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Discussion Forum on Show It Off

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Started by #355258 [Ignore] at 24,Feb,13 09:49
Show your uncut cock on this topic.
I will rate all pics. Range 0 to 10 pts.
And tell me your opinion to my uncut cock.

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By Plexus [Ignore] at 19,Apr,19 08:10 other posts 

By jd1979 [Ignore] at 18,Apr,19 18:18 other posts 

By tb1 [Ignore] at 18,Apr,19 14:25 other posts 
Check out this perfect specimen
Of alsmithy23

By Philips [Ignore] at 18,Apr,19 14:01 other posts 
By tb1 [Ignore] at 18,Apr,19 14:23 other posts 
Perfect, luv the hood

By DarkMax [Ignore] at 16,Apr,19 18:56 other posts 

By Lickm25 [Ignore] at 16,Apr,19 06:04 other posts 
By 3fdfd [Ignore] at 16,Apr,19 06:41 other posts 
Great foreskin
By tb1 [Ignore] at 16,Apr,19 07:10 other posts 
I agree

By jonns [Ignore] at 15,Apr,19 20:01 other posts 
By 3fdfd [Ignore] at 16,Apr,19 06:44 other posts 
Enough.foreskin for 3 guys

By jd1979 [Ignore] at 15,Apr,19 16:55 other posts 

By #585534 at 14,Apr,19 07:55

By Boneman [Ignore] at 25,Mar,19 19:07 other posts 

New uploads.

By lesloups01 [Ignore] at 23,Mar,19 04:07 other posts 

By #583454 at 23,Mar,19 02:48

By Viktor [Ignore] at 17,Mar,19 05:39 other posts 
That is mine

By Allalexallday [Ignore] at 17,Mar,19 01:54 other posts 
not mine but I am lucky enough to get to play with it

By Robben [Ignore] at 15,Mar,19 16:28 other posts 
My uncut cock

By ***strokingnow [Ignore] at 15,Mar,19 07:12 other posts 

By bananemann [Ignore] at 14,Mar,19 13:31 other posts 

By jakass [Ignore] at 14,Mar,19 10:42 other posts 

By jd1979 [Ignore] at 10,Mar,19 08:10 other posts 

By brewer45 [Ignore] at 10,Mar,19 09:49 other posts 
Awesome cock!
By jd1979 [Ignore] at 10,Mar,19 10:17 other posts 
By X_Y_Z [Ignore] at 10,Mar,19 16:29 other posts 
sure does look great...I luv foreskin
By 3fdfd [Ignore] at 11,Mar,19 22:34 other posts 
I'm glad you have all that foreskin for us to enjoy.
By jd1979 [Ignore] at 12,Mar,19 00:58 other posts 
Thanks, guys!

By mzr [Ignore] at 12,Jun,17 15:05 other posts 
Long Foreskin Uncut Dick

By 3fdfd [Ignore] at 10,Mar,19 07:02 other posts 
You have a super uncut dick

By Sergius [Ignore] at 24,Jun,17 23:02 other posts 

Hervé is m'y uncut cock reader for somme attention!
--------------------------------------- added after 660 hours

Here is my uncut cock ready for some attention.
Bloody corrector!
By tb1 [Ignore] at 25,Jun,17 01:07 other posts 
By teeber [Ignore] at 22,Jul,17 09:51 other posts 
yes I want that cock
By Sergius [Ignore] at 30,Jul,17 22:38 other posts 
Come and get it then!
By 3fdfd [Ignore] at 10,Mar,19 07:01 other posts 
Fantastic uncut cock

By #581953 at 10,Mar,19 06:54
By 3fdfd [Ignore] at 10,Mar,19 06:59 other posts 
You have a great uncut dick
By #581953 at 10,Mar,19 07:00
Yours is nice too

By Defiant91 [Ignore] at 01,Aug,17 03:58 other posts 
By baciocco78 [Ignore] at 01,Aug,17 14:51 other posts 
love your cock!
By Defiant91 [Ignore] at 01,Aug,17 17:16 other posts 
By 3fdfd [Ignore] at 07,Mar,19 13:42 other posts 
This one is special

By Helliogula [Ignore] at 05,Mar,19 15:02 other posts 
By 3fdfd [Ignore] at 07,Mar,19 13:41 other posts 
Impressive uncut cock

By Jagtstein [Ignore] at 01,Aug,17 16:43 other posts 

By sweetboygift [Ignore] at 01,Aug,17 15:10 other posts 
My uncut cock

By gaitengo [Ignore] at 01,Aug,17 10:06 other posts 
By baciocco78 [Ignore] at 01,Aug,17 14:51 other posts 
great cock !

By baciocco78 [Ignore] at 31,Jul,17 15:22 other posts 

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