help them to understand the problem and not repeat it and lead to a better site over all if people simply know what they are doing that is so wrong.
By admin [Ignore] 29,Mar,17 12:57 other posts 
And how exactly you suppose to implement that? Leave an empty string to enter the reason? Most of people will type nonsense or insult there, most stupid will type their password there. Make a list of predefined selections? In most of cases this will leave the blacklisted with even bigger puzzle - trying to understand how exactly that reason applies.
By phart [Ignore] 29,Mar,17 18:00 other posts 
Well I see your point. not easy thing to do.
I must admit I was thinking along the lines of predefined.
1, u to old
2, i don't like male
3, i don't like female
4, you have disgusting things on your genitalia

or something along those lines.
The 1's I have banned either had bugged me a million times about wanting to be my slave or they had terrible attitudes towards other members.
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 29,Mar,17 18:53 other posts 
they usually know full well why they are blacklisted, some don't when the person blacklisting is a fake in the first place and doesn't want to be found out by regular users.. its a choice of the person doing it and no reason necessary, they should be allowed to be here in peace *lix*

By #363802 28,Mar,17 16:59
I commented on someones photo, they thanked me for the comment, and when I tried to reply to say your welcome for the comment, I couldn't, because I was blacklisted! Smh

By phart [Ignore] 17,Nov,16 07:57 other posts 
I feel like a reason should be given for the blacklisting of members. It is offensive to be blacklisted for no reason at all. To me it is no different than a total stranger giving me the finger while I am eating breakfast, Or it is just as silly as someone holding a newspaper in front of their face as I walk by so i can't make eye contact. If you put your naked pictures on the internet you might be seen by someone you would not want screwing you.
But at the same time, the clock keeps on ticking rather you black list me or not. I will survive it. But that does not mean it is not offensive and it should be explained.
Trust me,I tried not to black list 2 of the folks that I did but they continued so I did. But the 2 that blacklisted me,I have no idea, just out of the blue,BAM blacklisted? It tends to leave me wondering WTF?

By Andthisisme [Ignore] 23,Apr,15 05:27 other posts 
Call me simplistic but if a member blacklists you then that is a clear indication that they do not wish to interact with you for some reason. So leave them be.

I know of female members who enjoy receiving messages and even unsolicited photos, but there are others who do not as the deluge can be overwhelming and sometimes offensive.

My own maxim is that if I send a message and don't get a response, it may have been lost in the deluge, so after a few days I may send another. If the second is not responded to I get the message and leave the member alone.

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