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Kinky! Fetishes outside the norm! Wondering who else on this site is into kink

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #337923 [Ignore] 08,May,13 07:01
Hey there. So I am always seeing pee or body modification things on this site, but I've been curious as to what else some of you are into. Personally, I have fetishes outside of your average(ish) love of large breasts or seeing someone pee. Closer to bdsm, and some are actually frowned upon. So, if you consider yourself kinky or liking of fetish-y things, I'd like to hear some about it. You can post here, or message me if you like. *Note- I am not a fan of horrid spelling and improper use of grammar, so if you send a message such as "hi, I like nipple clamps, do you like clamps, u are sexi women" DO NOT expect to hear back from me. I'm a bit of a Nazi when it comes to spelling and such. I look forward to hearing from you

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By cumonme1 [Ignore] 01,Mar,21 08:19 other posts 

By bil47 [Ignore] 23,Feb,21 08:12 other posts 
I like to role-play being a submissive sex-slave, serving a dominant Master or Mistress... or a dominant m/f couple.

By whatsupcocks [Ignore] 23,Feb,21 00:53 other posts 
One of my things is plush, pluchy, teddy bears. They fill good when I rub my cock on them and they never say no.

By Lenatur [Ignore] 17,Feb,21 06:17 other posts 
Check the Page from LENATUR

By knewbi [Ignore] 15,Feb,21 17:59 other posts 
Not sure that I would call it a fetish but it is a kinky desire.I really want to have a large bat hug titted black woman as a cum dump. Someone that knows that all I want is a place to deposit some cum when the need arises. Also maybe let my friends make a deposit from time to time. She does not have to be attractive but clean. Just a fantasy that I have had for a long time.

By Lilboi [Ignore] 14,Feb,21 20:50 other posts 
Id love to be watched by lots of people while a group of men with big cocks take turns fucking me in front of everyone

By #622721 24,Oct,20 14:49
I am in for about each kind of sexual pleasure but my favorite by far is to be a torture slave from a almost mercyless experienced mistress. When good build up and with a lot of variation I can become in a pain loving rush in which more pain makes me more horny and when I get more horny I long for more pain and so on. At that state a mistress can fullweight high stiletto heels trample, kick, whip, cane me all over my body untill completly whip marked and bruised also and extra brutal do that to my cock and balls. Pushing a lot of needles, meatskewers, hooks, and hammering nails through my nipples, balls, cock and glans. Pull ahd hang heavy weights on the skewered nippoes, balls, cock and glans. Burn my body, nipples, balls cock and glans with cigarettes. Modifiy by cutting my glans in to halves and cut the urethra open to the balls. Cut the ballsack open and expose the balls and while exposed push needles through them. Also I like it when my asshole gets severe stretched up with dildo,s, bottles, arm deep double fisting and worked on to create a prolapse as big as a grapefruit . Of course the mistress can further do with me wat ever she likes to do more for as long as she leaves me alive and without permanent disability there are no limits.

By #607259 26,Jul,20 10:08
Just piss

By royal [Ignore] 06,Jul,20 01:43 other posts 
I've ruined my cock in which I very much enjoy having my balls busted and kicked, the harder the better. Not many guys can take pain to their balls which turns me on - I'm into being dragged around on the floor from my balls... but mostly I need to be kicked and ravaged while my arms are tied and I take the busts. Extreme CBT !!
By cadi [Ignore] 25,Jul,20 21:31 other posts 
Yes, having balls and cock busted and kicked are big pleasure and enjoyment. I want someone to torture my cock and nipples as hard as you can, please.
By royal [Ignore] 26,Jul,20 07:31 other posts 
yes balls are for being tormented and kicked - they should always be swollen and bruised !

