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anyone else prefer maturbating over sex?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by Odin_york_pa [Ignore] at 17,Nov,13 11:16  other posts
Just wondering if anyone else like me out there that prefers a good few hours long ( or just a quick 20min)masturbation session over real, live sex? I don't know why I am like that, I do not consider myself antisocial in the least. Maybe becuase disease is so rampant these days it kinda scares me away. Anyone else or am in alone on this one lol?

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By knewbi [Ignore] at 11,Sep,19 12:28 other posts 
Ya know, there are times when a good jerk off session is better than sex with another. It does not happen often as sex with a person is what I crave. But I have had times when I could have had another there but chose to just jerk off alone. Generally because I was wanting to try something special.

By cody8789 [Ignore] at 11,Sep,19 01:49 other posts 
If I could get sex every day, then I wouldn't have to masterbate

By Scorps [Ignore] at 10,Sep,19 22:05 other posts 

By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 09,Sep,19 18:51 other posts 
no one can bring me to an orgasm like l can. as good as some are, they cant do the job l can. l sometime will masturbate even after sex, to finish off with the big bang. l have different intensity of orgasms and sometimes l need the big one to sleep, so its just easier to do it and get it out of my system *lix*

By SluttySarah069 [Ignore] at 09,Sep,19 17:49 other posts 
Wash your hands first and you are not likely to catch anything you would be ashamed to tell your mother about.Also, wanking doesn't make you go blind - that's just an old wife's tale.

By #578610 at 09,Sep,19 14:22
I thought I'd share this

By Freddy at 09,Sep,19 14:17⤴

you fucking nasty rat. You fucking fuck up brain is sagging like your old cunt. I know I am an asshole and proud of it.

By #595788 at 09,Sep,19 13:25
I can certainly get a better stronger orgasm masturbating as I can control the pressure, stroke and speed, hold back on the brink and finger my most sensitive parts, and enjoy very erotic porn while Iím wanking. Also wanking is much more convenient when I simply feel the need. But nothing equals the whole body experience of undressing a woman, running my hands, lips and tongue over her naked body and enjoying hers on mine, then feeling her naked body against mine as I slide in, then hearing her orgasm cry and feeling her legs wrap over me and her heels pound my bum. They are two different kinds of sexual experience with their place, but I prefer full sex.

By bella! [Ignore] at 28,Oct,16 08:58 other posts 
This nostalgic Marvin Gaye song sums it up quite nicely;

Ain't nothing like the real thing, b@by
Ain't nothing like the real thing, no no
Ain't nothing like the real thing, b@by
Ain't nothing like the real thing.....
By CountryCouple54 [Ignore] at 28,Oct,16 10:15 other posts 
I agree

By pipcock [Ignore] at 25,Oct,16 18:44 other posts 
Yes, good masturbation can beat average sex.

I like to go on-line and wank with guys and I can edge for an hour with three or four guys, one after the other, until one of them sends me over the I have such excellent orgasms that way.

Have good sex with my wife, but the best part is licking and sucking her clit, and licking her ass if I can persuade her.

Also have been expertly sucked off at a gay club.

But my go-to when I am randy is the internet and a guy or two to masturbate and edge it!
By rudy51 [Ignore] at 28,Oct,16 08:02 other posts 
Feels so good to edge and the climax is always fantastic

By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 26,Oct,16 17:39 other posts 
l don't prefer masturbating over sex, but youre left to your own devices for 12 out of 14 days its an absolute necessity for someone like me, l come differently with all the different things l like to do and when that fails l break out the toys and nasties...frustration is a bad emotion for me..l don't deal with it well. my body needs the release everyday, l play before bed, l wake up at least once during the night and l try to wake up early to rub one last one out before the day starts...during the day, lm always pinching my nipples and every moment l get alone l play...*lix*
By leopoldij [Ignore] at 26,Oct,16 19:53 other posts 

By #522459 at 26,Oct,16 17:01
oh I can really get off on my pocket pussy, sometimes it makes me cum to quickly

By #519017 at 25,Oct,16 05:12
Masturbating and sex are two different experiences. Sometimes masturbating I can get a better orgasm as I've got better control of my penis, and I can ogle hot kinky porn pix of women doing things my wife would never do, and I can take ages. Masturbation is a penis only experience. Sex is whole body, with a naked woman pressed against you, and also there's something red hot erotic about giving a woman an orgasm. Best to have both masturbation and sex, but if I had to choose I'd go for sex!

By _avg_ [Ignore] at 27,Nov,13 23:02 other posts 
No, but then what choice have I got really??
By leopoldij [Ignore] at 21,Mar,15 12:52 other posts 
Why, is it hard for you to find someone to fuck?

By leopoldij [Ignore] at 21,Mar,15 12:49 other posts 
I like masturbation but I prefer to masturbate when someone is next to me watching or, better yet, helping. Masturbating alone is ok, but not as good as when done with a partner.

