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Home made masturbatory devices

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Started by #12853 [Ignore] at 08,Nov,09 09:20
Anybody ever experiment with creating a home made, crude, inexpensive, yet highly effective masturbation device? I'm interested in ideas for making something similar to a "pocket pussy" or "fleshlight."

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By RussinPa [Ignore] at 07,Oct,19 15:00 other posts 
I had a piece of foam insulation that is used on water pipes. I cut a 6" piece, and cut it in half long ways, so I now had 2 pieces. I was going to use rubber bands, but they made it too tight.
Place a cheap rubber glove in between the two pieces, and wrapped around the top of the foam.
Put lotion in the glove and started to stroke. Sooo awesome, great feeling, never felt jerking like that before. Did some edging to make it last longer, otherwise would cum to fast.

Here is pic of what I made...very inexpensive to make.
By knewbi [Ignore] at 09,Oct,19 12:56 other posts 
By X_Y_Z [Ignore] at 10,Oct,19 11:28 other posts 

By Dickventures [Ignore] at 10,Oct,19 06:30 other posts 
Fuckable condom balloons are pretty easy to make. Just look up a tutorial

By dgraff [Ignore] at 09,Oct,19 05:40 other posts 
My home made masturbation device is named markis there is a picture of him on my page
By Scorps [Ignore] at 09,Oct,19 05:42 other posts 
What! No fucking a Pumpkin for you? 😮
By dgraff [Ignore] at 09,Oct,19 05:45 other posts 
Hahaha no havenít even used my own hand in the last 2 years

By liketoedge [Ignore] at 09,Oct,19 02:34 other posts 
A friend turned me on to cutting a hole in a cantaloupe when we were growing up

By shackles [Ignore] at 08,Oct,19 09:25 other posts 
By leopoldij [Ignore] at 08,Oct,19 11:45 other posts 
Halloween masturbation device?

By delboy [Ignore] at 28,Mar,14 21:59 other posts 
Get a plastic screw top bottle and cut the bottom of the bottle off, find some old upholstery foam and trim it into a round shape and full length to go into the bottle, remove and slit the foam down the centre and insert a femidom polyurethane female condom into the foam, they are strong and reusable loads of times, fold the opening of the condom over the bottom of the bottle, lube yourself up and slide in, great feeling, for a bit of extra stimulation you can slide a small vibrating bullet into the screw cap opening at the top of bottle. ;-)

By leopoldij [Ignore] at 24,Mar,14 10:52 other posts 
Check youtube. There is a lot of (good) advice how to make cheap fleshlight-like devices!

By Gntlmn [Ignore] at 10,Mar,14 22:37 other posts 
OMG! I finally got some laughs from a forum topic
--------------------------------------- added after 65 seconds

....or rather HAD some laughs

By #17503 at 08,Nov,09 14:34
when i was a teenager I lived on a farm. One time i put the milking machine suction cup on my dick. hurt like hell. been leary about doing that kind of shit ever since. hate to think how much i would have hurt if my dad had caught me.
By #12853 at 08,Nov,09 15:13
Wow! That sounds a bit extreme..... not to mention dangerous!
I was thinking more along the lines of some type of "vaginal simulator." I'm interested in fabricating something simple to slide the old dick into. Something that feels like you're actually fucking. I've already come up with a couple of little inventions that, with the aid of some lube, have enhanced the masturbation experience. I've heard too many horror stories and urban legends about the use of vacuum cleaners and the like, however. I'm not goin' there.... if you know what I mean!
By #183935 at 28,Jan,12 19:45
Tried a vacuum cleaner when I was about 14. Pulled my foreskin forwards and held it there so it was baggy, then just held the hose near it so it made a sort of farty noise with my skin flapping around. Came in about 5 seconds
By shrimp961 [Ignore] at 10,Mar,14 20:03 other posts 
Love the vacuum when I was a teenager at the right angle what a rush

By #285354 at 10,Mar,14 14:49

I used a zucchini squash in this pic, but an over-sized cucumber is much better (softer and more juice). Cut off one end of the cucumber. Hollow out the cucumber to the approximate girth of your cock. Put pencil sized a hole in the closed end of the cucumber to work as a valve, allowing air to escape as you push in. You can cover the small hole with a finger to regulate the air flow. Enjoy!

By #187578 at 25,Jan,12 01:29
Stroke with a Banana peel AWESOME cucumber sleeve pringles can condom lube stuffing your smart enough to configure it your self sandwich baggie lube and a sofa I have a few good ones
By #215515 at 28,Jan,12 01:11
I trued this with hist the banna peel and I stuck my dick in it the first time and ut split apart! Do u have a suggestion to fix this?
By #187578 at 19,Feb,12 04:02
No idea sorry bro it always split apart when I do it too

By #10412 at 06,Feb,12 13:36
You can get childrens water wings at any department store. These are the ones that fit around a childs arms while they swim. Blow one up add a little lube and you have your own cheap pocket pussy or fleshlight.
By #52443 at 06,Feb,12 16:19
Yeah dude this is what I used before getting a fleshlight
In fact it was better than the fleshlight as you could
Blow them up so tighter

By MoeJoe [Ignore] at 09,Nov,09 06:17 other posts 
Cut a cock size hole in a summer's a nice experience...don't forget to take pics!

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