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wearing panties

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Started by #266546 [Ignore] at 05,Jul,12 15:59
I think you should be fully .shaved of you wear panties I think the look of a freshly shaven cock in panties is so hot .

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By Fijibob4394 [Ignore] at 30,Nov,18 17:11 other posts 
Must admit I love wearing them. Not been brave enough to post a pic yet though. Should I?
By jsmythe73 [Ignore] at 05,Dec,18 23:25 other posts 
I think maybe you are a little too 'gifted' to be able to fit into pretty pink panties!!
I have a rather smaller one, and one past GF teased me into trying on panties, for her joy, but they felt good! I liked how they felt, the colors, the different styles, and so on!
Nothing near what you are packing, though!!
I think if you post, you should post picks with balls falling out, or your erection out, at the elastic top! Could be really hot for some!!
By Fijibob4394 [Ignore] at 08,Jan,19 06:05 other posts 
I'll give it a go then. Any prefs on colour? My wife has quite a few pairs i can squeeze into
By #579156 at 07,Feb,19 17:06
How about PINK!

By Boylover [Ignore] at 08,May,18 11:07 other posts 
Wet panties:
By pipcock [Ignore] at 10,May,18 17:49 other posts 
Ooooh! So so nice!
By cockluver69 [Ignore] at 22,Sep,18 10:46 other posts 
id suck it dry BoyLover
By #571688 at 11,Nov,18 23:48
Damn that is very hot view
By #576459 at 09,Jan,19 02:37

By hotsmooth [Ignore] at 08,Jan,19 06:24 other posts 
i think you should be shaved

By smoothGAcock [Ignore] at 05,Jan,19 23:17 other posts 
do u like it like this then?

By bil47 [Ignore] at 01,Jan,19 10:30 other posts 

By t-rex [Ignore] at 01,Jan,19 16:12 other posts 
Nice 👍

By #575378 at 01,Jan,19 09:24

I know I need to shave, but those panties feels so good on me

By panties1 [Ignore] at 01,Dec,18 16:34 other posts 
What's not to enjoy every day

By chrismz [Ignore] at 24,Nov,18 16:51 other posts 
I prefer to waer sheer blac k tights against my penis looks good in the mirror feels and helps to get your penis hard rubbing on it

By #206678 at 23,Nov,18 13:13

By mylilpenis [Ignore] at 22,Nov,18 21:26 other posts 

I absolutely love wearing my sisters thongs and panties. They’re so tight on me. More pics on my page

By #572448 at 22,Nov,18 17:30

By jakass [Ignore] at 23,Sep,18 01:47 other posts 

By ScottsCock [Ignore] at 21,Jun,18 09:41 other posts 

By cockluver69 [Ignore] at 22,Sep,18 10:45 other posts 
Damn i luv it

By #562567 at 20,Jul,18 05:32
I agree too.When I see shaved cock in panties I can't resist and I need to suck it

By #556372 at 20,Jun,18 10:09

24/7 or nude

By #559915 at 20,Jun,18 06:01
I agree.All those cocks in tight panties looks so hot.

By pipcock [Ignore] at 13,May,18 05:03 other posts 
By bi_44 [Ignore] at 17,May,18 17:26 other posts 
Very hot!!

By ScottsCock [Ignore] at 11,May,18 12:41 other posts 

By saucyman [Ignore] at 10,May,18 18:47 other posts 

By #556143 at 10,May,18 18:24

By leopoldij [Ignore] at 10,May,18 18:16 other posts 
I prefer women in panties
--------------------------------------- added after 24 seconds

And, yes, shaved pussy is better

By pipcock [Ignore] at 10,May,18 17:48 other posts 
I agree with you, but really, any cock in panties is a delight! I love to wear a range of panties and it would not change my addiction to them whether I am shaved or not.
I was shaved for a while back some years when my wife and I were both shaved. But now she does not shave (but I have her thinking about it again) and she doesn't like me shaved.
So, I shave my balls and round to my asshole and around the base of my cock. I love shaving myself in the shower and always end so Hard that I have to wank, yummy! And of course I still get my pantie collection out for the guys on Skype whenever I am alone!!!!

By #556273 at 07,May,18 23:25
Please,please guys, only ware female underwear if it fits you & doesn't make you look like a giant python is trying to escape.

By Boylover [Ignore] at 07,May,18 21:44 other posts 
Only wore those for pics, though:

By #556372 at 07,May,18 18:14
i don't think you have to,,,personal choice,,

By Smooth69 [Ignore] at 01,Jan,15 12:21 other posts 
By bi1953 [Ignore] at 15,Aug,15 23:14 other posts 
Fuckin' hot!
By pipcock [Ignore] at 07,May,18 16:08 other posts 
Ňoooh that does look good!

By smoothnsmall [Ignore] at 20,Aug,15 17:26 other posts 
I agree!

By knewbi [Ignore] at 07,May,18 13:30 other posts 
OMG!! Your profile has some tasty photos!!! Would love playing with you...

By ScottsCock [Ignore] at 04,May,18 23:25 other posts 

By drew [Ignore] at 04,May,18 22:05 other posts 

By Stepheni57 [Ignore] at 01,May,18 21:51 other posts 
I keep myself shaven smooth cause I wear panties all the time. I've been wearing them since I was young. I would take my ****'s panties and wear them for. So I've been doing it about 50 years. Love sniffing dirty panties also

By Smalldick555 [Ignore] at 17,Feb,18 13:06 other posts 
Panties are so sexy. I love getting naked with another guy in panties
By Moench [Ignore] at 19,Feb,18 15:31 other posts 
you have very beautiful and sexy panties, your dick looks soo amazing in your stuff

By #440825 at 19,Feb,18 06:12
I love wearing panties.....


By kebmo [Ignore] at 19,Feb,18 04:14 other posts 
There's something aesthetically wrong with hair sticking out of a pair of guy's panties.

By #447598 at 20,Aug,15 08:45
D-don't mind mee. >///>

By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 20,Aug,15 10:34 other posts 
smoking hot baby *lix*
By #447598 at 21,Aug,15 02:12
Meoww~ Thankies.. *blush*
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 24,Aug,15 06:35 other posts 
ld love to get my tongue all over your sweet body...*lix*

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