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Started by mr_blue [Ignore] at 21,Apr,15 11:21  other posts
What's poppin' where you are ? Care to share ?

Current events, rants and raves...general chit chat...politics..
Have a discussion

Anything bugging you,maybe the members could help you with your problem ?

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By phart [Ignore] at 05,Apr,20 16:03 other posts 
Something has came up that I actually can agree with Joe Biden on! And Openly disagree with Trump.
The removal of the captian from the Roosevelt.
Now the poor fellow has not only lost command of the vessel,he to has fallen victum to the virus.
Just shows the military cares more about image than they do crewmans health.
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By kebmo [Ignore] at 29,Mar,20 00:56 other posts 
This article was written by a journalist at the Ottawa Sun newspaper on about March 24th about how Canada and the US are handling the COVID-19 virus differently.

A million Canadians came home from around the world in a week because they know that when shit hits the fan, there's no safer place than Canada to be.

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By mr_blue [Ignore] at 27,Mar,20 01:16 other posts 
Are people still going to use Amazon once their workers get sick ? How do you disinfect some of these places ?
By bella! [Ignore] at 27,Mar,20 02:05 other posts 
I haven't ordered (and I buy quite a bit through Amazon) from Amazon since March 10.
By phart [Ignore] at 28,Mar,20 13:44 other posts 
I know someone who pressure washes buildings and I got some of the very high concentrated Bleach about 2 months ago .2 gallons of it. It is used to kill mold and mildew on walls.
It will peel your skin.
I am thinking of mixing some in a bottle with water and spraying boxes with it before opening.It may help a bit.
Won't have to worry about the postal service after june as they say they will be broke by then.
By bella! [Ignore] at 28,Mar,20 18:36 other posts 
Was this what you were thinking about when you made your post?

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By mr_blue [Ignore] at 29,Feb,20 18:36 other posts 
Anyone notice the Harvey Weinstein stuff?
Or has Corona virus talk buried that news!!!

And are people really believing that Corona beer causes a virus ?!!
By phart [Ignore] at 29,Feb,20 19:41 other posts 
I haven't paid any attention to Harvey. Corona is covering up everything but a certian thing I won't taint your thread with. I did read a quick blurb that the Afgan war is supposed to be over.Paper work was signed to remove troops from there. I don't why they don't wedge that in somehow.Kinda important.
By mr_blue [Ignore] at 01,Mar,20 14:52 other posts 
what's corona virus covering up then ?
By phart [Ignore] at 01,Mar,20 21:06 other posts 
butigeg dropped out of the presidential race, War in afganistan is on track to end, etc
By mr_blue [Ignore] at 03,Mar,20 15:29 other posts 
That's the media for you....while everyone is going on about what trump has said about whatever.....other stuff happens..
Real journalism costs money.....lot easier to make comments about trump for clickbait,rather than do real reporting.
By ANGEL1227 [Ignore] at 03,Mar,20 15:58 other posts 
Blue, I can't decide weather your post is tongue-in-cheek or you are a neophyte to the subject and using Phart as your political compass.
By mr_blue [Ignore] at 03,Mar,20 20:01 other posts 
I can't tell if you have corona virus or if you forgot to take your meds!
By ANGEL1227 [Ignore] at 03,Mar,20 21:10 other posts 
There isn't much you can tell, is there.
--------------------------------------- added after 17 minutes

I'm sorry. Every one tells me to get a thicker skin yet everyone gets super sensitive and abusive when I have a question. I don't have the virus and I don't take meds. I'm pretty healthy for the first and I don't have the psychosis that many of the SYD members exhibit. Some day I'll find proof of intelligence in these forums and be able to have a stimulating conversation. Right here, right now, there's you, and there's Phart. Bye.
By phart [Ignore] at 03,Mar,20 21:43 other posts 
So are you telling us to blow out of our ass's?
By ANGEL1227 [Ignore] at 04,Mar,20 07:51 other posts 
I'm not telling you anything at all. I was just bemoaning my situation. Forget it.
By phart [Ignore] at 04,Mar,20 17:49 other posts 
I had to google that word,I have saw it before.
"bemoaning" to express discontent or sorrow over (something

with 3 men in the house and that is the only moaning you are doing? Are they asleep?
By ANGEL1227 [Ignore] at 04,Mar,20 19:14 other posts 
There's more than one situation at all times in everyone's life. I was referring to the site
--------------------------------------- added after 7 minutes

The other part of the meaning is
to regard with displeasure, disapproval, or regret bemoaning the lack of civility in modern political discourse.
By Chauncey_Street [Ignore] at 23,Mar,20 10:27 other posts 
Harvey has the coronavirus now, if you didn't already hear.

