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Crazy stories?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by Wunderbar [Ignore] at 18,Feb,14 11:35  other posts
Just a place to relate your crazy stories, and things that have happened to you that made you just take a second out of your day to go.... what in the fuck just happened?????

I'll go first, I was working on sight, chainsaws out and running, setting up a tree to be brought down, It sounded like someone was in pain, so I shut off the chainsaw and my buddies and I ran to see what it was, when we got there, There was this fully naked man, sitting on a branch, moaning in pain (pleasure??) taking a dump....... And this is out fairly deep in the forest... I didn't even know how to react, the only thing I could say was "no."

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By #568296 at 10,Oct,18 23:23
My friend and I were naked sucking each others cocks when his mom caught us and and bent us over the desk and fucked us with a strap on. She tortured our cocks and made us kiss.

By #204188 at 26,Aug,15 08:44
I have this straight friend who I think is very hot, he has this nice bulge sometimes where I fantasised about a lot.
One day, we both got drunk and we fell asleep in the same bed. When I woke up in the middle of the night I took my chance and slowly moved my hand on his buldge on his boxer. I massaged it a bit so his penis would get hard. I felt it getting bigger and bigger so I slowly moved my hand under his boxer, and touched the tip of his dick and try to get it out of his underwear. I almost had it perfectly in my hand to give a handjob (and dare to look) when he woke up. I didn't know how he would react so I pretended to be asleap while my heart was racing.
I guess he actually liked it because at first he tried to fuck my hand. Then he petted my hand to make me move it. I got a few good strokes when he got out of bed and finished it by himself. He later went to lie in another bed.
I was horny the whole night, but we didn't talked about it. I think he still thinks I was asleep and don't know what happend, but I'm sure he still knows what happend. I regret for not looking at his dick, and maybe I had to 'wake up' too so we could get it really on, but maybe he would get scared off.
I still wank at this when I picture it and fantasise about what could've happend
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 27,Aug,15 03:43 other posts 
wicked hot, its hard to **** when someones playing with your junk *lix*

By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 26,Aug,15 07:55 other posts 
yeah l have a crazy story, or rather a crazy stalker, she had a blog comment deleted and has turned into this crazy twisted piece of work, she leaves nasty comments everywhere and thinks it will make me scared, oooohhh lm shaking in my shoes and l cant wait for the next one, l hope she doesn't pop a brain cell soon because she doesn't have many to spare *lix*

By #170523 at 20,Feb,14 23:11
I had an insurance claim rejected at work,turned it over to the Human Resource office and they told me they made a mistake and would fully cover it and give me an additional $200 dollars.How's that for a crazy story?
By Wunderbar [Ignore] at 21,Feb,14 10:34 other posts 
Wish that would happen to me

By swvsucker [Ignore] at 20,Feb,14 22:58 other posts 
Was driving down the road one day and saw firetrucks, ambulances and police cars everywhere. I looked all around and couldn't see what the problem was. Then I spotted it. A small SUV on a house. Not in it, ON it. Apparently a drunk driver had lost control at high speed, hit a flower garden hump beside of the house and launched into the air and landed on the roof of the house. I actually have a picture of it somewhere.
By Raypark [Ignore] at 21,Feb,14 04:42 other posts 
Must have been one hell of a ride
By Wunderbar [Ignore] at 21,Feb,14 10:33 other posts 
Wow,air ball anyone? lol

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