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Started by #334262 [Ignore] at 24,Dec,12 04:17
I wanna see your flaccid dick

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By DemonCleaner_!LF! [Ignore] at 17,Feb,19 17:50 other posts 

By #579827 at 16,Feb,19 15:54

By deekayL [Ignore] at 16,Feb,19 14:53 other posts 

By DaveMDrake [Ignore] at 13,Feb,19 11:08 other posts 

By DaveMDrake [Ignore] at 13,Feb,19 11:07 other posts 

By Robben [Ignore] at 10,Feb,19 19:10 other posts 
By 3fdfd [Ignore] at 13,Feb,19 07:35 other posts 
What a great cock !
By Robben [Ignore] at 13,Feb,19 10:04 other posts 
Thank you 3fdfd!

By toohey [Ignore] at 13,Feb,19 01:45 other posts 
Here's a softie for you

By 3fdfd [Ignore] at 13,Feb,19 07:34 other posts 
Great hairy chest & belly to go with your cock
By toohey [Ignore] at 13,Feb,19 09:38 other posts 

By Earlybird [Ignore] at 19,Apr,18 11:21 other posts 
What do you think of my ginger softie?

Small on a cool morning (~1.5" x 3.5")

Usual soft size (~2.5" x 3.5")

Longest it ever gets while fully soft (~3.5" x 3.5")

By 3fdfd [Ignore] at 13,Feb,19 07:39 other posts 
Yours is especially nice looking

By uncutjoy [Ignore] at 20,Apr,18 20:48 other posts 
By 3fdfd [Ignore] at 13,Feb,19 07:38 other posts 
Fantastic uncut cock

By AussieMan187 [Ignore] at 30,Apr,18 06:36 other posts 
By 3fdfd [Ignore] at 01,May,18 17:15 other posts 
Beautiful cock
By AussieMan187 [Ignore] at 01,May,18 23:30 other posts 
Thank you!
By derriere [Ignore] at 01,Feb,19 17:09 other posts 
By AussieMan187 [Ignore] at 01,Feb,19 22:33 other posts 
Nice that you think so
By derriere [Ignore] at 02,Feb,19 06:36 other posts 
Why would I not ...
By AussieMan187 [Ignore] at 02,Feb,19 17:44 other posts 
Not sure
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 13,Feb,19 00:42 other posts 
mmmmmm *lix*
By AussieMan187 [Ignore] at 13,Feb,19 02:35 other posts 
That's your desert later, sweet cheeks

By Webbwired1992 [Ignore] at 12,Feb,19 23:03 other posts 

By Pantyhose1 [Ignore] at 12,Feb,19 10:43 other posts 

By 21yocock [Ignore] at 10,Feb,19 19:00 other posts 

By Louis [Ignore] at 10,Feb,19 07:28 other posts 

By bil47 [Ignore] at 10,Feb,19 07:10 other posts 

By DarkMax [Ignore] at 10,Feb,19 07:07 other posts 

By Robben [Ignore] at 09,Feb,19 02:51 other posts 

By #579310 at 08,Feb,19 21:35

By Pantyhose1 [Ignore] at 07,Feb,19 22:27 other posts 

By #579077 at 07,Feb,19 15:08

By BirdDog [Ignore] at 02,Feb,19 21:30 other posts 

By Lilchubby [Ignore] at 02,Feb,19 21:04 other posts 

By DemonCleaner_!LF! [Ignore] at 02,Feb,19 20:09 other posts 

By kinkylad [Ignore] at 02,Feb,19 08:37 other posts 

By ScottsCock [Ignore] at 30,Apr,18 18:03 other posts 
By 3fdfd [Ignore] at 01,May,18 17:14 other posts 
Large for a software cock
By ScottsCock [Ignore] at 01,May,18 17:18 other posts 
Since I had just shaved in a hot shower, it wasn't cold water soft... but I'll take that as a compliment
By derriere [Ignore] at 02,Feb,19 06:20 other posts 

By derriere [Ignore] at 01,Feb,19 17:08 other posts 

By Makeme [Ignore] at 01,May,18 19:30 other posts 

My softie.. LOL

By joyraja [Ignore] at 01,May,18 19:08 other posts 

By #416417 at 29,Apr,18 10:23
By 3fdfd [Ignore] at 01,May,18 17:15 other posts 
You look great

By #553253 at 30,Apr,18 19:21

By kittyboy [Ignore] at 30,Apr,18 06:20 other posts 

By Fred [Ignore] at 29,Apr,18 11:11 other posts 

By CTelanjangBogel [Ignore] at 29,Apr,18 05:08 other posts 

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