By mr_blue [Ignore] at 10,Dec,19 12:41 other posts 
Cash or credit/debit card ?
How do you pay for your goods ?
By phart [Ignore] at 10,Dec,19 14:14 other posts 
most of time cash or debit card.Made the BIG mistake of running up a credit card bill while fighting for disablity beliving my lawyer that all would be well.only for him to be dead wrong. DON'T run up a big bill,it is like a noose around your neck
By Scorps [Ignore] at 10,Dec,19 17:45 other posts 
After being fucked unmercifully for years, we swore credit off more than 10 years ago and live solely off cash occasionally using the debit card. That being said, keeping a certain amount of cash accessible should there ever be an assault on our power grid. That would devastate most people. If we can't afford it with CASH we don't need it.
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

CREDIT and those that screw countless people over with their insane rates. Those people are fucking scum of the earth. Look at the gotdamned title loan places fucking the poor people over with like 300% interest rates, and they get away with it. Cause no one gives a fuck about the lil guy or the struggling people or families.
--------------------------------------- added after 5 minutes

Struck a nerve... 😔
By phart [Ignore] at 10,Dec,19 19:45 other posts 
Yea, there is another side to the title loan thing that some folks don't realize.People will take a car and get a title loan,say for 2000 dollars. Ok,they take the car to a state that does not require the title for scrapage and sell the car for cash for scrap.The title loan folks go to get the car or the money and neither are at the last known address.
I am not saying the bastards don't deserve to be fucked back,like you said 300%,but at the same time,it don't make it right for folks to steal either.
By mr_blue [Ignore] at 11,Dec,19 19:15 other posts 
I was just wondering how many people use cash?
Cash is so important in small towns.....so if you can use cash,it helps...

Credit cards are designed to make profit....
And what's a "title loan" ? I could Google but can't be arsed..
By phart [Ignore] at 11,Dec,19 20:22 other posts 
A person can go to a place,usually in a strip mall or low rent district,present the title to their car and get a loan using the car as collateral.The interst is very high and most of the time the payments are due each week and 2 weeks missed payments spells repo.
Most of the time the car is a clapped high mileage thing that a dope head will get a title loan against it,abandon the car and smoke away the money.
By Chauncey_Street [Ignore] at 23,Mar,20 10:23 other posts 
Some establishments in the U.S. only accept cash.
For example, I know of a bar that is cash-only as an acceptable form of payment. And they have an ATM machine right in the bar.
I have no idea why.
To cheat on taxes?
By bella! [Ignore] at 10,Dec,19 19:01 other posts 
I use one credit card to pay for everything and I'm fortunate to be in a position to pay my credit card off each month.

Question, "goods" is that some type of buzz word for sex? You know this type of question/post might anger some members. This is an adult site and questions about cocks and cunts might be more anticipated.
By mr_blue [Ignore] at 11,Dec,19 19:09 other posts 
I'm pretty sure there are people that pay for sex...
Don't know if they would admit it though?!

By Scorps [Ignore] at 11,Dec,19 22:06 other posts 
I'm fairly certain of AT LEAST one degenerate here, that FOR SURE, uses the bulk of his pay to buy pussy. It's the ONLY way, the sad sack of shit, will EVER get laid. As any intelligent woman would be repulsed by him and most likely spit in his face.
--------------------------------------- added after 16 minutes

OH! AND! He's quite proud of it too!
By bella! [Ignore] at 11,Dec,19 23:24 other posts 
He certainly is "proud" of his ability to buy any prostitute within his budget! Gosh, as memory serves me, he had a gaggle of gals that allowed him to probe and poke around while he snaps candid cooter shots. I wonder how much money he budgets monthly for prostitutes?
By mr_blue [Ignore] at 11,Dec,19 23:55 other posts 
Are you not a fan of prostitutes then ?
Yeah,some people might only get laid that way..
As long as it's consensual is it hurting anyone?
By #601496 at 13,Dec,19 07:28
Yes, I does. Until prostitution is legalized and regulated it's dangerous for the public and the sex worker. Some countries do that. In the US with it's antiquated blue laws and powerful religious groups it will never happen
By #601496 at 13,Dec,19 06:43
A little late to worry about it. Five yrs too late
By #601496 at 11,Dec,19 08:40
I seldom use plastic. Five yrs ago I was carrying close to 10K and I never seemed to catch up. The guys cut me off and started using debit cards. Every yr Iíve been using my tax return to pay off my cards. Now Iím down to $500 or so. Never again. Except for big Ūtems like a car, if I canít pay cash I donít get it.
By phart [Ignore] at 11,Dec,19 10:01 other posts 
I just talked to a lady at the bank about getting a loan to pay off the card and save on interst.Big savings over time.get that monkey off my back and over in a chair somewhere so I can breath.I made the mistakes,I don't mind paying my debts,but the intrest builds up and makes paying off hard to do.
By Scorps [Ignore] at 11,Dec,19 22:08 other posts 
Atta girl! Just an fyi... You don't NEED them expensive ass cars either that lose 8000 - 15,000 dollars the minute you signed the contract.
By #601496 at 12,Dec,19 07:04

