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27 year old bi curious guy, not into anal--just dicks

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Started by #304111 [Ignore] at 26,Sep,12 18:24
I've never been with a guy before, but I can't really stand the thought of anal. What I'd like instead is making out with a guy, sucking his cock, having him suck mine, and take a shower together. I'd also love to rub my dick against another guy's dick... and there are a lot of names for this that I've found online but have actually found very few videos of it. I think it's hot, though. And of course the small stuff like jerk off together. I love pussy. I'm really looking to talk to some guys around the same age I am or younger who like the same stuff I do. I'm a bigger guy but under 300 lbs.

I've been into dicks a lot more than pussy lately as far as what I look at online to jerk off to. I really like looking at dicks and watching guys solo. Two guys going at it is hot but often leads to anal, which I'm not into.

If you like the same type of stuff will you send me a PM or open up some comments here? Thank you.

7 inches when fully hard, thick, uncut

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By andrew999999999 [Ignore] at 31,Jul,20 11:12 other posts 
I started off just wanting oral sex with men. Then a guy who was sucking my dick got a condom and gave it to me, and I realised he wanted my dick in his arse. After about 2 seconds of thinking about it, I took the condom, put it on, and pounded his arse. From then on I was into fucking men, but decided that's as far as I'd go.

A few years later, a black guy I was sucking asked if he could fuck me. After a few seconds wondering how his thick cock would feel in my arse I said ok, figuring it'd just be a one off. That guy has fucked me about 2 dozen times, and I love it! I've also been fucked by several other men over the last 5 or 6 years.

This could happen to you too.

By shyguy29 [Ignore] at 19,May,13 12:31 other posts 
Hy Cofrox. I'm bi-curious, too. Never been with a guy, but i like cocks, from time to time, especially if they are uncut with big foreskin. The picture of another cock like yours going off it's priceless. You can look at my pics and see if there are some simmilarities

By skinb [Ignore] at 27,Sep,12 12:21 other posts 
Me to. I love women but like to jerk off to dicks part of the time,. especially uncut dicks. Only been with one guy and we just jerked each other off and showered. We did a little cock docking too because he was uncut. When I came it accidentaly hit me in the eye, lol. I would like to try 69 and giving head, but no anal. And let's see some more pics, I bet your thick uncut cock is awesome

By #274357 at 26,Sep,12 19:00
Thank you for not saying you are straight and not gay in anyway shape, form or fashion.

Forum this a coming of the tides?
By #134591 at 27,Sep,12 02:30
i truly hope so because one cannot describe your sexual desires or interests in a single all encompassing word (gay, bi, straight).

i am mostly into guys as well but also have no anal desires.

we should start an "abolish labels" movement!

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