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A warm welcome to all new members, please introduce yourself here!

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #415959 [Ignore] at 14,Jul,14 18:56
New members please introduce yourself properly. What do you like about SYD thus far ?

SYD Family, please welcome our newest members.

It's 'Open Mic' night.

The floor is yours...

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By gayguy [Ignore] at 02,Dec,19 18:47 other posts 
Hi all,
I'm from Hervey Bay in Queensland, AUS
Like to meet other gay guys in the area, I have a hard six inch cut cock & a bottom

By #591193 at 29,Nov,19 04:46
I’d just like to say hi to everyone. I love cock all shapes and sizes. this site is awesome. The dick pics are fascinating and fun (and usually attached to nice people so I found)
Thanks to everyone who is made me feel welcome so far.

By #466843 at 16,Jul,14 01:18
My input is to make this sight more of a Social Network for the Penis....Not just a Show & Tell.

But more options to interact with each other. Video Chat, Polls, Private Messenger, etc...

Polls you asked earlier what purpose they may serve? Well they create an area where members can ask questions directly to each other about all sorts of sexual interests,and then collect and review the responses. This in return creates more social networking for the members and promotes socializing and engagement with each other.

And searching options are based on whatever information a member puts in. "Correct" is whatever they provide. Other members will search out those details to meet others with the same interests and back-grounds.

In online porn sites, people are not generally going to provide their actual name, address, etc.. Why would they? Porn is Fantasy based, and that is what 90% of it's viewers expect. Anyhow, that's my input.
By admin [Ignore] at 16,Jul,14 07:31 other posts 
Sigh. That's not what I was asking. You imagine that if I make an area for polls it would be filled with member automatically. This is not so. Look at the forum, only small portion of members participate here. I need to think about how to implement it so that people participate. Otherwise this would be just another useless feature. And you are not telling me this.

By #466843 at 15,Jul,14 09:20
Well it's hard to interact on here it seems. Good news for this site though is the guy who runs the biggest competition just went insane and is selling his site dick dot net.

So it looks like "Show Your Dick" is the only dick site on the net now.

So for those here who also belong to that site, you are not imagining things when you click on the site and it auto-directs you to a you tube video of the owner at a doctors office having a complete nervous breakdown. Very strange set of events actually.

I guess he could not handle the pressure of running such a popular site....If I were the owner of Show Your Dick, I would go and buy up dick dot net as soon as he could. It's a huge money maker, and has been around for about 15 years.
By admin [Ignore] at 15,Jul,14 10:17 other posts 
Sites are usually sold at least for their monthly income multiplied by 24 months. If is so profitable, I have to be a millionaire to buy it. And I'm not. To be honest, I barely make living these days. And if I was a millionaire, I would not run any adult sites at all. There are better things to do with millions.

I suspect, however, that the reason he sells it (assuming he really does) is the same as with this site - no good visibility on Google after they filtered porn out of searches with double meaning, such as "dick".

But if any of those members decide to join here, I only welcome them, indeed.
By #466843 at 15,Jul,14 19:18
All I know is the guy "Dick Hunter" Has gone completely insane.

I mean have you gone to his site? It auto-directs you to a You tube video of him recording himself in a doctors office, and he is going out of his mind. I would say he was on some sort of severe **** induced situation. It's hard to tell what he is trying to say or the message he is trying to get out. From what I could make out, he has some sort of bad heart condition, and is having some sort of mental break-down. He completely shut down the site after running it for Years and Years, and claims he is going to do something new and different in his life. Yet you can't quite figure out what that is by his video. After years of running the site, he has never actually participated in it or posted any pics of himself. And even more ODD, this is the first time anyone has actually seen what he looks like. He has always remained extremely secretive in his identity, yet maintained a constant presence at dick dot net.

I have to say I am gonna miss that site cause it has some really cool features such as polls, and browsing options where you can search members using various break downs like cut or uncut, age, gender, dick size, city, state, country etc.. He had it set up really well. And now unless somebody buys it up and keeps running it.....It's all over.
By admin [Ignore] at 15,Jul,14 19:26 other posts 
Search is really not a matter of technicality, but of members supplying correct info about themselves. I'm not gonna sort every member out by myself that's why there is no more search options, not because it's difficult to program, they are simply useless without correct info.

As for polls - I'm not sure what you mean. What's so great about them? I can do polls here, not a big deal either, just don't see how those could fit.

And no, I never went to

By leopoldij [Ignore] at 15,Jul,14 08:46 other posts 
Hello everyone!

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