--------------------------------------- added after 65 minutes

I like Nissans. My current car is a 2017 Rogue. I insist on new cars only. I have my eye on the small Nissan p/u with crew cab.
By Skittles [Ignore] at 13,Dec,19 21:36 other posts 
AMEX... for the points!
By Chauncey_Street [Ignore] at 23,Mar,20 10:26 other posts 
Debit card.
Anything's better than "spastic plastic". (Credit cards.)

By mr_blue [Ignore] at 14,Jan,20 01:09 other posts 
ďItís a blend of geranium, citrusy bergamot, and cedar absolutes juxtaposed with Damask rose and ambrette seed that puts us in mind of fantasy, seduction, and a sophisticated warmth.Ē.

the scent of celebrity cunt
By Chauncey_Street [Ignore] at 23,Mar,20 10:24 other posts 
Bottle it!

By Skittles [Ignore] at 21,Mar,20 10:38 other posts 
More panic because there's a spike in Coronavirus cases...

Or, is the more logical/sound conclusion more people are just getting tested?

Common sense lost yet again...
By mr_blue [Ignore] at 21,Mar,20 10:50 other posts 
It's all fucked up.....yes it's a flu,but it's highly contagious....and cuz the media just keep repeating the cycle of crap,people get fatigued by what they hear,so start to dismiss it as overreacting....and ignore it...

I'm already fed up of hearing about some celebrity on self isolation, you're a celebrity,you do nothing anyway,or a job a ten year old could do...

There's people licking shopping carts and door handles out there, fucking weird ..take some wipes people....

By phart [Ignore] at 19,Mar,20 11:23 other posts 
I have read some information about some citys here in the US that the police are no longer going to respond to certian calls.
It reminded me of this information I had read a year or 2 ago. As all of us are stuck at home, some elderly have medical alarms,some women are being abused by men,some kids are being abused, and for a fact people have been driving 80mph past my house in a 45 zone,these storys really bring home the dangers we are living in.And why some folks,have a hard time trusting the government with thier safety enough to turn loose of the guns. Please read these storys and feel free to google.You will be shocked as I was.
Go ahead and sell yourself on the street,steal from your neighbor,you want to drive a Escalade,just steal 1, they won't bother you.

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By mr_blue [Ignore] at 08,Mar,20 18:08 other posts 
Happy international women's day

By mr_blue [Ignore] at 04,Mar,20 14:24 other posts 
Looks like Sanders v Biden
By phart [Ignore] at 04,Mar,20 14:56 other posts 
Just think of the good that could have been done with 660 million dollars BloomingidiotBurg blew on something there was no way he could get into?
Alot of homeless in New York could have been housed,alot of medical bills coulda been paid etc.
By mr_blue [Ignore] at 04,Mar,20 15:09 other posts 
It's his money,he can waste it on whatever he likes...
Why should he pay for others misfortune of not being a billionaire ?
America loves rich people,and think that because they are rich,they can sort out the ills of the country....
Bloomberg was never going to win,the bankers won't allow it...

It's gonna be Biden v trump I reckon cuz Bernie is gonna get fucked by democrats..
By phart [Ignore] at 04,Mar,20 17:47 other posts 
Well the fact that Bernie has made it this far is scary.He is so far off base with what has normally been a very liberal party,they are scared he will loose the election for them.
As for bloomers money, i know the rich have no obligation to help anyone. BUT for the likes of him and Bernie to preach about spreading the wealth and blah blah,you would think Bloomer would set a positive example himself.
"Follow my example,invest in your communitys to prevent hunger,invest in your town to clean it up".
And etc.

By phart [Ignore] at 03,Mar,20 21:42 other posts 
You know,here in the US we have a "black history month".
Strange thing to me though is all I hear about is the civil rights leaders and such.Never a story like I stumbled over a few minutes ago.
only registered users can see external links

These are the kinds of storys people need to read.

By phart [Ignore] at 02,Mar,20 08:39 other posts 
Well Corona virus reached Florida. Not good,because all of those old crows will head back home up north in a month or 2 and spread it up there like butter on bread.
Can't exscape it.

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