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need to travel to Denmark?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #448878 [Ignore] at 25,Jan,14 10:20
if you come to Denmark for a trip maybe vacation? or business? or?
so I thought you should try a Danish girl who loves cock ... me!
it turns me on wildly that a totally horny man I do not know knocking on my door just to fuck me and spray his sperm far up in me and in my face tits ass mouth or wherever you like
I will be happy to be your little fuck doll while you are here
traveling in groups? it is not a problem! that I can also either simultaneously? or one after the other
I like gentle rope play where I'm bound and used, I swallow and take it deep into my throat, anal but preferably by several guys at once
your age does not matter as long as you are hard and horny

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By #68656 at 26,Jan,14 05:53
As much as i do not want to spoil the fun of all you lovestruck Cassanovas, I need to tell you that the profile is FAKE. The images are actually stills from a smut video and the person shown is in fact a "model" named Tasia Kira Greve.
By #448878 at 26,Jan,14 06:18
worng ..right .. wrong .. right
1 i am not a "FAKE" as you say
2 yes your right .. some r from a video
3 no i am not a model
4 and yes that is my name (how nice of you to post it here .. ass )
By #68656 at 26,Jan,14 06:26
We will let the review panel have a look and see what they think in their independant opinion.
By #448878 at 26,Jan,14 06:33
Woot ?? .. open your EYES
By #428387 at 27,Jan,14 19:44
Sorry I just had to Google this word .And now I know
Woot originated as a hacker term for root (or administrative) access to a computer. However, with the term as coincides with the gamer term, "w00t".

"w00t" was originally an trunicated expression common among players of Dungeons and Dragons tabletop role-playing game for "Wow, loot!" Thus the term passed into the net-culture where it thrived in video game communities and lost its original meaning and is used simply as a term of excitement.
"I defeated the dark sorcerer! Woot!"

"woot! i r teh flagmastar!" (Think Tribes)

"Woot, I pwnzed this dude's boxen!'
By ktalmipn [Ignore] at 27,Jan,14 19:50 other posts 
AAAlsoo the "elites" from Halo 1 the videogame used to say WOOT WOOT WOOT!!! now i feel like a nerd
By #428387 at 27,Jan,14 20:33
Thanks Buddy .The wonders of SYD/SYC/SIO you learn a new thing every day
By ktalmipn [Ignore] at 27,Jan,14 20:40 other posts 
YES i do its kinda amazing
By #396572 at 28,Jan,14 12:49
my dog says WOOF WOOF WOOF, now i know what he means!
By ktalmipn [Ignore] at 28,Jan,14 17:28 other posts 
maybe they like videogames?

By staudacher [Ignore] at 25,Jan,14 20:28 other posts 
Need to add to my bucket list!

By qqqq1234 [Ignore] at 25,Jan,14 19:12 other posts 
I wish I could make it over there! You're definitely worth the trip

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