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Have you ever sucked a cousin?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #269671 [Ignore] at 05,Jun,12 21:28
I went downstairs in my cousins house. We were 7 at the time. I saw two of them sucking dick. They made me swear that I would not tell anybody. They said I could suck them too. Best week ever!!!

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By #579062 at 11,Feb,19 09:32
Yeah, when we were young. Playing doctor. It is fun to suck a cock at any age!

By silktrader [Ignore] at 10,Feb,19 00:12 other posts 
When i was quite young my guy cousin and I were playing in a closet for some reason. He pulled out his penis and we were playing with it. I eventually took it and started to lick it and suck it. Mind you it was never to completion but we liked to do it often.

By #579310 at 09,Feb,19 18:21
No I havent sucked, but I have licked my two years older girl cousins pussy.We were sleeping in same bed and she pulled her white panties down, showing me her hairy warm pussy. I touched her pubic hair, then between her pussy lips. It was wet in there.Then she spread her legs and asked if I can kiss her there.My lips went down and touched her wet pussy. I kissed few times and she got excited and turned on. Said to lick there now. My tongue went between her pussy lips. I licked her around, went up and down. Taste wasnt nice, it was salty and sweaty and mettallic. But my cousin really loved me licking her so I kept doing it. Until she grabbed my head and hold my face in her pussy. Then she came.

By #573046 at 24,Dec,18 22:05
No I havent sucked my boy cousin. But I had licked my girl cousin virgin pussy, when she was 15 and slept with me.

By leopoldij [Ignore] at 20,Dec,18 10:20 other posts 
I've fucked a female cousin. Does that count?

By onthelose [Ignore] at 11,Oct,18 00:57 other posts 
If they were both ten would that have been molesting?

By #568296 at 10,Oct,18 23:48
My older cousin made me get naked and suck his cock

By hunnngry [Ignore] at 05,Nov,14 06:53 other posts 
My older cousin would have me suck him every chance we had which was alot i loved it and would suck him off again anytime

By #476919 at 04,Nov,14 20:12
yes when I was 10 I had an older cousin 18 .stayed at his house one weekend .and put his dick down my throat he also bend me over and f*** my ass..suck this dick around three times .and he butt f***** me 4 times
By bella! [Ignore] at 04,Nov,14 20:50 other posts 
Dude, your were m0lested by your cousin!

By spermkiss [Ignore] at 05,Jun,12 22:18 other posts 
I sure did. My cousin and I played with and sucked each other's dicks throughout childhood and into early adolescence.

By 67malibu [Ignore] at 05,Jun,12 22:09 other posts 
Spent two weeks at my cousins house in Colorado. We were about fourteen jacked off each other daily wish I COULD go back in time I wood of taken care of him everyday.

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