By newwt10 [Ignore] at 20,Mar,15 15:25 other posts 
Not really love to have the soft touch of a sweet tongue on my fat cock that I once enjoyed!

By liketoedge [Ignore] at 09,Mar,15 15:58 other posts 
I admit that masutbating is sometime better than sex....and definitely alot less work....I have always been an avid masturbater. Even when getting plenty of sex I still want to jack off on a regular basis

By #188764 at 12,Dec,14 07:37
Sex with a partner is fun and satisfying, but an hour of solo edging produces the most intense orgasm. A partner can't be as aware of your arousal level, and can't hold you on "the edge", the way you can do to yourself.

Bottom line: both are great, but in different ways.
By sinanff47 [Ignore] at 13,Dec,14 00:52 other posts 
With excellent communication, I have found that a partner can keep you 'on the edge' virtually as well, but with added benefits and excitement.

By Thundercock [Ignore] at 12,Dec,14 19:58 other posts 
some times

By small_dik [Ignore] at 08,Dec,14 19:14 other posts 
I do personally, but it's probably because of my size. I prefer to edge for a while a build up a really big orgasm, where I find it difficult to do this during sex. So I just concentrate on pleasing my partner rather than myself during sex. Have my best orgasms via masturbation.
By ChocolateDevine [Ignore] at 09,Dec,14 11:00 other posts 
That makes sense
By Savuck [Ignore] at 11,Dec,14 04:16 other posts 
I do that too, usually build it up to the point of where I can't touch my cock without cumming then it shoots out like a fountain. I was lucky enough to be with a skinny hot girl for over a year that would let me fuck her for 45 mins or so taking a min or so break when i would feel like i was gonna cum. built the cum up to where i just couldnt handle it no more. most girls do not like that they just want you to fuck till you cum without stopping....**** that shit.
By pinkpan12 [Ignore] at 12,Dec,14 05:28 other posts 
I totally agree with you...
anyway nothing is better than oral.

By leopoldij [Ignore] at 11,Dec,14 21:55 other posts 
What's the difference?

By greenmachine [Ignore] at 11,Dec,14 07:49 other posts 
I love fucking. but sometimes i just want to cum, and jerking off will allow me to concentrate on me rather than making sure my wife gets off.

By Savuck [Ignore] at 11,Dec,14 04:14 other posts 
Sometimes. Most of the time, no. I love fucking pussy...i love fucking extremely hard. Theres nothing i can do with my hands thats better than nailing the hell out of a super tight pussy.

By 67malibu [Ignore] at 09,Dec,14 14:31 other posts 
Sometimes, lots of times, probably most of the time

By #136427 at 21,Nov,13 07:44
Never jack off if you can pound hole
By small_dik [Ignore] at 09,Dec,14 03:21 other posts 
reminds of that saying - A push in the bush is better than two in the hand Heard it said in a movie once.

By t-rex [Ignore] at 08,Dec,14 20:11 other posts 
Jacking off is awesome, but for me, it can't replace real sex, no matter what

By slipper [Ignore] at 27,Nov,13 16:39 other posts 
A good hand-job (from self and/or another) is hard to beat (no pun intended, of course ) Masturbating was most people's initial outlet and many find it particularly stimulating--and, research shows most continue to do so all their lives. And yes, sometimes I prefer a hj to anything else. I also prefer Thai food to Southern Fried (but, not all the time.) ENJOY and don't concern yourself.

By yellowman [Ignore] at 27,Nov,13 13:14 other posts 
Masturbation every time, whether alone or with one other or even a group.

By #414941 at 18,Nov,13 14:21
Jacking off requires me to just pleasure myself. Don't have to worry about her. Sex requires me to take my time and fuck her well. Fucking a pussy is better but jacking off is alot less complicated.
By ktalmipn [Ignore] at 19,Nov,13 18:22 other posts 

Nicely explained

By Odin_york_pa [Ignore] at 19,Nov,13 18:18 other posts 
Glad to see I am not the only one who is like this. Seems like most people's reason are much the same as one each other

By #160779 at 18,Nov,13 14:51
Wife has lost interest therefore I wank every day. Will still eat and fuck pussy when the opportunity arises.
By stickyknickers [Ignore] at 19,Nov,13 09:55 other posts 
I know exactly how you feel. Same here

By #289712 at 18,Nov,13 21:25
At times its alot better.

By Gary5 [Ignore] at 18,Nov,13 17:53 other posts 
I understand the other comments, but also for me, masturbating is a personal thing - only I know how to do it the way I like, and it can be incredibly sensual if you do it right, have lots of time and are in the mood.

By #187578 at 18,Nov,13 14:00
Definitely prefer stroking myself off sex has become a turn off for me

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