By thickswingercock [Ignore] 26,Jul,20 02:30 other posts 
i do some pro/dom & findom work. alot of humiliation, degrading, cock and ball torture, cuck couples, getting worshipled

By overeight [Ignore] 08,Jul,20 12:21 other posts 
Well I'm not sure if my kink is really to far out there or not but one is pretty risqué I guess. I want a CFNM experience at least once where ladies are surprised by me walking out nude and letting them play with my body. I also have a thing for ladies with beautiful eyes wearing glasses and giving them a facial. One more thing I would love is to find a lover who I know I can trust and have her tie me down and titillate me and give me a soft passionate lingam massage but deny me an orgasm multiple times until I can't stand it and beg her to make it happen,then have her mount me and slowly ride me until I blow a huge load inside her so she can feel how excited she has gotten me with her tease and she can enjoy herself and my appreciation by filling her with the passion she caused. I'm really a pretty dull person with the kink but I do really enjoy very sexually charged and passionate events,nothing weird or too kinky but I do live high passion and incredible eroticisms.

By submissivemartyn [Ignore] 05,Jul,20 07:23 other posts 
I'm into being spanked and humiliated also bondage,cbt,tease and denial,edging,pee play and anal play.

By everett [Ignore] 04,Jul,20 22:50 other posts 
me just lick to lick my toes

By Tinybikerdick [Ignore] 14,Nov,19 02:07 other posts 
I like experimenting with different things on my dick gone as far as inserting worms down my pee hole also tried a small garnener snake down it the feeling was wild
By #551147 14,Nov,19 02:40

By #602993 06,Nov,19 16:05
I want my penis to get tiny and small. Only way I know how to get that is to remove my balls. Does anyone know how to do it without cutting my ball sack open? I don't want a scar just a loose empty sack hanging down.
By Dev01 [Ignore] 08,Nov,19 22:08 other posts 
just take meth for about 3 weeks ... Job done
By #551147 10,Nov,19 11:25
There's instructions on injecting your balls with pure alchohol on the internet. That should do the trick.
By #602993 11,Nov,19 15:32
Thank's I'll check it out

By Dev01 [Ignore] 03,Nov,19 23:17 other posts 
I love jacking off with a mixture of antifreeze and gasoline
By #568769 06,Nov,19 12:37
By Dev01 [Ignore] 07,Nov,19 01:35 other posts 
I'm glad someone got it

By Lilboi [Ignore] 31,Oct,19 01:17 other posts 
Love crying during anal, not full on but more like sobbing and moaning. My one bud loves it when he fucks faster making me squeal and sob while begging for mercy.

By #390287 23,Jul,13 00:36
I'm a furry...nothing else to say.

By Bendy [Ignore] 23,Jul,13 00:31 other posts 
Is bending it kinky ?

By #358284 10,Jul,13 10:03
Check out my pics and comment on the kinks!!

By pornlover59 [Ignore] 09,Jul,13 17:46 other posts 
I love watching/getting pissed on,pissing on others.hairy cunt &asshole and armpits on women,seeing a woman squirt and cunt&asshole gaping!!!that includes men too.Nipple clips and lots of juice sharing wether its from cock or pussy!!cum eating from the source or in creampie. and ass to mouth

By Bendy [Ignore] 08,Jul,13 18:02 other posts 
Having women give me a handjob, and hearing them laugh and giggle at how flimsy it is... And watching them bend and fold it,

By bigone21 [Ignore] 09,May,13 13:17 other posts 
I'm into piss and fistfucking! (male/male)

By #164428 08,May,13 14:13
I am into cuckolding, "sissification", BDSM (I am a top)....the sky's the limit. I don't "do" b l o o d, s c a t, or, of course, m i n o r s. Other than that, I don't really have limits.

--------------------------------------- added after 25 hours

Going to be experimenting with watersports as the hybrid TG person (fully man and woman) I intend to date very much wants me to pee on him. Sounds like fun! I said he could do it to me once, unless I like it!
By sweetslit [Ignore] 09,May,13 08:04 other posts 
Nice to know you’re a top Steffi… I’m a bottom; I’m in to bondage, restraint, discipline and role play… my limits are pretty standard

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