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Reason for your Adult Circumcision

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Started by #272943 [Ignore] at 10,Sep,12 05:29
were u circumcized as an adult? what were the reasons? do u like it or regret it? please explain, posting pictures would be great!

i was circumcized as a baby for religious reasons... and of course i wish i weren't, since i wasn't given a chance to try having my foreskin intact

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By cutroundhead [Ignore] at 12,Feb,20 06:30 other posts 
I was circumcised when I was 65 because of recurrent balanitis problems, so no choice in the end: but I love the result. I think it looks better, maintenance is easier and sex and wanking are better without the foreskin in the way and my knob tingles whenever I feel horny, which it never did before

By #214885 at 10,Sep,12 13:19
i was circumcised nearly 2 years ago now due to medical reasons. Basically my foreskin started to get quite tight to the point i couldnt retract it easily when fuly hard. I certainly don't regret it and to be honest always wondered what it would be like without foreskin. the biggest differences for me are:
1) more sensitive when walking around
2) cleaner
3) need lube to masturbate

If i had a choice with or without i think it would be to have it still but its no major issue as far as im concerned

what do you think?
By chris23d [Ignore] at 26,Sep,13 04:20 other posts 
Can you move the shaft skin at all when erect?

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